Aquaphor table-top filter including K7B cartridge


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  • Table-top filter 0,8µm activated carbon block filter insert and terminal germ protection through hollow fiber membrane; with patented AQUALEN® technology; Capacity window: 3.600 liters or after 6 months (Din standard)
  • Flow: Max. 4 to 5 liters/min at approx. 4,0bar, (58 psi); Weight: 1,1kg; Material white: PP
  • Dimensions filter: diameter 80mm, height 350mm; Foot base diameter: approx. 140mm

Aquaphor table-top water filter including K7B filter and accessories
Aquaphor table-top filter including K7B cartridge
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When you purchase this table-top filter for producing clean water, you will receive the following products (clickable images):

Aquaphor table-top filter K-7B (K-107B) including accessories for tap

Double protection: AQUALEN activated carbon and hollow fiber membrane (germ protection)

This is the table-top version of the well-known and appreciated Aquaphor filter with Aqualen and hollow fiber membrane for home and on the go.

You will receive the filter holder including the Aquaphor water filter K107b with accessories to easily connect it to the tap.

You can find a detailed description of the filter and filter performance here:

Aquaphor filter K1-07B including AQUALEN and germ protection barrier

Please take a look there first for the complete product presentation.

Aquaphor K7B water filter activated carbon including hollow fiber membrane CAD cut thin

QuickChange tabletop filter instructions

Note: The complete instructions (with pictures) are available as a PDF in the Downloads tab.

The integrated plug-in/plug-out system makes changing the filter particularly easy. These filters consist of a filter head and a filter cartridge. They offer the highest level of hygienic safety. When the filter medium is changed, the filter housing is also automatically replaced, as both form a unit. There is no need to clean or disinfect the inside of the housing, as with classic systems. Germs cannot get inside the system while the filter is being changed. The user no longer comes into contact with the used or new filter medium. This represents a significant advantage for hygiene.


Remove the aerator from the outlet pipe of your tap, position (1) and adapt the changeover valve with the enclosed seal:
Directly if the faucet has an external thread example (2) or using the adapter (M22/M24) for a faucet with an internal thread example (3).

Despite careful assembly, please check the tightness.
Before you enjoy the first filtered water, let at least 10 liters of water drain out (3 to 4 minutes with the tap fully open), switch valve to the filtration position]. Natural substances are used for technical reasons
rinsed out of the activated carbon with the first liters of water. This procedure must be followed every time you change the filter.

Operation of the plant

1. General

Please note that after the filtration has ended, water will drip from the outlet pipe (this is not an error, but for technical reasons)

If no water is filtered, the changeover valve must be set to the VERTICAL position as shown in the photo below!

This avoids that in the event of a
Negative pressure in the piping system draws water from the filter system into the piping system.

In principle, filter systems may not be operated behind unpressurized (ie not pressure-proof) boilers!

Operation only permitted with cold water up to a maximum of 30ºC.
Please also note all information on the product data sheet.

2. Filter change

The QC filter will be replaced after 6 months at the latest. This also applies to only a small amount of water being withdrawn during this time. If you use a lot of water (more than 30 liters a day) or if the water is heavily contaminated with particles, an earlier change may be necessary.

The capacity window is between 3.000 and 10.000 liters. Allow at least 10 liters of water to drain unused from the new filter (3 to 4 minutes).

Pull the entire filter unit upwards out of the sleeve, press the blue release button and click out the filter by turning it to the left.

3. Stagnation water

Basically, according to the recommendations of the UBA (UmweltBundesAmt), water should drain a little (e.g. after 4 hours of stagnation in a pipe) before it is first drawn as drinking water.

For the filter, this means going into filter mode for around 10 to 20 seconds and only then removing water as drinking water.
If you are not using it for several days, first let a few liters drain unused.

The tap for connecting the table-top filter requires a standard thread (22mm or 24mm).

4. Other operating requirements

To clean and disinfect all water-carrying parts (switching valve, filter head, outlet pipe), we recommend using a recognized spray disinfectant (drugstore/pharmacy disinfectant hygiene spray).
The supply hose (diameter 6,35mm [¼“]) should be replaced every 2 years.

5. Housing care

Do not treat the housing with aggressive or abrasive cleaning agents or scouring pads, as these would roughen the surface of the table-top filter.
The surface is deliberately designed so that it can be cleaned with a cloth, detergent and water.

Disposal of filter cartridges

We take the used filter cartridges back and ensure they are disposed of properly! Freight paid by the return sender. Alternatively: Dispose of used filter cartridges with residual waste.
And if the device has to be disposed of after many years: The housing is made entirely of aluminum, all components are screwed and can therefore be separated, so that the materials can be optimally separated and recycled.


End users receive a 24-month warranty, dealers 12 months.
The maximum amount of the warranty is limited to the respective new value and is carried out through replacement in kind, exchange, repair or replacement of the purchase price.
We do not provide any guarantees beyond this. A return is possible in accordance with legal requirements.

Liability for damage resulting from normal wear and tear, improper handling, surface damage caused by mechanical influences,
Inappropriate use or non-compliance with the instructions in the operating instructions or the product data sheet is excluded. We are not liable for damage that did not occur to the delivery item itself. No liability is accepted for any consequential damage that arises from operation.
We are also not liable for consequential damage caused by defects. To the extent permitted by law, liability is excluded for any secondary, incidental, consequential, indirect or other damages arising in connection with the purchase, maintenance and use of the product.
The objection of contributory negligence on the part of the customer remains open. Any modification of components or an application other than that specified must be validated by the user and is the user's responsibility.

Important safety requirements:
Filter change after 6 months. The operating instructions specified by the manufacturer must be adhered to.
All filter systems may only be operated with cold water.
In principle, filter systems may not be operated behind unpressurized (ie not pressure-proof) boilers!
The operator must ensure that it is used as intended. New filters must be rinsed with 10 liters of unused water before the first drinking water is drawn. The rules of technology and the legal requirements of the respective country must be taken into account.

All products may no longer be used if there is visible damage or other malfunction. Despite carefully prepared information, we cannot assume any liability or guarantee regarding the accuracy, topicality and completeness of the content on the homepage, on the product information sheets, the notices and the product and price lists. The legal copyright protection for all images and documents created by us must be observed. Subject to technical changes and printing errors. The detailed safety instructions can also be found in our general terms and conditions.

Intended use

Only filter cold water, in accordance with the regulations of the valid drinking water regulations. Detailed information and recommendations: [].

Added value and precision – Made in Germany & filter technology by AQUAPHOR

When you purchase this table-top filter for producing clean water, you will receive the following products (clickable images):

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    ... Yes, thank you very much, it is already in operation and I am satisfied. Kind regards from Zurich.

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    I am so grateful that you exist.
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Technical data table-top filter Aquaphor

  • Applied technology(s): activated carbon block filter, terminal germ barrier through hollow fiber membrane
  • Working medium: tap water
  • Diameter ∅: 78 mm (filter insert + head) or 140mm base
  • Color white
  • Filter costs per liter of treated water: ≤ 0,019 euros or ≤ 0.2 cents / liter
  • Height: 350mm
  • Line pressure: 4 bar
  • Material: Housing: Polypropylene, Contents: Silver-coated activated carbon granules
  • pH values ​​at 2 l/min, dH°14-18: no change
  • ORP or redox potentials at 2 l/min, dH°14-18: no change
  • Flow range: 4 – 5 liters / min, optimal 2 liters / min
  • Power consumption: no electricity, only line pressure required
  • Ambient temperature: 4°C - 40°C
  • Temperature inlet water: 4 °C – 30 °C

Do you have more questions?

If you have any further questions, please write to us

I would be happy to answer all your questions, you Yasin Akgün (biography)

Do you have more questions?

If you have any further questions, please write to us

I would be happy to answer all your questions, you Yasin Akgün (biography)