10x membrane | Aquator Mini + Classic (new version) (PTV-KL / AL / Aquaphaser)


2 piece
€ 1,00
3 piece:
€ 2,00
ab 4 pieces:
€ 3,00
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The membranes only fit the aQuator Mini or PTV-KL / AL or Aquaphaser, and aQuator Classic and Silver III (version from July 2017):

Please note that these membranes are NOT suitable for the version of the aQuator Classic and Silver I and II (versions before July 2017). To do this, please visit the product page for the Replacement membranes for the aQuator Classic and Silver manufactured before July 2017.


With the aQuator Mini (Silver) and aQuator Classic (Silver) You can make alkaline water yourself. However, the content of dissolved molecular hydrogen is very low, which is why Hydrogen booster is also highly recommended.


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