Ionizer replacement filters

Water ionizer replacement filters for the brands:

Allsbon Dion Special / Family / Blue  –  Aquion (Alkamedi) 2000/3000/4100

Tyent (Taeyong) Elite / UCE, Bionlite (Yishan) Titanion / Eco

Bionlite (EOS) Platinion  –  Nexus X-Blue  – Ionquell (Ionia) Alphion / Standard

30% discount for your water filter order if:

  • Order the replacement filters on this page. Please use the payment method “Per Invoice”. We will send you the filters immediately.
  • Please make a wobble free video with a length of 3 to 5 minutes with your phone, or even better, with a video camera with the following content shown on the right.
  • Please make this video available to us, preferably in the highest quality with the highest resolution. It can be sent to us by, a cost free file transfer service.
  • Send it to this e-mail: After we receive your video we will discount 30% off your bill and you will receive the bill per e-mail.

This video content is important to us:

  • Installation variations of your ionizer, as well as filming the ionizer in action.
  • Gladly you can tell us about your experience with the ionizer, the taste of water and the overall effect it has had on you.
  • We look forward to your “Personal Story”, how ionizers and alkaline water made their way into your world and what role we played in that…
  • In case you are camera shy, this is not a problem. You don’t have to stand in front of the camera. You could operate the ionizer and fill a bottle or a glass. Your experience and spoken word is important to us.

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