Disinfectant water

About Electro-Chemical Water Treatment (ECA) – ECA-enabled water ionizers | More than drinking water ionizers

On this page we introduce you to water ionizers with an additional electrochemical function.

These devices can also optionally produce functional water for disinfection and cleaning.

Functional water is not drinking water. In the 1970s, Russian researchers discovered that the extraordinary properties of electrolyzed water can be significantly enhanced by adding salt. Salt is a mixture of sodium and chloride, i.e. table salt, similar to unrefined crystal salt, such as Himalayan salt, which is an unrefined rock salt that consists of 97 to 98 percent sodium chloride, i.e. sodium and chloride.

During electrolysis, the sodium ion determines the alkaline character (fatty solution) of the basic water obtained (catholyte), while the chloride determines the properties of the acidic active water (anolyte) with regard to its disinfection ability, primarily through its formation hypochlorous acid improved.

In an elaborate Soviet research project, medical applications were researched for both anolyte and catholyte German language by Petras Sibilskis. (Download)

Important: These methods are not scientifically recognized in the West. Under no circumstances should Anolyt or Katholyt be drunk without the express instructions of a doctor. Neither is drinking water!

DownloadExperiences and application recommendations for Anolyte and Katholyte in industry, agriculture, animal breeding and livestock breeding

AquaVolta® ECA | Anolyt & Katolyt for therapists

The video shows, among other things, the salt tank inside the Yasin Akgün designed ECA water ionizer, which is an optional  Production of functional water automatically starts as soon as the user has selected the respective level.

AquaVolta® ECA plus | Water ionizer & ECA system for Anolyt & Katolyt

The expansion of the possibilities is made possible by the possible supply of salt water via a brine tank, as is the case with the widely used ones Kangen® – water devices the Japanese company Enagic®.

With the help of the experienced manufacturer Ionia® in Seoul/Korea, the Munich company Aquacentrum and AquaVolta® have now succeeded in developing an even more powerful device that is completely tailored to European conditions, which place special demands on the technology due to usually very high water hardness.

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