Aquavolta® Contragion® Generator – produce your own HOCl-containing disinfectant from water and brine electricity


  • Contragion® is a trademarked biocide for combating infectious germs using active chlorine.
  • Achievable values: up to 2000ppm free active chlorine at a pH value of 6,5, i.e. mainly present as hypochlorous acid
  • Capacity of water: 300 ml, capacity of electrolyte: 5 ml or 1/2 teaspoon of salt
  • Production time: 8 minutes
  • Dimensions: 75 x 75 x 275 mm
  • Voltage/power: 5V / 1A capacity, power consumption: 7 W
  • Instructions | AquaVolta® Contration®| Make your own HOCl-containing disinfectant.pdf
  • The package is current 250 ml Contragion® electrolyte solution is not included

You will receive the following products free of charge when you purchase this mobile ECA generator for producing disinfectant containing hypochlorous acid (clickable images):

Aquavolta® Contragion® Generator – produce your own HOCl-containing disinfectant from water and brine electricity

Effective disinfection based on the natural basis of water, salt and electricity through electro-chemical water activation (ECA)

The exposure time of the Contragion® disinfectant is 3 to 5 minutes with a disinfection level of 99,99%.

For better distribution, it is recommended to smudge it after spraying.

It is suitable for household and office items, bathrooms and toilets, kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms, floors, windows and doors, vehicles, schools, beauty salons, pets and toys.

If it is used on objects such as fruit, vegetables, dishes or cutlery, they should be rinsed with clear, clean tap water after the exposure time.
For skin disinfection, you can dilute the product up to 5 times if you are sensitive.

Further application instructions can be found on our pages: Application Anolyte & Catolyte. This post page in particular is very valuable: Differences between free chlorine and total chlorine

Contraction has a bactericidal, fungicidal, sporicidal and partially virucidal effect on enveloped viruses, and is even mutation-proof

Contration® works bactericidal against all bacteria such as: Legionella, Salmonella, Escherichia coli, Pseudonomas, Heterotrophic bacteria etc.

It works fungicide: Fungi or their spores are killed or their growth is prevented for the duration of its effectiveness.

It works when the hypochlorous acid content is over 1000 ppm limited virucidal against enveloped viruses, such as the coronavirus or SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), hepatitis B/C, HIV, RSV, SARS, mumps, measles, rubella, influenza, parainfluenza, TBE, yellow fever, Zika, rabies, Hanta. See also: General decree Switzerland 1000 ppm hypochlorous acid regulation 2881.pdf

Limited virucidal means nothing more than that it has a focused effect against enveloped viruses, 99,99%, the nomenclature distinguishes between virucidal (for non-enveloped viruses) and limited virucidal (for enveloped viruses). The nomenclature is misleading in the sense that it definitely works on enveloped viruses. However, it does not work on non-enveloped viruses and is therefore not “virucidal” (for non-enveloped viruses).

You can check the content of hypochlorous acid (hypochlorous acid) with the Do NOT spread pesto on this layer! You can determine it yourself using the chlorine test strips provided (up to 2000ppm).. However, after 7 minutes of running time, values ​​of over 250 ppm FAC are reached, which is more than enough.

Aquavolta® | What is Aquavolta® ECA?

The brand term Aquavolta® is made up of the Latin term for Water (Aqua) and the name of the inventor of the battery, Alessandro Volta.
ECA stands for electrochemically activated water. This is obtained through direct current electrolysis.

Short explanation of production:

During electrolysis at the negative pole, the water is reduced and enriched with highly volatile hydrogen. On the other hand, at the positive pole, the water is oxidized and is therefore rich in oxygen, ozone and oxygen radicals, which creates an oxidizing and germ-hostile character. This already happens with simple electrolysis.

The addition of salt in the form of our Contragion® electrolyte solution results in electrochemical activation of the water and a strongly positive redox potential. In this highly effective solution, hypochlorite ions (OCl or chlorine bleach) and hypochlorous acid HOCl) form as germicidal agents in a ratio that depends on the pH value.

Through acidity regulators in the Contration® electrolyte solution The pH value of the water increases  pH 6,5 adjusted so that the disinfectant consists almost exclusively of the skin-friendly active ingredient hypochlorous acid HOCl.

HOCl is a natural active ingredient

HOCI is a natural active ingredient of our body's immune system. Different to OCl It is not electrically charged and germs can easily penetrate the membrane barrier. Most ready-made chlorine-based disinfectants, on the other hand, contain more OCl and are only of limited use.

More detailed information on our article page: Differences between free chlorine and total chlorine

Disinfectant do-it-yourself generator overview

Instructions for use Contragion® ECA generator

1. Fill 300 ml of tap water into the production bottle. If your water is hard (> 1,78 mmol/l CaCO3 or > 10 dH0), dilute it up to 100% with deionized water, distilled water or reverse osmosis water.
2. Use the measuring cup to measure 5 ml of saturated brine or simply use half a teaspoon of table salt or crystal salt
3. During production, the spray button attachment must not be tightly closed.
4. Turn the rubber nipple on the back upwards to expose the micro-USB socket and use the cable to connect the socket to a USB power source (min. 1 A power). The LEDs flash briefly when connected.
5. By pressing the switch you start the 8-minute production process with bubble formation and blue lighting. After 8 minutes, around 500 ppm hypochlorous acid can be detected in the disinfectant. 500ppm is more than sufficient for the bactericidal, sporicidal and fungicidal effects.
6. The production process stops automatically after 8 minutes with 3 beeps.
If a safe limited virucidal effect is to be achieved with non-enveloped viruses, the production process can be started again for 8 more minutes. After these 16 minutes, approx. 1000 ppm (0,1%) hypochlorous acid (HOCl) can be detected in the disinfectant.
7. Now remove the USB cable from the device.
8. Only now screw the spray head tight.
9. The finished disinfectant can be distributed using the spray lever after turning the spray nozzle to the ON position.

Please note:

  • Do not use the disinfectant on wool, nylon, leather or works of art. Not suitable for objects made of aluminum, copper, carbon steel.
  • Application on stainless steel is possible.
  • Do not use at the same time as other cleaning products.
  • If you haven't used the product produced within a day, that's no problem. It remains active in the spray bottle for approx. 7 days, so it is disinfectant. A one-time reactivation by another 8-minute electrolysis is possible at any time.

Instructions | AquaVolta® Contraction Generator – make your own HOCl-containing disinfectant