250 voucher code cards to pass on | with 5% discount code on all products


  • physical business cards, very easy to pass on
  • Ideal for the practice, the sports studio or the trade fair
  • 5% discount on the shopping cart
  • Can be used as often as required
  • Immediately after ordering, you can use the 5% voucher card Customer Area be downloaded
  • Physical voucher cards (250 small business cards) included a new, second voucher number will be sent to you by post together with information materials

Business card Yasin Akgün400

Would you simply like to recommend our websites and our products to others?

We would be happy to send you 250 business cards or voucher code cards and information material about alkaline hydrogen water as a package free of charge. The voucher code on the business cards is then only assigned to you.

The voucher codes each have a value of 5% on the entire shopping cart. When redeemed, the new customer will be assigned to you as a recommender.

Due to the system, it is necessary that you order the voucher code like a normal product, but that it is free of charge for you because we are happy to bear these costs for you.

By ordering online, your billing data is stored securely and correctly in the system, and orders by telephone can also be recorded particularly easily and effectively directly during the telephone call itself.

I hope we can make you particularly happy with this special measure.

We have many other ideas for you. Just let yourself be surprised and guided by our website.

Yours sincerely from Munich

Yasin Akgun


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