Under the counter-ionizer

Due to the visible, disturbing hoses, many who want to buy a water ionizer prefer a well-designed brand with an under the counter model, in which the actual device will disappear under the sink. In an under the counter ionizer the active water is drawn from a separate tap with a remote control over an ordinary outlet and the acidic water flows just as neatly into the sink without anything hanging in the sink.

Under the counter water ionizers have to contend with the following design specific problem: From the upper tap usually alkaline water runs from the top, acidic water from the bottom. If the water being tapped stopped, both types of water would stay in the ascending pipe, whilst all of the activated water, in good tabletop ionizers, is drained through the acidic water hose. So far, only 1 producer of under counter water ionizers has achieved to create a fully automatic self-cleaning system. This was required by us since 2013 . Therefore, I can currently only recommend the sophisticated AquaVolta® EOS Revelation II

The best way is to send us in advance a photo of the proposed ionizer installation via email or WhatsApp: +491792166231. So far, we have found a solution for every kitchen.

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