Allsbon Dion Special water ionizer - completely renovated including new electrolysis cell


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  • Table-top installation directly on the tap using a reversing aerator or directly on the cold water pipe with an included T-piece
  • Under-table installation with a second, optional control tap is also possible
  • 9 platinum-coated titanium electrodes, SMPS power supply (max. 350 watts)
  • Limescale protection thanks to double automatic polarity reversal, 3 year guarantee
  • Double filter system for double security, cheaper Replacement filters, €67,00 each
  • Instructions for water ionizer Dion Special
  • 2 filters, shelf life up to 4000 liters each or 6-12 months
  • Contains various filter fleeces, activated carbon and calcium and bioceramics for optimal water preparation
  • There is currently no return available, please, for example, one Cavendish running back To fall back on


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When you purchase this water ionizer for producing alkaline water, you will receive the following products (clickable images):

Installation and operation of the Allsbon Dion Special

Allsbon Dion Special water ionizer

The Allsbon Dion Special Based on our practical experience, it is one of the most modern and technically sophisticated water ionizers or table water systems on the water ionizer or drinking water treatment market.

Of all the water ionizers we have tested so far, the Dion Special comes out on top with distance the highest pH values ​​and redox potentials. You can still achieve high pH values ​​around pH-4 with a maximum flow of 9 liters per minute. Standard water ionizers with 5 or 7 electrodes only manage pH 3 or even less at 8 liters per minute.

Also the Hydrogen content Compared to other water ionizers, it is one of the highest that Mr. Karl Heinz Asenbaum was able to determine.

Short information and technical data about the Allsbon Dion Special Convertible water ionizer with 9 electrodes

  • Price-performance ratio: Excellent: lots of premium and high-end functions at a comparatively attractive price, very high-quality workmanship
  • Electrodes: 9 electrode plates made of titanium, triple galvanically coated with the catalyst platinum (layer thickness: approx. 0,25 µm), effective electrode area: 1205 cm2
  • Number of filter cartridges: 2 filter cartridges based on silver-coated activated carbon, including calcium sulfite and tourmaline, price per replacement cartridge: €57,00
  • Output at 3L/min.; Lv.4: 250W, 12V, SMPS switching power supply (low radiation, economical, no heat generation)
  • Limescale protection mechanisms: Automatic polarity reversal before and after each tapping process, high-quality outlet for alkaline water made of lime-repellent plastic
  • Max. pH / redox values ​​at 1 liter / min. and °dH18: Despite the calcareous Munich water: pH value: up to pH 11,2 Redox potential: approx. -650mV (almost 1 volt excess electrons)
  • Installation options: Either on the tap or with Included 3/8” T-piece (DVGW tested) firmly to the cold water pipe.
  • Data shown on the display: Ionization level, current flow, liters flowed through filters 1 and 2, pH value & redox potential (approximate).
  • Commissioning: Using the ON-OFF touch control (solenoid valve) or on the optional control tap
  • Flow regulation: Optimal: 2,0 liters/min. for fixed and under-sink installations via the T-piece, if installed on the tap, after the switching valve supplied on the flow rate regulator
  • Guarantee services: 3 Years full guarantee, repair costs from the 3rd year a maximum of 20% of the purchase price (will be noted on the invoice)
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 370 x 300 x 150 mm, optional control tap height: 250mm, bore: 350 mm, base max.: 600mm
  • Year of publication: 2008, revised 2015, large manufacturer from Seoul, Korea with 10 years of experience, parent company in Japan


Multifunctional display: Displays the pH value, the redox potential and the water flow

The pH and redox values ​​shown on the display apply to medium hardness levels and flow rates of around 2 liters / minute

Hardly any other water ionizer can keep up with the clear arrangement of the touch buttons (touch control sensors) and the information displayed on the very elegant display in terms of ease of use and design. In the videos you can see a previous version with a gray color, which is no longer available.

The total filter running times of both filters are shown in liters on the display

The filter running times for both filters are shown separately and to the liter in the display. This means you always have an overview of how much water you have already used.

As soon as a filter change is necessary, the inherent diagnostic module becomes active and also shows you the required filter change on the display. In addition, a voice output draws your attention to the change. This saves you additional maintenance work.

You can also trigger a warning after certain filter runtimes in the fine settings in the menu. E.g. after 6 months for the first (filter on the left) and also the second filter (filter on the right from the back) after 5000 liters. By default, the water ionizer warns you after 5000 liters.

However, we recommend ignoring the filter cycle times shown on the display and replacing at least the first filter after 6-9 months at the latest.

After a change you can Filter running time display of the respective filter by pressing and holding the button "Reset filter.

Water cell with 9 electrodes water ionizer alkaline water Allsbon

9 titanium electrodes, triple electroplated with platinum for very high values

The platinum-coated titanium electrodes (plus-minus poles) perform the fundamental role of separating purified water into alkaline and acidic water. However, there are huge differences in the basicity and quality of the activated water of the various water ionizers, which are determined by the thickness and type (galvanically applied or sprayed) the platinum-titanium coating and the number of electrodes as a whole can be achieved.

Each of the 9 electrodes is solidly dip-coated with three electroplated layers of platinum. In contrast to water ionizers with 5 or 7 electrodes, the 9-electrode ionizer is also suitable for very hard tap water above °dH 27; values ​​up to pH 10,5 and above can be safely and permanently achieved even with hard water.

An additional advantage of platinum titanium coating is that it has high electrical conductivity and is a harmless material to the human body. Furthermore, the heart of the Allsbon Dion water ionizer is characterized by extremely low power consumption and good electrolytic performance. Extremely accurate pH and redox potential (ORP) values ​​can be achieved.

Particularly powerful with a total maximum output of up to 250 watts

Thanks to the high maximum power of the Allsbon water ionizers with up to 250 watts of maximum power consumed instead of the usual 90 to 120 watts for household ionizers, flow rates of more than 2 liters per minute can also be set, so that the Allsbon Dion Special water ionizer also meets the highest performance requirements is suitable for the catering sector. Even at high flow rates of over 3 liters per minute, it offers consistently high performance.

We were able to determine the following consumption values ​​in standby and operation:

Standby: approx. 2,5 W

Filter level: approx. 5 W

basic 1: approx. 11 W

Level 3: approx. 140 W

Level 4: approx. 249 W

sour 2: approx. 250 W

The absolute consumption values ​​depend on the composition of the starting water and the fine settings of the respective stage.

When not in use, you can also switch off the ionizer at the main switch to save the environment from the standby power, even if the failure is minimal. This does not harm the technology.

SMPS transformer switching power supply water ionizer better than transformer

Transformerless SMPS power supply for minimal heat and electrosmog load

Classic power transformers (transformers), which are widely used in water ionizers, are only designed to withstand a power supply of 100-150W/24-30V/5A. As a result, a lot of PCB program errors or malfunctions occur because individual components overheat, which generates excess current during the electrolysis process. Instead, Allsbon is consistent SMPS as power supply one which can withstand a range outside 200-350W/24-35V/10-20A.

It reduces the overheating rate of the device even with more than twice the output current compared to other devices, thereby increasing both the cost-effectiveness and safety of the device by reducing the program error rate.

Important note: It is particularly recommended to use the SMPS type, as overcurrent within an electrolytic vessel increases in higher longitude areas (e.g. in America, Europe, Southeast Asia, etc.) and can thus cause program errors. With devices from other manufacturers, this leads to crashes and failures, which can mostly be solved by switching the device on and off and are just annoying, but sometimes also require the devices to be sent to the dealer.

Automatic descaling of the electrodes through automatic polarity reversal

Removing mineral deposits is one of the most important maintenance procedures for water ionizers to ensure long-term consistent electrode performance.

While some manufacturers have not yet implemented automatic polarity reversal in their devices, the Allsbon Dion water ionizers do not just have the standard polarity reversal after each use like some other manufacturers, but exceed this with unique polarity reversal technology.

This additional automatic polarity reversal is characterized by extremely fast polarity reversal. The polarity is changed for 15 seconds up to 50 times per second, so that the electrodes are kept free of limescale even more effectively and the valuable platinum electrodes are even better protected against corrosion. This gives the Allsbon water ionizers another unique selling point that sets them even further apart in the high-end range of ionizers. Descaling should still be carried out after one year at the latest, depending on the lime content of your basic water and your usage habits.

An > Video descaling instructions can be found here.

Polarity reversal automatic electrode water ionizer flow reversal

Flexible, particularly long outlet tap made of special, lime-repellent plastic

This clever choice of material (biocompatible and food-safe) keeps the outlet free of any limescale accumulation in the long term, so that the descaling intervals are even longer than with other devices.

The device also has an intelligent automatic switch-off. If, for example, there is a water leak or there is insufficient water supply, this function can offer valuable protection against water damage.


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  1. Milena G. -

    Yes, the Dion works great, we are extremely satisfied.. should it be checked after so many years?

  2. -

    …Question 3:
    I would also be interested in a filter that I can install in the water pipe that comes into the house. I have a filter in there from our water master that should slow down the limescale. What I notice, however, is that when I take this water and bathe my leeches indoors, they all puke within 15 minutes. That can't be healthy. However, when I bathe them in Dion's Purify water, they feel great for weeks. So this filter that I have in my line must be different to the one in the Dion. Attached is a photo of the filter, if that tells you anything? I would be happy for a tip. (question 3)
    Thank you very much for the answer
    Ulrike Q.

  3. Alex A. -

    Hello Yasin,
    In general I'm feeling a little better. The water conditioner is used daily, the mat is not used in summer.
    I'm currently trying to kill the candida with turpentine + sugar. Through special food combining and, among other things, buckwheat seedlings, I manage to improve digestion and protect the liver.
    I now wear a bite splint at night, which is supposed to relax my jaw so that the Atlas vertebra doesn't slip out regularly.
    Kind regards

  4. Michael M. -

    Dear Mr. Yasin Akgün
    It was a great honor to borrow the water filter! The advantage of the filter was that the tea bag dissolved much better than Mister Waters water! But keep it up! I'm glad there are people like that!
    With kind regards,
    Michael M.

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