1 / 0,75 / 0,5 liter Tritan drinking bottle including screw cap, (BPA-free)


  • light blue, transparent drinking bottle made of food-safe, BPA-free Tritan™ copolyester (plastic)
  • Color: transparent blue tinted, including screw cap
  • Mouth opening 38 mm
  • Technical data:
    1 liter: Ø 82,5 mm x 243 mm (height), 80 g
    0,75 liters: Ø 75 mm x 218 mm (height), 75 g
    0,5 liters: Ø 70 mm, 18,5 cm, (height), 62,5 g
  • are virtually unbreakable and have a low weight
  • are ideal for children, thanks to the optional drinking cap
  • Customs tariff number: 39233010 UL(CoO)=AT
  • Price for all 3 models including lid: € 4,90
  • Please also note our graduated prices and packaging units:

Graduated prices & packaging units (PU)

2 – 3
€ 0,50
4 to 6
€ 1,00
7 to 50
€ 1,50
By carton
€ 2,00

Packaging units (number of drinking bottles per box)

You can also order multiples of one pack, e.g. 50, 100 or 150 1 L bottles or 63, 126 or 189 0,5 L bottles etc.

Bottle type:
0,5 L
1 L
or a
multiple times

Drinking bottle made of Tritan, BPA-free, 1 liter or 0,75 or 0,5 (selectable) capacity, ideal to take with you

This drinking bottle is very suitable for filling at the water dispenser because the opening is 39 mm. Please note that using carbonated water will cause pressure to build up in the bottle. This can cause the lids to slightly leak, especially when the bottles are completely full.

The raw material Tritan (Eastman TritanTM), unlike polycarbonate, does not contain bisphenol A, is odorless and tasteless and is not colored by normal contact with natural and synthetic dyes.

If the bottle is damaged on the inside (e.g. due to scratches), it should be replaced for hygiene reasons. Clean the bottle and lid thoroughly before each use. The bottle and lid can be cleaned in the dishwasher about 60 times. Material damage caused by cleaning agents is possible.

Filled and sealed bottles do not belong in the microwave (risk of explosion/material damage). The contents of the bottle could be released explosively due to heating. Danger of scalding due to uneven heating!
Microwave sterilization should not be carried out, dangerous material deformation/damage can occur.

All types of Tritan suitable for the production of reusable milk or water bottles are safe within the meaning of the food law and approved for the production of consumer goods; some also meet the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) specification 21 CFR §177.1580.

The lid must not be placed in the hands of children due to the risk of choking.

Water bottle-1-liter-tritan-bpa-free-drinking

1000 mL Tritan drinking bottle

Water bottle-0-75-liter-tritan-bpa-free-drinking

750 mL Tritan drinking bottle

Water bottle-0-5-liter-tritan-bpa-free-drinking

500 mL Tritan drinking bottle

Info about Tritan – the material of our plastic drinking bottles

Plastic is repeatedly criticized and there is a lot of confusing information and rumors circulating regarding its use in drinking bottles. Much of this is justified, but there are differences: Not all plastic is the same!

All drinking bottles currently offered by Aquacentrum are made of “Tritan”, a plastic made by the Eastman Chemical Company produced and classified as particularly safe.

An Eastman website contains specific information about “Tritan” that is important in this context:

  • “Tritan” has been tested worldwide and independently for several years with regard to food contact.
  • “Tritan” is free of BPA (Bisphenol A) and free of other bisphenols (e.g. BPS).
  • “Tritan” has no estrogenic or androgenic activity.
  • “Tritan” has the recycling code “7”, which generally applies to all plastics that do not have their own recycling code. This does not imply any evaluation of the material, although this is occasionally falsely claimed.

From the current perspective, “Tritan” is an excellent alternative to heavy and fragile glass bottles. Due to its resistance, a long service life is possible, which contributes to an acceptable environmental balance.

Further information – in English – can be found at Eastman:

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