Aquaphor® replaceable cartridge A5 Mg+ for the jug filter | with low softening & magnesium


  • New: With additional magnesium enrichment
  • Removable cartridge A5, the We no longer carry the Aquaphor® B100-7 cartridge because our customers and we like the taste of the new A5 cartridge even more
  • Activated carbon granulate pre-filter with Aqualen filter medium, which reduces heavy metals and other undesirable substances that could be contained in the water.
  • For use in the water tank above
  • Capacity, depending on tap water, up to 350 liters or one to two months (previously only 300 liters with the B100-7 or B100-5 cartridges without magnesium)
  • Suitable for many Aquaphor jug ​​filters
  • with less softener granules, therefore less pH reduction

2 – 5
€ 0,30
July 6nd to August 39th, XNUMX:
€ 0,40
exactly 40, 80, 120, 160, 200...:
€0,50 discount per filter

Jug filter replacement filter cartridge with low softening and magnesium, suitable for Aquaphor® Premium, Prestige, North, Gratis & Art

  • Capacity up to approx. 300 liters
  • Combination of Aqualen® fibers, activated carbon and ion exchanger
  • Manufacturer Aquaphor (The development, production and sale of water filters and water filter components takes place according to the quality management ISO 9001 -2008 standard with TÜV Essen certification.)
  • LGA certified
  • Net weight (without packaging) 85g

Filtration performance, see also analyzes in the TAB Download

  • Lead up to approx. 99,5%
  • Copper up to approx. 98%
  • Cadium up to approx. 99%
  • Phenol up to approx. 99,5%
  • Benzene up to approx. 99%
  • Pesticides up to approx. 95%
  • Chloroform up to approx. 99,5%
  • Chlorine up to 100%

Aquaphor removable cartridge A5 Mg+ packaging

Aquaphor replacement cartridge A5 Mg filter cartridge

Aquaphor jug ​​filter A5 (formerly B100-7)

The Aquaphor A5 filter cartridge is very similar to the B100-5 and B100-7 can filter cartridge, only it softens the water less. This means the pH value can be slightly higher.

This can be useful in certain circumstances if you want to have more minerals in the water to improve the ionization of water. e.g. with that Hybrid water ionizer.

Aquaphor jug ​​filter compatibility:

  • Aquaphor® jug filter type Premium
  • Aquaphor® jug filter type Prestige
  • Aquaphor® jug filter type North
  • Aquaphor® jug filter type free
  • Aquaphor® jug filter type item

Aquaphor Aqualen® water filter

The size of the activated carbon particles in Aquaphor filters are several times smaller than the activated carbon particles in traditional water filters. It allows to increase the effective surface and the speed of adsorption.

The combination of activated carbon, AQUALEN and ion exchange resin reduces the carbonate hardness as well as the reduction of heavy metal ions that can be contained in the water due to house installations, such as iron, cadmium, copper and lead. Substances that disrupt taste such as chlorine are also removed and organic substances are also significantly reduced.

The water becomes ideal for making tea, coffee and cold drinks. The combination of activated carbon, AQUALEN and ion exchange resin also reduces the disadvantage of the pH value shifting into the acidic range!

The Aquaphor filter cartridges can absorb household-related odor and taste-disturbing substances, organic substances and heavy metals such as lead and copper and thus remove them from the water.

Hot drinks such as coffee or tea, as well as food, can develop their full aroma - a pleasure!


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