Aquavolta® Contragion® In Situ | HOCl production & nebulization on site



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Aquavolta® Contragion® In Situ | HOCl production and nebulization on site | at the same time humidifier

3 in 1 function: air and surface disinfection, air humidification and odor elimination

The principle of sterilization

The new split cavity electrolysis technology is used to produce hypochlorous acid from tap water and salt. A three-stage automatic timing system is used in the electrolysis process to control the concentration rate of hypochlorous acid. The hypochlorous acid disinfectant is aerosolized into the air to kill the viruses.

  • Main sterilization factor: hypochlorous acid
  • Kill rate: 99.9999%
  • Hypochlorine concentration rate: 94,7ppm

Operation of the Aquavolta® Contraction® In Situ

  1. Place the product horizontally.
  2. Open the lid.
  3. Inject clean water and salt (recommended: 1 liter of water with 1 g2 of salt).
  4. Put the cover back. Note: The temperature of clean water should be below 40°C.
  5. Connect the power adapter and the screen lights up and then standby mode. The screen shows the humidity and temperature of the room.

There are 5 touch buttons: power, fog, sleep/antivirus, timing, constant humidity.

  • Power button: Press the power button, the display lights up, the machine starts at level I.
  • Fog: Press the fog button to change the fog level between I, II and III. The default setting is the maximum.
  • Hibernate/Antivirus: a. Short press the button to turn off the screen and press any button to turn on the display.
    b. Long press to turn on/off sterilization mode.
  • Timing: Press the timer button repeatedly to select a time. The timer will start automatically. To cancel the timer, press again when it is set to hour12.
  • Constant humidity: Press the humidity button to adjust the humidity between 60% and 90%.
  • Water shortage warning: Water shortage is detected when the device is in operation and the atomizer stops working. The buzzer will sound three times and the red water shortage icon will flash. After five minutes without enough water in the water tank, the water pump will turn off and return to standby mode.
  • Remote control: The remote control corresponds to each button function.

Maintenance of the Aquavolta® Contragion® In Situ

  1. Before cleaning, please switch off the device and unplug it.
  2. If there is limescale deposits in the water tank, the dissolving powder included in the package can be used to remove this limescale.
  3. Rinse with warm water below 40°C and wipe off the dirt with a soft cloth. Do not use nylon rag lamp to wipe the body.
  4. Do not use thinners, acidic cleaners, alcohol or chemical wipes for cleaning.
  5. Clean the entire base including the power cord with a clean cloth. Do not wash the base with water or immerse it in water.

Precautions and Notes

  1. Please do this before use Instructions read carefully.
  2. Do not drink the water in the water tank.
  3. Supervise children when they are near the product. 3) Before plugging the power cord into the power outlet, make sure that all electrical information on the nameplate, including voltage, matches the voltage of your power outlet.
  4. Before plugging the power cord into the power outlet, make sure that all electrical information on the rating plate, including voltage, matches the voltage of your power outlet.
  5. Do not use this product outdoors or expose it directly to the elements.
  6. Do not use in excessively humid areas.
  7. Keep this product away from heat sources.
  8. Do not insert any objects into the openings of the product.
  9. Do not place heavy objects on the product.
  10. Do not use chemical solvents, gasoline, kerosene or polishing powder to wipe the surface.
  11. Do not use this product in a bathtub or shower or place it where it could fall into a bathtub, laundry, swimming pool or other water container.
  12. Do not cover the power cord with a carpet or other cover. Do not route the cable under furniture or appliances.
  13. Store the product near the electrical outlet to which it is connected.
  14. Unplug the device from the electrical outlet before performing any maintenance (e.g. refilling water or cleaning).
  15. Do not use this product if it is damaged or malfunctioning, or if the cord or plug is damaged. Don't try to repair it yourself. Contact the customer support.


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