Water ionizer to produce Alkaline, electroactivated Hydrogen Rich Water (HRW)

Water ionizers are multi functional water treatment devices for homes, offices, businesses. The alkaline water that is produced with this device is superb for drinking whilst the acidic water is fantastic for cleaning and disinfecting.
We are pleased to show you our devices on offer on this site. Please also take a look at the ionizer comparison and the FAQ’s (Frequently asked questions). This will help you make the right choice when choosing a water ionizer.

Working as an engineer at the Technical University, Munich, and serving as director for more than 9 years at AQUACENTRUM in Munich, Mr. Akgün is uniquely qualified to provide competent and manufacturer-independent water systems in six languages. He can surely find you a suitable ionizer and can also make you a risk-less offer.

When choosing a water ionizer you have a two week test period completely free of charge. If you decide to purchase the device after the two week trial then you will also receive a 182 day customer satisfaction guarantee. The purchase of the device starts in the sixth month if you have not returned it by then. If you would like a consultation, please call Mr. Akgün on: +49 (0)89 416 117 997 or skype: aquacentrum

Philosophy of electro-activated water

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