AquaVolta® Cavendish 2.0 tabletop &/or undertable ionizer | Alkaline water including H2 gas

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Aquavolta® Cavendish 2.0 countertop &/or undercounter ionizer | produces filtered, alkaline water with H2 gas

The one in 2017 further developed water ionizer with the name AquaVolta® Cavendish 2.0 on- and under-table ionizer offers an outstanding and long-lasting yield of molecular hydrogen thanks to the nine grid-shaped electrodes with a particularly efficient platinum coating.

He was led by Yasin Akgün, Dipl.-Ing. TU Munich helped develop it because we work closely with the manufacturer and he implemented our wishes. A new addition is the optional under-table installation with its own operating tap. The rotary control is now external as a fine control valve. The device is operated using an ON-Off button. A rinsing device can be activated in the menu if the water is very hard. Videos will follow soon.

Its sophisticated limescale protection makes it an all-rounder, from hard to extremely hard water with water hardness over °dH 20.

Conclusion: Currently one of our best water ionizers in our range, highly recommended!

Aquavolta Cavendish 2.0 handling and assembly | Tabletop & undertable ionizers

Aquavolta Cavendish 2 under-table operating tap U-blue m 600

optional under-counter control tap for the Cavendish 2.0

Aquavolta Cavendish 2-0 table-top and under-table ionizer perspective 600

Cavendish 2.0 only on-table or under-table ionizer

One-time adjustment of the flow to the water to be ionized

Advantages AquaVolta® Cavendish 2.0 water ionizer

  • The AquaVolta® Cavendish 2.0 water ionizer has a larger multi-layer filter with tourmaline and calcium instead of simple activated carbon
  • can be connected directly to the cold water pipe and can now also be hidden under the sink. Then it will be
  • has a dial for water flow regulation, ideal for connecting to the tap: the water ionizer starts when water comes in and stops when you stop the water supply at the tap. The rotary control serves as a one-time flow regulation.
  • Color coding of the clear screen
  • More stable and radiation-free SMTP technology, instead of a toroidal core transformer
  • The AquaVolta® Cavendish 2.0 However, compared to the Kangen Enagic water ionizers, there is no added salt to produce anolyte and catolyte, in case that would happen ECA Plus Water Tractor in question
  • You will receive for an additional €200,00 the portable H2 water generator Aquavolta® Nano Hydrogen Booster on this. Note the following selection window above.

Named after Henry Cavendish, (born October 10, 1731 in Nice; † February 24, 1810 in London), the discoverer of hydrogen

The filthy rich and solitary English nobleman Henry cavendish is perhaps the most important researcher in concrete physics of all time:

Because he really proved Isaac Newton’s “fantasy” of gravity and was the first to “weigh” the earth. You have to be so skeptical and stubborn!

And he destroyed the millennia-old myth of the “original element” water by proving hydrogen as an energy-rich component of water as “flammable air”.

This combustible air is nothing other than the sole energy prospect of future humanity once oil and natural gas have been burned. Lavoisier, the discoverer of the other water component “oxygen”, actually only served dessert. The main course actually comes from this phenomenal maverick Cavendish. Respect. And that's why we named this excellent hydrogen machine, which we completed after years of struggle with the manufacturer, after him: Henry Cavendish, Esq. – we thank you for your incredibly important discovery!

Henry Cavendish 1731-1810 was the first scientist to discover hydrogen
Aquavolta Cavendish water ionizer - display functions

The total filter running times of the filter are shown in liters on the display

The filter running times for the filter are shown in the display to the nearest liter. This means you always have an overview of how much water you have already used. As soon as a filter change is necessary, the inherent diagnostic module becomes active and also shows you the required filter change on the display. This saves you additional maintenance work. The filter should still be changed after 6 months at the latest according to the German DIN standard.

The pH value shown on the display at the factory applies to medium hardness levels and flow rates of around 1,5 to 2,0 liters / minute. The displayed pH value can be adjusted to the actual value in the menu settings. This also applies to the filter running time, which is preset at the factory to 4000 liters. No other manufacturer in the world offers these two features.

Aquavolta Cavendish 2 under-table operating tap U-blue frontal touch display 600
Aquavolta Cavendish 2 under-table operating tap U-blue touch display top 600
Aquavolta Cavendish 2 under-table operating tap U-blue touch display front 600

Multifunctional display: Displays the pH value, water flow, as well as filter flow and time

Hardly any other water ionizer can compete with the clear arrangement of the touch buttons (touch control sensors) and the information displayed on the very elegant, brushed stainless steel front in terms of ease of use and design.

The following setting options are available: time and date, basic performance of the water ionizer, fine adjustments of the individual levels, changeability of the displayed pH values, language setting, volume including muting, filter running time.

Please do not change the rest of the settings. Basically, the water ionizer is preset at the factory for average water values. You don't have to change anything except the time and date.

Filter reset Cavendish 2.0: Press Mode + Voice button at the same time. Then press and hold the alkaline button several times.
Then press the voice button again to save the setting.

Video | Activated carbon filter change & filter reset Cavendish 2.0

Water cell with 9 electrodes water ionizer alkaline water Allsbon

Standard: 7 titanium electrodes (mesh) with platinum coating for particularly high values

The titanium electrodes (plus-minus poles), sprayed multiple times with platinum using a patented process, perform the fundamental role of separating purified water into alkaline and acidic water. However, there are huge differences in the basicity and quality of the active water of the various water ionizers, which are achieved by the thickness and type (galvanically applied or sprayed) of the platinum-titanium coating and the number of electrodes as a whole.

Each of the 7 electrodes has three electrodes applied using a patented spray process, which applies the layers of platinum particularly perfectly and leaves no gaps. In contrast to water ionizers with 5 electrodes, this outstanding 7-electrode ionizer is also suitable for very hard tap water above °dH 27. Values ​​up to pH 10,5 and above can be achieved safely and permanently, even with hard water.

An additional advantage of platinum titanium coating is that it has high electrical conductivity and is a harmless material to the human body. Furthermore, the heart of the AquaVolta® Cavendish 2.0 (formerly Cavendish 9) water ionizer is characterized by extremely low power consumption and good electrolytic performance. Very high pH and especially redox potential (ORP) values ​​can be achieved.

Easy regulation of the active water strength using an external rotary valve

With the rotary valve you can easily turn this system on and off.

You can also use it very flexibly and, in addition to the permanently selectable levels, get the most out of it because you have the option of achieving all pH values ​​between pH 4 and pH11 in 0,1 pH levels and can determine exactly which pH value you want want to set.

By reducing the flow, greater ionization of the water is possible (and vice versa), as the contact time between the electrolytic cell and the water increases. More electrons flow into the water and convert it or create an antioxidant effect (ORP value) due to the excess of electrons in the water. Since flow ionizers are closed systems, the effect of the electrolysis process is much better and you end up with freshly charged water full of OH ions, hydrogen and electrons.

Flow regulating valve 1-4 inch plug connections

Particularly powerful with a total maximum output of up to 250 watts

Thanks to the high maximum power of the water ionizers with up to 250 watts of maximum power consumed instead of the usual 90 watts for household ionizers, flow rates of more than 2 liters per minute can also be set, so that the AquaVolta® Cavendish 2.0 Water ionizer meets the highest performance requirements and is also suitable for the catering sector.

Nevertheless, the tap water introduced and its mineralization and, above all, the water flow, which you should adjust once, play a decisive role in what results will be achieved in the end.

Please note the video on the right about the influence of the water flow on the pH value, ORP value and, in absolutely measurable numbers, the dissolved molecular hydrogen content.

Influence of water flow on hydrogen content & pH value

SMPS transformer switching power supply water ionizer better than transformer

Transformerless SMPS power supply for minimal heat and electrosmog load

Classic power transformers (transformers), which are widely used in water ionizers, are only designed to withstand a power supply of 100-150W/24-30V/5A. As a result, a lot of PCB program errors or malfunctions occur because individual components overheat, which generates excess current during the electrolysis process. Instead, the manufacturer IONIA is consistent SMPS as power supply .

It reduces the overheating rate of the device even with more than twice the output current compared to other devices, thereby increasing both the cost-effectiveness and safety of the device by reducing the program error rate.

All water hoses in the device are biocompatible and food-safe

Flexible, particularly long outlet tap made of special, lime-repellent plastic. This clever choice of material (biocompatible and food-safe) keeps the outlet free of any limescale accumulation in the long term.

Intelligent self-switch-off protects against water damage

The device also has an intelligent automatic switch-off. If, for example, there is a water leak or there is insufficient water supply, this function can offer valuable protection against water damage.

40 Reviews for AquaVolta® Cavendish 2.0 tabletop &/or undertable ionizer | Alkaline water including H2 gas

  1. M family -

    Dear Mr. Akgün,
    nice to hear from them.
    You didn't promise too much when you bought the device. We are very satisfied with the ionizer so far, it works reliably and we have reached 2.100 liters of remaining volume with the first filter cartridge.
    (That was an immediate indication for me to order replacement cartridges straight away :-)
    So far I have descaled the ionizer twice after 2 months, it worked well and is manageable in terms of effort.
    My children and I now drink alkaline level 4 and avoid “normal” tap water wherever possible because we simply don’t like it anymore.
    I even use alkaline water for cooking, making tea and coffee, watering flowers and washing fruits/vegetables.
    My unspecified pain has improved, we sleep better and have more energy during the day.
    Thank you for your competent work and very familiar and customer-friendly service.
    Kind regards
    M family

  2. avatar photo

    Yasin Akgun -

    Hello dear Sara
    Yes, it's normal, we show in the video:
    The video above
    Yes, increase the flow, then the water will be weaker. Your water is currently quite strong.
    See you soon
    All the best

  3. Sara A. -

    Good afternoon Mr. Akgün,
    then both the fishy and the white are normal?
    Should we increase the flow then?
    So far we are happy with the Cavendish, we are sleeping better and have more energy during the day, but it may be a little early to see further results.
    Best regards,
    Sara A.

  4. Michaela -

    Hello Yasin,
    Short feedback: I'm very happy with my Isionizer. Your brother-in-law installed it really well and everything is stored perfectly, looks good and works great.
    He wanted to get me an adapter to connect to my daughter's house and I said I'd come by on Thursday. I would actually be in your area on Wednesday – around 10 a.m. Can I pick up the adapter there?
    Best regards,

  5. avatar photo

    Yasin Akgun -

    Hi Huy,
    Thank you for your message
    Because of the neurodermatitis issue:
    The 1st audio video is awesome. And the 2nd and 3rd videos are completely new and great.
    The right video about the skin:
    Coupon: ghac5
    I find the ultimate and easiest is Ballistol, I got rid of my eczema with it, by drinking and applying it. It's similar to petroleum therapy or Rizol therapy, but made for ingestion and food-safe.
    Buy it here and use it as a home remedy:
    After you have watched the video and have ballistics at home, please call:
    See you soon

  6. Huy B. -

    Hello Yasin,
    Thank you again for your nice advice. I have finished assembling the system. The water tastes really delicious. We really like drinking. I would like to recommend your company.
    If you have time, could you please advise me about my son's neurodermatitis. Which oil should I buy for him? What kind of video, book,… should I read so I can help him.
    Kind regards,
    Huy B.

  7. Jürgen -

    Dear Yasin,
    ... I've been using the Cavendish since Saturday. I am absolutely thrilled!
    My ankle pain is gone. My digestion is better. I feel 20 years younger! I completed a really long program on the exercise bike on Sunday – without getting tired. The Cavendish is an extremely great device with great technology. Thank you that you can buy things like this in Germany.
    Alkaline hydrogen water is really doping. And completely legal.
    Kind regards

  8. avatar photo

    Yasin Akgun -

    Hi Timo,
    Thank you for your kind words, can I leave it like this online please:
    Yes, of course, the flow at the wastewater is a little less (40%) instead of at the outlet at the top (60%), so the product from the hose at the bottom is always a little stronger, this is the case with every ionizer.
    And I think the most important thing is that it's delicious. Where else can you get water like that?
    Regarding the leak:
    Have you replaced the hose piece?
    Then I will send you a new sieve piece with hose and also the plug-in part, the elbow connector with socket by letter on Monday
    Let me know if it worked.
    Looking forward to your answer.
    All the best

  9. Timo -

    Dear Yasin,
    Thanks again for the information and your advice. We then leave it activated with the 10-second rinse.
    By the way, we are constantly thrilled with the device and the delicious water. And I am also pleasantly surprised at the extreme pH values ​​the device can produce via the “wastewater” outlet (from measured approx. pH 2,5-3,0 to approx. pH 11,5).
    Unfortunately, we still have a tiny technical problem: water is leaking out drop by drop from the tap water inlet. The droplets form at the short connection between the sediment filter and the device inlet (i.e. the short, preconfigured connection hose). I've already replaced it, but the drops still keep forming there. Do you perhaps have a tip about this? Is it possible to make the connections even tighter with the included white PVC tape? (I haven't figured out the purpose of this yet.) Or should I try replacing the hose connection again in the hope that it will then seal?
    Thanks for the occasional feedback again.
    LG Timo

  10. Frederic S. -

    Dear Mr. Akgün,
    The order arrived today, the installation worked without any problems and the water tastes very good to me.
    Thank you very much for your courteous support and also for the free items (including the Hepta Step 🙂 )! I made the transfer.
    All the best and best regards
    Frederic S.

  11. Andrew E -

    Dear Yasin Akgün.

    It's been a while since I bought AquaVolta® Cavendish 2.0 and Age2 Go high drugs from them.
    I am very satisfied with Cavendish and the water tastes like the first day. I needed a new one soon
    Water filters, I believe they are always in stock. …
    ... Many greetings and happy holidays and a happy new year!!!
    Andrew E

  12. Matthias F. -

    Dear Mr. Akgün,
    I installed the water ionizer (countertop device Cavendish 2.0) and everything works perfectly.
    Now we can enjoy the alkaline active water every day!
    I transferred the second installment (2 euros) that was still due to AQUACENTRUM yesterday.
    This means that the entire invoice amount of 1871,50 euros has been paid. …
    … Thank you again and kind regards,
    Matthias F.

  13. Guiseppe B. -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    I'm currently still on the road. I just wanted to let you know that we were and are extremely satisfied.
    Thanks a lot for this!
    Regarding invoice, could you only issue it to J.?
    I would then give this to the accounting department on Friday and have the difference transferred.
    When I'm in Munich I'll definitely come by.
    Sincerely, / Kind regards
    Guiseppe B.

  14. Doris W. -

    Dear Mr. Akgün,
    I successfully installed the Cavendish after borrowing materials to remove the aerator. Thank you for motivating me to do the installation with the diverter valve myself. I've been enjoying the activated alkaline water since yesterday.
    I will contact you again via WhatsApp in the next few days to clarify a few questions about the permanent installation.
    Warm greetings from the Palatinate
    Doris W.

  15. Karl Heinz Asenbaum -

    Hello family H.,
    Lose 2,5kg in 3,5 weeks and get more fitness and energy, less
    Craving for sweets and coffee are considerable improvements
    with an otherwise unchanged lifestyle is most likely to occur
    the changes can be attributed to drinking. It would be interesting whether
    There are also improvements in blood values, especially in the liver and kidneys
    be objectified. But I would still do that a few weeks ago
    Wait for comparison measurement.
    The fact that they urinate more is probably due to the increased amount they drink
    together. It would be interesting to observe the color of the urine to see if they
    gradually gets brighter. The saliva test also enables good control,
    as described in my human service manual (download via
    the link list below).
    It is not clear at what level you drink, as it depends on the type
    of the water other values ​​come out. the long-term recommendation is pH 9 –
    9,5. You should check to see if this is the case.
    Yes, that's exactly how I do the boosting in the office, especially because I
    Alkaline water tastes better than neutral water. They can do that too
    go according to your taste. Hydrogen is particularly important,
    But you also have to taste the water and the hydrogen gives you that
    No taste, at best it changes the feel.
    The hydronade dissolves best in neutral water. she needs
    Unfortunately, the integrated organic acids make it easy
    sour taste results. That's why I always give a little
    Add fruit juice so that it at least tastes really sour.
    Thank you for your feedback!
    Kind regards /with kind regards
    Karl Heinz Asenbaum

    Link list:

  16. Hans-Georg H. -

    Hello Mr. Asenbaum,
    I warmly greet you after the first 3,5 weeks of experience with various hydrogen preparation processes.
    Basically we are very satisfied. What we notice:
    – I have more energy, which I notice clearly when playing tennis and cycling 15 km to work
    – I lost some weight, about 2,5 kg, now 77 kg
    – I no longer take alkaline powder, which I have done every day for several years
    – I also sleep a little less and feel fit
    – I have less desire/need for coffee and sweets
    – I have to urinate significantly more
    Can this all be related to the hydrogen water? I haven't changed my lifestyle otherwise, so the connection is obvious.

    Our drinking behavior:
    At home we drink the water from the Cavendish, level 4, approx. 1-1,5 l/minute, a total of 2-3 l/day.
    I take water from the ionizer with me to the office and boost it 10' with the Age2go2,8 every now and then. Does that make sense? The booster itself does not produce alkaline water.
    When I'm at conferences, training courses or in the sauna, I take filtered water with me and throw half a teaspoon of Hydronade into about 400ml of water and drink it. You shouldn't use water from the ionizer, which I just read again in the instructions. Correct?
    I would be happy to receive feedback on our experiences and current drinking behavior.
    Yes, that's a first experience report. It's really exciting! It's great that you've stuck with it so intensively for a long time now and it's a shame that our paths have only crossed now.
    Greetings Hans-Georg H.

  17. Hans Schmid -

    Hello Aquacentrum,

    thank you for the TOP customer service. Thank you, I was allowed to stop by with my ionizer and the repair was done so quickly! Device is 1A again.

    All the best and greetings from Switzerland

    Hans S.

  18. Marita R. -

    Hello dear Aquacentrum team
    I would like to thank you very much on behalf of my brother for the refund
    With kind regards,
    Marita R.

  19. Julian -

    Hello Yasin,
    I bought a Cavendish 9 from you as a table-top ionizer and I am still very satisfied. However, in order to improve the taste and water quality, I really want a Schauberger water swirler attachment on my device.
    I fell in love with the following part:
    My question is, how can I use this in conjunction with my Cavendish? Unfortunately, probably only as an under-table installation with a new tap, right? Or do you have another idea?
    Thank you very much and best regards

  20. Yusuf Ş -

    Hello Mr. Akgün, I have the next payment date on December 15.12.19th, 870 for the amount of €435. I wanted to ask, since I chose installment payment when I purchased it, whether I can transfer €15.1.12 and pay the last installment on January XNUMX, XNUMX??? That would be a great help to me. I would ask you to perhaps communicate this with your sister, since she does the accounting. To the device. I am very satisfied and glad that I decided on it. Top device.

    With kind regards,
    Yusuf Ş

  21. Hartwig C. -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    I hope you and your team are doing well.
    After all, the whole family is enthusiastically using the water ionizer you purchased.
    Today I would like to purchase a (if possible a return at a cheaper price) Biomat Amethyst Professional heat mat,
    order in the dimensions specified above.
    We will send the Vulkun 5000 limescale converter you received for testing back to you in its original packaging. It will arrive
    out of the question for us. We keep the magnetic limescale converter that we have already paid for.
    I would like to hear from you briefly.
    Best regards from G.
    Hartwig C.

  22. Frank C. -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    Thank you very much for the information, then I'll be reassured if everything is OK.
    Otherwise I am very happy with the Cavendish. Water tastes much better and is more pleasant to drink than straight from the tap.
    So it was a sensible purchase!

    With kind regards,
    Frank C.

  23. Jurgen N -

    Thanks for the feedback, but I'm happy to pay for the filters. They helped me a lot with the purchase (and Mr. Asenbaum!) with the decision and we haven't regretted it since. On the contrary, we are always happy when we can drink our water at home after being away. Meanwhile, the children's friends are also happy to accept this and tap water. What is noticeable is that after descaling (every 4 weeks) it still tastes fresher than before. What I said in the video about level 3 was what we had done for about 1,5 years. After an inflammation (in the body) I temporarily set it to level 2 and left it that way ever since. Since then, the vessels are no longer as cloudy and it seems more pleasant to drink. By the way, our pets get the same water and I am convinced that there is nothing wrong with it. …
    ...Warm greetings from Ingelheim
    Jurgen N

  24. Frank C. -

    Hello Mr. Akgün,...
    ...PS I also use the alkaline water in my coffee machine and the coffee tastes much better now!

  25. Wolf(gang) S. -

    We have had an Aquavolta for 2 years.
    We (4 people) use around 4000 liters a year and are very satisfied.
    This is connected to a tap valve for switching.
    Unfortunately the video is too grassy as an attachment.
    I have already sent it via Whatsapp.
    Best regards
    Wolf(gang) S.

  26. Rüdiger S. -

    Dear Mr. Akgün,
    Your pace is exemplary and enjoyable!
    The first batch (€ 900.-) has been transferred. Should we let the second half follow straight away?
    We are still looking for a suitable location for the device that is intended for our students. As soon as this is determined, I will be happy to send you a photo!
    Your colleagues are already curious about the small, portable devices and are also very interested in the relevant information material, which you have already planned for (listed in your list).
    With kind regards
    Rüdiger S.

  27. Peter S. -

    Dear Mr. Akgün
    Thanks for asking!
    The device is installed and works great! The connection to the faucet is much nicer compared to the pictures on the internet.
    The water tastes much better and the employees have a lot of fun with it and are happy to be able to drink water! …
    ... I wish you a happy start into the new week! J
    It sends you friendly greetings
    Peter S.

  28. Berthold K. -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    We are still enthusiastic users of the Moses-7, but will soon need a replacement filter again.
    Could you perhaps make us a particularly good offer if we were to buy several of them at once?…
    …With thanks and kind regards
    Berthold K.

  29. Knut Haake (Verified owner) -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    sorry I'm absolutely country under.
    We have had the following experience. …
    No calcification at the water outlet
    Our filter is set to 3065 – I have descaled 4 times since I started using it. We had ZERO limescale in the pumoen container. That surprised me
    because the water containers we tap into become calcified. A little less than before, but they calcify.
    The water tastes good even at level 4
    I also use the hydrogen maker. Makes you feel good. Effect – I don’t know.
    We are extremely satisfied and would be happy to serve as a reference!
    Best regards, Knut Haake

    mykidsplace advice
    Knut Haake
    Albrecht-Dürer Str. 120
    50259 Pulheim

  30. Monika and Edi U. -

    Dear Mr. Yasin Akgün!
    The test time is no longer an issue for me and my wife. We are drinking water from the tap again because for 30 years it has only been used for cooking.
    I was able to connect the water ionizer to the main line and the waste water flows into the sink. Even assembling the device was fun. …
    ... I can't report anything about the Hydronade Magnesium tablets yet because I'm sick at the moment.
    Kind regards, Monika and Edi U.

  31. Hartwig C. -

    So the Cavendish has been up since Sunday and the water is running! It tastes soft and still fresh! Everyone is very impressed, just one question? The glasses have a cloudy white coating that feels like lime and is not easy to clean. Is there an explanation? I also installed the magnetic limescale converter, I hope right!? See photo! Greetings from Gronau
    Hartwig C.
    >>>Answer Yasin Akgün:
    The lime thing is completely normal, see also

  32. John H -

    Good morning Mr. Akgün,
    Thanks for asking. Yes, everything worked fine, the device is in daily use and the water tastes good!
    Have a nice day.
    VG Jochen H.

  33. Michael K. -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    After moving, we are happy to finally have decent water again 😉
    By the way, big compliments to your husband, who explained the installation of a sink in detail via video, which helped a lot with orientation!
    I have two questions: firstly, I couldn't get a black seal at the hardware store and wanted to ask how much something like that costs you?
    The other question is: I have a friend who has a leveluk sd501 device and needs a cartridge (hg-n). How much does a cartridge cost me from you?
    Greetings from Austria
    Michael K.

  34. Julia N. -

    Dear Mr. Akgün,
    I have now installed the Aquavolta and put it into operation. It was really easy thanks to Mr. Asenbaum's brilliant YouTube instructions!
    Big praise for this and the other YouTube films!!! …
    … Best regards,
    Julia N.

  35. Michael K. -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    does not matter. I was just wondering, hence the question. The package arrived today and I'm going to try out the booster right away.
    The ionizer works perfectly, the dishwasher doesn't, but that doesn't matter for now as we're moving in a few days and I hope to have better luck with the installation in the new house. 😀
    The water generally tastes great and I have also noticed that my good tea and coffee also taste a little more intense...
    Best regards,
    Michael K.

    PS showering with the Magic7 is amazing... even my morning cold shower is an experience!!! I can only recommend!

  36. Michael K. -

    Dear Mr. Yasin Akgün,
    First of all, I hope that you had a wonderful holiday with your loved ones and that you were able to enjoy the time.
    After receiving the Cavendish 9 a few weeks ago, I got around to installing it 3 days ago.

    The water tastes great and we are already having a lot of fun with it. ..
    …Thank you very much in advance for your brief feedback!

    Best regards,
    Michael K.

  37. peter k. -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    I tested the Cavendish over the weekend and have to say: I AM IN LOVE WITH IT!!!!!
    I like it much, much better than the other one. When I say “liked” I don’t mean the way he looks, but the way he works.
    I completely agree with you when you say the values ​​remain constant and I love that about it. I love the regulator on its body to adjust the flow rate!!!
    I have the feeling it is much more robust in terms of its inner workings!!!!
    So this is my device and I won't give it back.
    I carefully packed the other device today and will take it to HERMES tomorrow.
    I will send it to the Aquacentrum in Munich.
    Shipment ID: 01330181834101
    Greetings Petra K.

  38. Ingo K -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    I hope you are well, we are enthusiastic users of our Moses 9!..
    ...warm greetings from FFB and Inning
    Ingo K

  39. Lars B (Verified owner) -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    Thank you; Videos are very interesting and informative. Also make it easier to use the water ionizer. By the way, I connected the Cavendish 9 as soon as I received it. We are currently using alkaline level 1 at 2 liters of water flow; I think it's initially enough for the daughter who has cancer. In your opinion, is it advisable to purchase a hydrogen booster as a supplement? Or just use the tablets that were sent with you? I think the announcement language at Cavendish only works in English, right?

    Best regards, Lars B.

  40. Tom Flanderka -

    …The “Moses 7” still works well and we are very satisfied.
    best wishes
    Tom Flanderka

  41. Stephen G (Verified owner) -

    Hello Yasin

    first feedback:
    – In the alkaline range, the device creates stable values ​​around pH 10 (level 4 and 1,3 l/min)
    – H2 saturation appears to be present
    – I experience the detoxifying effect with headaches and muscle effects (I probably have to slow down a bit at the beginning because I only drink water)…

    ....I don't drink anything else anymore, I don't have to carry boxes anymore

  42. Tom Flanderka -

    ...what I have noticed in the relatively short period of time of drinking ionized water is that the desire for food, a solid intake, has changed and lengthened over time - without feeling a decrease in performance. (has the metabolism of food also improved?)…
    Continue reading the detailed report from the therapist from Munich, Thomas Flanderka

  43. Tom Flanderka -

    I'll be out from tomorrow until Friday morning, then I'll let you know what we decided on table top or bottom table.

    But what I can say about my experience over the last few days: the water from the device tastes good to me;
    Yesterday while “exercising (running)” I noticed that I was able to run very persistently, even though I hadn't done much for weeks. ->If it is related to the water, then this was a definitely noticeable, positive experience!

    see you then and see you soon,


  44. Berthold K. -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    Do you know the highest praise from a Swabian?
    …. ?
    è When he says: “Not bad”
    And since I'm a Swabian and economical with words, I'll just say “not bad”. J
    And secondly Pictures say more than a thousand words, so here are a few pictures from our kitchen, including connection technology.
    So far we are super satisfied.
    Kind regards from Berthold K.

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Installation of under-sink water ionizer AquaVolta® Cavendish 2.0 to produce alkaline, hydrogen-containing water

Under-sink installation to the cold water pipe with the included 3/8“ T-piece (DVGW tested) or optional 3/4“ screw-on connector. All necessary installation materials are included, and others will be delivered later if necessary. 

Aquavolta Cavendish 2.0 handling and assembly | Tabletop & undertable ionizers

Aquavolta® Cavendish 2-0 table-top and under-table ionizer with control tap 600

Installation of the under-sink water ionizer AquaVolta® Elégance, analogous to the installation of the Cavendish 2.0

pH value adjustment | Flow adjustment

If necessary, we will supply a washing machine connection part, including a Y-piece, or a free of charge Drill for wood or plastic (Forstner drill) or stone (diamond drill) or a punch (metal sink)

T-piece John Guest 3-8 inches on the angle valve including flow regulation 600

Forstner drill 35 mm wooden counter
35 mm Bosch Dry Speed ​​diamond dry drill 500
35mm punch for stainless steel sink

2-way distributor Y distributor 3:4 inch for connecting 2 devices washing machine 600


Installation of under-table ionizer Elégance | Special case, analogous to the installation of Cavendish 2.0

Cavendish under-sink water ionizer Heike

Aquavolta® Cavendish 2.0 with control tap (left) | Ionizer under the sink

Countertop installation of the AquaVolta® Cavendish 9 water ionizer

Installation of water ionizer on the faucet through diverter valve

Non-contact, easy operation of an ionizer with a rotary control

Fixed connection to the cold water pipe with a T-piece

One-time adjustment of the flow to the water to be ionized

Waste water connection on a siphon clamp for osmosis systems

Influence of water flow on hydrogen content & pH value


Filter properties of the AquaVolta® Cavendish 9 water ionizer

Video: Changing the activated carbon filter of the AquaVolta® Cavendish 2.0

Filter reset Cavendish 2.0: Press Mode + Voice button at the same time. Then press and hold the alkaline button several times.
Then press the voice button again to save the setting.

Video: Changing the activated carbon filter of the AquaVolta® Cavendish 9

Filter reset Cavendish 9 (predecessor with rotary control): In standby, press the filter touch button. Then press the Alkaline Water touch button (at the very top) longer.

Biostone multi-stage activated carbon filter | AquaVolta® Cavendish 9

Thanks to the world's leading multi-layer activated carbon granulate filter technology Manufacturer Kuraray The following pollutants are effectively and safely removed:

Drug residues, hormones, agricultural residues such as pesticides and insecticides, and other typical man-made chemicals.

The filter cartridge also contains BioStone ceramics made of tourmaline (semi-precious stone). When the water hits the tourmaline, tourmaline develops its effect because it naturally emits infrared radiation (FIR), which in turn changes the water structure by creating exclusion zones (Gerald Pollack) improved and the water prepared for ionization.

According to the DIN standard, the filter should be changed every 6 months. However, we have given you the OK to change the filter after 4000 months at the latest, as long as the 12 liters have not yet been exceeded. In all of our water filters, silver ions reliably counteract germination through long service lives. This means you have our OK to change the filter every 12 months. Tap water is harmless in Europe anyway; filtering, like the airbag in a car, is a simple safety measure.


Ionia Nexus Cavendish water filter activated carbon filter with tourmaline cut

Composition of the premium activated carbon filter cartridge

  1. sediment filter
  2. Silver-coated activated carbon granules, not regenerated, with silver vapor coating: This layer, which consists of fine-grained, natural coconut carbon, absorbs and filters the organic and foreign particles and ensures better taste and neutral smell.
  3. Antibacterial filter fleece
  4. Calcium Sulphite Granules: Removes chlorine and improves taste
  5. Antibacterial filter fleece
  6. Silver-coated activated carbon granules, not regenerated, with silver vapor coating: This layer, which consists of fine-grained, natural coconut carbon, absorbs and filters the organic and foreign particles and ensures better taste and neutral smell.
  7. Antibacterial filter fleece
  8. Biostone (tourmaline) to optimize taste and prevent bacterial growth
  9. Antibacterial filter fleece

savings tip

A filter is already installed in the scope of delivery of the devices. You only need a replacement filter after the filter supplied has been used up.
To save shipping costs, we recommend purchasing one when ordering the device Replacement filter to be ordered.

Brief information and technical data about the Aquavolta Cavendish 9 water ionizer with 9 electrodes

  • Price-performance ratio: Optimal: unique functions at a comparatively attractive price, very high quality workmanship,> including four-week, free test phase, 182-day satisfaction guarantee upon purchase.
  • Electrodes: 9 Mesh Electrode plates made of titanium with 3 instead of just 1 layer of the platinum catalyst (polymer ion mesh process) with significantly increased catalyst area and formation of smaller hydrogen bubbles (nano bubbles).
  • Number of filter cartridges: 1 filter cartridge on silver-coated activated carbon granules, including calcium sulfite and tourmaline, Price replacement cartridge: 87,00
  • Limescale protection mechanisms: Automatic polarity reversal with flow reversal before and after each tapping process, very reliable
  • Output at 3L/min.; Lv.4: 250W, 12V-24V, SMPS switching power supply (low radiation, economical, no heat development)
  • Commissioning: Through ON-OFF solenoid valve
  • Data shown on the display: Ionization level, current flow, liters flowed through the filter, pH value (approximate)
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 37cm x 28cm x 15cm
  • Guarantee services: 5 Years guarantee, repair costs from the 6th year max. 20% of the purchase price

  • Max. pH / redox values ​​at 1 liter / min. and °dH 18: Despite the chalky Munich water: pH value: up to pH 10,8, redox potential: approx. -600 mV (over 0,5 volt electron excess), approx. 1,2ppm (1200 ppb) H2 content
  • In terms of hydrogen formation, this is the strongest water ionizer we have ever encountered with the hard Munich tap water.
  • IInstallation options: Either on the tap with the one supplied Switching valve and Regulating valve/shut-off valve
  • or with Included 3/8" T-piece (DVGW tested) firmly to the cold water pipe
  • Flow regulation: Optimal flow: 2,0 liters/min., regulation via an external flow controller
  • Year of publication: 2013, revised in 2019, first manufacturer in Korea, equipped with 2017 electrodes from the end of February 9 and then in 2021 the latest version Aquavolta® Cavendish 2.0 with new functions: 1. also possible to mount under the table. 2. Rinse time, adjustable, 0, 10 and 20 seconds.

Downloads AquaVolta® Cavendish 2.0 water ionizer

FAQ's | Questions and answers about the Cavendish 9 water ionizer to produce hydrogen-containing, alkaline water

> Product-related questions and answers (water filters, water ionizers, glass bottles)

Question about titanium electrodes

Can you please briefly explain to me what makes the difference whether the electrodes were galvanically coated or sprayed?

I'm interested in that Water ionizer Cavendish 9 / Moses 9.


Thomas O

Answer from Yasin Akgün about the differences in coating processes for electrodes for water ionizers

Hello Mr. O.,
So the Kangen sellers and others make the galvanic the No. 1 and say the spraying process is low quality

The manufacturer of AquaVolta® Cavendish / Moses 9 water ionizer has so far produced the most models and numbers in the world, is the oldest manufacturer and the first in Korea
And they have developed a special spraying process that offers the highest levels of efficiency
We can confirm that too.
The highest hydrogen content and also the highest values ​​in terms of pH or redox potential.

Attached is their document about it or I have created an FAQ:
Here you go to FAQ

The AquaVolta® Cavendish 9 / Moses 9 is probably my best device currently.
Therefore, you have my fullest assurance, it is in stock as of today.
All the best
Yours, Yasin Akgün

Contents about the comparison of coating processes of titanium electrodes for water ionizers

from the PDF from the company IONIA, the manufacturer of the Moses 9 water ionizer


Differences in coating processes for electrodes for water ionizers-1

Differences in coating processes for electrodes for water ionizers-2
Differences in coating processes for electrodes for water ionizers-3
Differences in coating processes for electrodes for water ionizers-4
Differences in coating processes for electrodes for water ionizers-5
Differences in coating processes for electrodes for water ionizers-6
Differences in coating processes for electrodes for water ionizers-7

Link to the post

  • Moving to Rosenheim says:
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    Disassembling and assembling furniture can be nerve-wracking. Think about it whether you hire professionals for this.
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    > Installation of water ionizer


    Installing water ionizer on the faucet

    A rotary control on a water ionizer is only an advantage in a faucet installation compared to the water ionizers with a solenoid valve and an on-off control (e.g EOS Genesis or EOS Touch), which is connected to an external Flow regulating valve be delivered.

    Only the AquaVolta Moses-7 water ionizer, which is the successor of Nexus X-Blue water ionizer, AquaVolta Basic and the Allsbon Family have a rotary valve integrated into the front of the device housing. This is particularly useful in everyday practice, especially when installing faucets, as the flow has a major influence on the end result.

    This is explained again in the operating and filter changing video in this FAQ article, which is analogous Flow regulating valve in the Permanent installation used to set the appropriate flow.

    Of course, it is ideal if you can see the current flow on the water ionizer display. That's just at AquaVolta Moses-7 and at Allsbon Dion Family is possible.

    Link this post | Link to the post


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    How do I install a water ionizer on the faucet in just a few steps?

    Video | Faucet installation with diverter valve

    Installing a water ionizer on the faucet

    The simplest method is the Water ionizer installed on faucet, as can be seen in the diagram on the left. This form of installation can be carried out by anyone.

    In just a few minutes, a layperson can connect the supply hose (feed water) of the water ionizer. All you have to do is turn the lever and instead of coming out of the tap, the water flows through the water ionizer via the feed water hose.

    Attention: Complete the installation Branching off from the tap is not possible, if it is a faucet on a Low pressure boiler acts. connect. Your dealer carries almost all other faucets suitable adapters.

    Please send us a photo of your faucet. Best by email: or via WhatsApp: +49 179 2166231

    Video: Installation on the faucet with a diverter aerator

    Are you sure the water ionizer stays installed on the faucet only?

    This short video shows the typical installation of a water filter on the faucet. Analogous to the water ionizer, a Carbonit table-top filter (Alternative to Carbonit San Uno: Aquaphor Modern) or most of the commercially available ones Tabletop filter Installed.

    In this case, our main recommendation is to use devices that have a rotary control integrated into the device housing. That would be it AquaVolta Cavendish 9, AquaVolta® ECA Tractor or the AquaVolta Basic Tabletop ionizer.

    The advantage is that, in contrast to water ionizers with an ON-OFF touch sensor (solenoid valve), you do not have to also press the ON-Off button. As shown in the video, the water ionizer starts after the water comes in from the tap changeover valve. Nevertheless, those too Water ionizer with an ON-OFF solenoid valve are very suitable for installation on the tap.

    Advantages and disadvantages of a changeover valve

    • Advantage of the deflection aerator: If you have a faucet with a mixer tap, you can not only produce cold active water, but also lukewarm. Caution: Since most flow ionizers are sensitive to hot water (—> diaphragm melts), there is a risk of overheating and damage. Therefore, always let the water run through the tap first and test the temperature. The water should not be warmer than lukewarm (370 C). The manufacturers specify different maximum temperatures that must be strictly observed.
    • In some devices, which I call low pressure ionizers, the deflection aerator the only connection option. These devices do not have a built-in valve, so the water flows through unhindered. That's why you can't connect them directly to the water pipe, but you have to connect a tap in between so that the water doesn't flow continuously. These low-pressure devices can usually be recognized by their soft supply hoses with a diameter of more than 7 mm.
    • Disadvantages of the deflection aerator: It cannot be connected when a low pressure water heater is connected. Regulating the flow rate requires a certain degree of sensitivity. The feed water hose on the tap is a nuisance when working in the kitchen and is aesthetically unsatisfactory for Western tastes.
    • There are special alternative taps as accessories for such devices if you do not want to or cannot use a deflection aerator. The alternative tap is positioned next to the ionizer on the edge of the sink with a hole through the kitchen countertop and the ionizer is connected to it. The alternative tap gets its cold water from the cold water angle valve at the bottom, from where it is branched off using a T-piece. The water supply can be regulated using the rotary knob at the top. The hose with the draining sour water is also connected and the sour water flows neatly from a stainless steel tap without a hose hanging into the sink. This is a good solution aesthetically and technically, but requires an installer because of the work required on the pressure pipe. Please contact us about this special event.

    Link to FAQ post

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    Descaling | Water ionizer maintenance

    Descaling a water ionizer with a flow dial

    If you own one of the water ionizers listed below, be sure to watch this video.
    In short: Make sure that the pump can pump the citric acid solution into the filter. The rotary control should therefore always be set to OFF, i.e. in the off position. The following water ionizers have a flow control dial and are descaled analogously:

    Descaling ionizer with flow regulator | Nexus X Blue > The predecessor of the AquaVolta® Moses 7

    This video shows the individual descaling steps that must be observed, especially for water ionizers with flow regulators.

    According to the latest experience, you can only descale in one pass, you don't have to turn the ionizer on and off between descaling.

    The duration can also be extended up to 4 hours depending on the level of use and calcification. If there is severe calcification, please replace the citric acid solution after an hour.

    Descaling does not harm the water ionizer in any way. It's exactly the opposite, descaling is good for any water ionizer as long as you use citric acid and not acetic acid.

    Link to FAQ post

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    > Reverse osmosis water and reverse osmosis systems

    Answer about which water ionizer Karl Heinz Asenbaum uses at home:

    “I am constantly testing new devices. I'm currently finding it AquaVolta® Moses preferably."


    Addition by Yasin Akgün:

    I can also add that Karl Heinz Asenbaum uses IONIA® from the same manufacturer AquaVolta® ECA Plus water ionizer


    By downloading the video you accept the privacy policy of YouTube.
    Read more

    Load video


    The real question | Heavy metals and ionization of heavy metals in the water ionizer

    Thank you very much, it is noted.

    I know what you think about osmosis water and that this has degenerated into a kind of religious war. But I don't even want to identify with someone like that because I'm always open to new things. Since I value your opinion very much, I would like to give you a point of view that is not easy to ignore (at least for me) and that, if you want to look at it scientifically and strive for the optimum in quality, you inevitably has to deal with the topic.

    I agree with you 100% with all of your arguments for and against RO technology. It is not necessary in itself, as dissolved minerals are also needed for the further processing process in the ionizer and they are actually very important.

    However, this approval requires that the source medium must be uncontaminated in its original form, which cannot be achieved technically by the waterworks alone. We are talking here about an extremely increasing heavy metal particle load, which is in the nano range and neither from the waterworks nor from the filters in the ionizers (which only filter out the worst - particles of 1µ, while a membrane is capable of filtering out particles of 0,0001 micron) can be achieved. These nanoparticles pass through the blood-brain barrier without any difficulty and reach regions where they absolutely do not belong.

    So at the end of the day you may not have quite as nice/high numbers or values ​​and also an increased effort due to the remineralization, but you still have the certainty that no, or a greatly reduced, heavy metal spectrum has ended up in the water, which is not belongs in the body and, as you yourself say, “could be made even more dangerous by ionization”.

    I don't want to convert anyone or force an opinion, but I would find it interesting if you could briefly comment on these arguments, perhaps also pointing out whether additional minerals would be needed in addition to the mineral mixture to remineralize 80 mg of calcium and 20 mg of magnesium and whether This information refers to one liter of water.

    Thank you for the exchange and your perspective

    Kind regards

    Answer from Karl Heinz Asenbaum about water filtration and heavy metals and air quality

    Dear Mr. Seifert,

    If heavy metals are still found after filtration, you must use a stronger filter performance, if necessary reverse osmosis with calcium + Mg (magnesium) post-mineralization. In this case, I actually recommend reverse osmosis.
    But I have probably seen more than 1000 analyzes that examined heavy metals after the filter of a water ionizer. Of these, less than 5% were such candidates.

    I tend to only advise customers on the most necessary measures. Nobody should spend more money than they have to. In my experience, your statements about the heavy metal contamination of drinking water in Europe, even after normal filtration, only apply to 5% of water intake points.

    I also generally warn against overestimating the danger at the wrong risk point. By far the greatest amount of heavy metal pollution comes from the air, and not from drinking water. With mercury, the worst of all heavy metals, it travels directly to the brain via the olfactory nerve. That's why I think an air ionizer is just as important as a water ionizer. I have one in every room.

    With kind regards,

    Karl Heinz Asenbaum

    Answer from MS About air purification and heavy metals

    Of course, I agree with you about overestimating the danger at the wrong risk point. If you were to adapt this sterile standard to other living conditions, you would have to live in a clean room and would no longer be allowed to leave it. I put 3 of the following products in my room:

    But I don't really know yet whether they really get more than dust out of the air. Hence mixed feelings. I've read a lot of frightening things about air ionizers, which led me to buy oil-based air purifiers. For example, in Amazon “The device not only emits ions, but also the gas ozone. This gave me a strong dry cough... Smokers should definitely google thoroughly before making a purchase decision, as there is a study about possible additional lung damage.” Since this could of course just be targeted disinformation, I am open to new information here too.

    Are there any videos or information material from you regarding air ionizers? From what I understand, you have probably looked into it intensively beforehand, so the question is which product convinced you?

    M. Seifert

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    Automatic descaling of the electrodes through automatic polarity reversal

    Removing mineral deposits such as calcium and magnesium is one of the most important maintenance measures on water ionizers to ensure long-term consistent electrode performance.

    While most water ionizers only carry out a so-called self-cleaning before each use or every 12 to 15 liters of use, in which the poles are only reversed for a short period of 5-15 seconds, the AquaVolta® Cavendish 9 a constant polarity reversal.

    After each use, the poles are swapped to counteract the accumulation of limescale on the electrodes and sensitive membranes. Only two other manufacturers on the European market even have this patented hardware. The advantage of the automatic polarity reversal AquaVolta® Cavendish 9 is that you don't work with a flow reversing motor, but with valves. In practice, this method is more reliable because it breaks down less often.

    Descaling instructions | Water ionizer with flow regulator