AquaVolta® Nafion 117 | Hydrogen generator 300ml/min | Inhalation of hydrogen gas & H2 infusion

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  • H2 generator with up to 300 ml/min H2 gas yield (adjustable 50-300ml/min.)
  • Efficient hydrogen production thanks to MEA-SPE membrane technology (Nafion 117)
  • for inhalation of pure (99,999%) hydrogen (H2 gas)
  • thanks to the included T-connector too Inhalation of H2 gas (300ml/min) & oxygen gas (O2) (150ml/min) in the mix, or 2 people at the same time only H2 gas
  • Device dimensions LxWxH: 26 x 26 x 28 cm (10,24” x 10,24” x 11,02” inches), 5 kg (11 lbs)
  • 4 year guarantee, electrolysis cell designed for 8000 hours of use, others typically only have a 1 year guarantee and are designed for 1000 to 3000 hours!
  • Instructions Nafion 117 hydrogen generator for inhalation of hydrogen.pdf
  • 2-week rental period: €100 incl. H2 turbo booster, will be credited upon purchase
  • You will receive 5 x in this bundle Breathing goggles1 x can filter, 5 liters of water, bidist & as Giveaways 2x Aquavolta® H2 Turbo Booster
  • We also have 2 returns that have only been used a few weeks, with a discount of over €300 with this voucher code: rl300

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H2 generator Nafion 117 including O2 output for inhalation of H2 and O2
AquaVolta® Nafion 117 | Hydrogen generator 300ml/min | Inhalation of hydrogen gas & H2 infusion
2.870,00  Original price was: €2.870,002.670,00 Current price is: €2.670,00.
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You will receive 5 breathing goggles, 5 liters of BIDEST water & 2 x H2 Turbo Booster free of charge when you purchase this hydrogen inhaler:

AquaVolta® Nafion 117 hydrogen generator 300 ml/min for inhalation and infusion (fumigation) of hydrogen gas (H2)

Description of the AquaVolta® Nafion 117 hydrogen generator

These two hydrogen generators are newly designed and reflect the latest state of the art. Both use the latest technology from DuPont, which represents a significant advance in efficiency and promises longer system durability.

The MEA-PEM (proton exchange membrane) is currently the best version of the proton exchange membrane

This Micro Electrode Array (MEA-SPE) technology is smaller and yet more powerful than its predecessor SPE-PEM. Because the membranes are arranged in such a way that they are more powerful and efficient. You get the purest 99,999% quality of molecular hydrogen (just like the previous SPE H2 models).

Because of MEA's ability to produce more hydrogen using far less energy, you can expect your hydrogen machine to last longer and produce more H2.

DuPont's original breakthrough was SPE/PEM (solid polymer electrolyte/proton exchange membranes). SPE/PEM guaranteed the purity of hydrogen production, while previous hydrogen production methods were nowhere near as pure and healthy.

MEA-SPE technology uses a series of proton exchange membranes stacked to achieve the best results.

H2 generator Nafion 117 including O2 output for inhalation of H2 and O2

Aquavolta® Nafion 117 PRO: 300 ml/min H2 gas & 150 ml/min O2 gas production

The SPE/PEM electrodes on older generators were made of pure titanium. However, this latest DuPont technology (MEA) used the highest quality platinum-coated titanium electrodes from Japan. The H2 flow is up to 300 ml/min.

The AquaVolta® Nafion 117 is both a hydrogen gas machine and an H2 water infuser. To make hydrogen water, simply let the hose bubble into a bottle of water for a few minutes or use the AquaVolta® Hydrogen Infuser, sold separately.

New lecture by Karl Heinz Asenbaum about Corona Virus

Content from the lecture:

  • Corona virus and inhalation of H2 gas and O2 gas together, this is possible with the Nafion 117 thanks to the included Y-connector
  • Production of disinfectants from water, salt and electrolysis
  • and much more

Corona virus & bacteria | Disinfectants made from water & salt & electrolysis | Lecture by Karl Heinz Asenbaum

Using the AquaVolta® Nafion 117 as an H2 inhaler

  1. To set up, first add double distilled water (lab water) to the storage container. Fill it to the bottom and top marks on the front water level indicator. Make sure you use the funnel when filling. Spilling water into the machine itself can cause damage.
    Remove the rubber cap over the H2 outlet. Slide the cannula into this port.
  2. Assemble the plug/power supply. Connect the device.
  3. Turn on the machine.
  4. Use the “Setting” button on the top of the device to set the desired session time and flow rate.
  5. Inhalation time: By pressing the setting button once, you can increase the session time in 10-minute increments up to a maximum of 180 minutes. After 180, another push brings it back to zero.
  6. H2 production rate: You can choose between “Low”, “Medium” and “High” flow rates. Low delivers H2 with about 100 parts per liter of airflow; Medium is approximately 200; and High goes up to about 270-300.
  7. The way H2 inhalers work is that the cannula fits around your head and two probes fit loosely into the nostrils. When you breathe in through your nose, the hydrogen that comes out of the cannula mixes with the air you breathe. Don't worry about extra hydrogen leaking out of the cannula. It simply acts as an antioxidant on your skin, ears, eyes and/or humidifies the air around you. Use it in a well-ventilated room.
  8. With the AquaVolta® Nafion 117 you can insert a cannula tube directly into a cup or bottle of water. After about 10 minutes at altitude you will have fully saturated hydrogen water in your cup. It may take longer to fill a full bottle. Once the water is saturated with hydrogen, it is as stable as any other method of producing H2 water.

If water is spilled from the water tank in the machine, the AquaVolta® Nafion 117 can be damaged from the inside. If you think you may have done this accidentally, leave the appliance unplugged for as long as you think the spilled water can evaporate.

It is not recommended to move the machine much when the tank is full. There are handles on both sides of the AquaVolta® Nafion 117 housing to transport the machine. Try to keep the container fairly straight when filled with water. Do not turn the machine on its side if the container contains water.

Attention: Use only laboratory water and do not allow the membrane to dry out

For hydrogen machines, the type of water must be zero TDS-PPM. For this reason, you must only use double distilled water. After about 4 weeks of use, the TDS content in the tank will increase. You should replace the bidest water when the mineral content reaches a maximum of 15 PPM.

Please do not use self-produced distilled water or reverse osmosis water. The purer the water you use and the more often you change it, the longer you will have fun with your H2 generator. And if all else fails, the heart, the electrolysis cell, can be renewed by us. But usually this is not necessary. Maybe after 5 years of regular use...

Note: The MEA-SPE membrane and electrodes have been tested and tested for 8000 hours of pure H2 production

That's 8.000 days (about 11 years) if you use it 2 hours a day! Clinics or therapy practices that use the AquaVolta® Nafion 8 to 10 hours per day would have to replace the MEM membrane after about 2-3 years.

5 Reviews for AquaVolta® Nafion 117 | Hydrogen generator 300ml/min | Inhalation of hydrogen gas & H2 infusion

  1. Edeltraud -

    hello Yasin,
    I think breathing helps get rid of the cough

  2. Ralf -

    Great thing, I hope it becomes known soon how helpful something like this is.
    I'm really happy, I hope you have a relaxing evening and there's no comparison to the 120 ml.
    I'll never give it away! !
    LG Ralf

  3. Ralf -

    Good evening Yasin
    Due to illnesses in me and my family (cancer, COPD, cardiovascular and various genetic defects) and very bad experiences with conventional medicine, I am researching alternatives.
    And try different methods of healing e.g. herbs, KS, CDL or frequencies e.g. Moser Feinstrom and also H2.
    I've had a few operations and quite a few went wrong. I don't take conventional medicine, I stopped taking it in 2015 even though the doctors warned me against it and it was the right thing to do.
    Unfortunately, the alternatives are very expensive, especially when it comes to cancer, and I am therefore very happy that you are accommodating to me in this way, may Jehovah bless you for it.
    Best regards,

  4. Martina Rudolf -

    After several weeks of use, I can rate this Nafion 117 inhaler as “Very Good”. What I can praise about the device itself is that it works quietly and at the highest setting it produces 306ml hydrogen/min for me. displays. It's wonderfully refreshing to breathe in and you feel really fit for many hours afterwards, even if you haven't slept enough. You can make 3 settings 100, 200 and 300ml hydrogen/min. This is probably the best device on the market at the moment and, according to studies, is also super helpful when you have Covid.
    My husband, who is difficult to convince of anything, voluntarily watches TV several times a week in the evening. It is also very helpful for him because he is a heavy smoker and has a “cleansing function for the lungs”.
    For me personally, the inhaler in combination with the alkaline hydrogen water to drink is the biggest miracle for my newfound health. Suddenly so many symptoms have disappeared and I can only recommend it to anyone who wants to have a healthy, long life and be fit.
    So for me it's a must (!) and my recommendation from midlife onwards. With full conviction!
    – My hair hardly falls out anymore, which has been extremely extreme for about 3 years. I have so much energy and well-being that I haven't had in at least 10 years! It's a huge win for me personally and I'm incredibly happy to have discovered it in this shop! My circulation is more stable than it has been for many years and my quality of life has improved so much that I can hardly believe it.
    My husband's gray hair is suddenly receding. It's really amazing what happens to the cells in the body.
    Since the model is quite new, the instructions are not yet optimal and still need to be revised. It turns out that BOTH CAPS have to be removed BEFORE operation, otherwise excess pressure will produce a loud grinding/scraping noise.
    You are also not allowed to use alcohol for cleaning as in the instructions and you just have to make sure to change the water regularly. Best every 3 weeks. If something happens to the device, the 3-year guarantee is reassuring and here in this shop a lot of value is placed on customer service. So I absolutely recommend it.

  5. avatar photo

    Yasin Akgun -

    At this point, as the co-developer of this H2 generator, the first thing I have to do is leave a review:
    Since I have been selling water treatment products and electrolysis systems online and offline for over 14 years, ever more successfully thanks to the ever-growing websites, I can assure you that this product has one of the most special “product auras” like hardly any other product in the world the wellness industry.
    As a seller, I don't have a good feeling about some products, but I have a great feeling about others.
    In my opinion, this feeling arises from the following factors:
    Reliability, performance, application, etc. and:
    Does the product you're eyeing suit the current prospect?
    Why does he or she want it?
    You should know that as the provider I take a risk every time I send a product to a customer, because every customer has a four-week, completely free test phase that only starts after receiving the goods. This is also followed by a 5-month satisfaction guarantee:
    There is therefore a risk that I will receive a product back that is probably not well packaged and will have to refund the deposit/advance payment/deposit in full. In addition, we then have one more return item in stock and a lot of effort for us and the customer.
    That's why with some products it doesn't feel good for me, as a very experienced wellness product seller and amateur alternative practitioner, to recommend a product to someone when I already see various problems inevitable.
    I have one of the best feelings about the AquaVolta® Nafion 117 and would particularly recommend it to all people seeking healing.
    Every Nafion 117 comes with a free H2 water generator. This means you have several options for producing hydrogen water yourself, quickly and with a lot of molecular H2 content.
    Therefore, a full go from me to this possibly most important product in my product portfolio.
    I'm looking forward to questions. All the best, Yasin Akgün

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