AquaVolta® ECA Water Tractor | Water ionizer including salt addition (ECA system)


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  • Installation at the faucet with the Switching valve and flow controller
  • or permanent connection with the 3/8“ T-piece (DVGW tested) and possibly with mounting ring
  • Multifunctional water ionizer & ECA system (Electro-Chemically Activated) in one
  • Brine dosing through brine tank and dosing pump for anolyte and catolyte water production (ECA water), second separate outlet pipe (left) for anolyte and catholyte from the second dedicated water cell
  • One water cell each with 5 & 7 large platinum-coated titanium electrodes
  • 2x Multi-layer activated carbon filter integrated, filter change every 6-12 months or 4000 & 8000 liters, filter running time is shown on the display
  • Hydrogen yield at °dH16, highest electrolysis level & flow 1 L/min: ∼1500 ppb molecularly dissolved hydrogen/liter, pH 9,9, ORP: -950 mV
  • Limescale protection: Pre-clean with acidic water every 12 liters
  • WxDxH: 376 x 185 x 435 mm (including outlet base), 5 year guarantee, SMPS power supply, 400 watts
  • Instructions | ECA Water Tractor | German.pdf, more in the TAB Downloads
  • including promotional gift: Aquavolta® H2 Turbo Booster
  • There are tested Systems with €500 discount (coupon: rl500) & full guarantee In Stock.

Graduated prices are calculated automatically: 2 pieces: € 200,00 ; from 3 pieces: € 300,00

When you purchase the ECA Water Tractor you will receive the following products for producing alkaline water and ECA water (clickable images):

AquaVolta® ECA Water Tractor | Water ionizer with electrical & electro-chemical water ionization (ECA system)

Video: AquaVolta® ECA Water Tractor

Multifunctional water ionizer | AquaVolta ® ECA Water Tractor

The AquaVolta ® ECA Water Tractor is a multifunctional water filter with two physical high-performance filters, two large, independent electrolysis cells and an electrochemical dosing unit for a salt solution.

It therefore offers significantly more options for water treatment than a normal water ionizer for the household. This also makes it suitable for professional purposes, e.g. for doctors, alternative practitioners, in the catering industry, agriculture and other applications with high hygiene requirements.

To maximize the hydrogen capacity of the alkaline water and for on the go, you can get one on request portable hydrogen water generator in addition. Please note the selection window above.

The following video introduces, among other things, the salt tank inside the ECA water ionizer designed by Yasin Akgün, which automatically switches on for the optional production of functional water as soon as the user has selected the respective level.

AquaVolta® ECA | Anolyte & catholyte for therapists

AquaVolta® ECA Tractor| Water ionizer & ECA system for anolyte & catholyte

The expansion of the possibilities is made possible by the possible supply of salt water via a brine tank, as is the case with the widely used ones Kangen® – water devices the Japanese company Enagic®. With the help of the experienced manufacturer Ionia® in Seoul/Korea, the Munich company Aquacentrum and AquaVolta® have now succeeded in developing an even more powerful device that is completely tailored to European conditions, which place special demands on the technology due to usually very high water hardness.

The strict separation of the electrical and electrochemical unit to protect the consumer and to increase the longevity of the device has resulted in a larger device than those commonly used Kangen® – water devices. The IONIA ® design better meets European tastes. The AquaVolta® Water Tractor® fits easily into a designer kitchen.

About Electro-Chemical Water Treatment (ECA) – ECA-enabled water ionizers | More than drinking water ionizers

In this section we will introduce you to drinking water ionizers with an additional electrochemical function.

These devices can also optionally produce functional water (anolyte + catholyte, ECA water) for disinfection and cleaning.

Functional water is not drinking water. In the 1970s, Russian researchers discovered that the extraordinary properties of electrolyzed water can be significantly enhanced by adding salt. Sodium chloride is suitable as a salt for preparing the brine, i.e. table salt, or unrefined crystal salt, such as “Himalayan” salt, which is an unrefined rock salt that consists of 97 to 98 percent sodium chloride, i.e. sodium and chloride.

During electrolysis, the sodium ion determines the alkaline character (fatty solution) of the basic functional water obtained (catholyte), while the chloride determines the properties of the acidic functional water (anolyte) with regard to its disinfection ability, primarily through the formation hypochlorous acid improved.

In an elaborate Soviet research project, medical applications were researched for both anolyte and catholyte German language by Petras Sibilskis. (Download)

Important: These methods are not scientifically recognized in the West. Under no circumstances should Anolyt or Katholyt be drunk without the express instructions of a doctor. Neither is drinking water!

Our user book about ECA waterExperiences and application recommendations from Anolyt & Katholyt in industry, agriculture, animal breeding and livestock farming

Fine adjustments | ECA Plus Water Tractor | All in one

ECA household ionizer

Until 2016, the traditional Japanese company EnagicTM (Kangen Wasser®) was the only manufacturer to offer household water ionizers with additional ECA functionality. Typical of these devices is a built-in tank with saline solution, which is added to the water before electrolysis. In the video shown here you can see what fantastic options the user has to change the different functionalities as desired:

  • Filter reset after changing the filter(s).
  • Minimum flow inlet water
  • Minimum flow automatic switch-off
  • Maximum flow
  • Maximum flow automatic switch-off
  • Change in the running time of the respective filters
  • Time-date setting
  • Display time and date in standby mode

Very high content of molecularly dissolved hydrogen (H2)

The multifunctional water ionizer AquaVolta® ECA Water Tractor can be used both for drinking water treatment and as a functional water generator for producing anolyte and catholyte. This dual function, which is provided by the Kangen water devices from Enagic became known, is made possible by a switchable tank with brine. A very high H2 content is also possible without the salt tank when producing alkaline active water (drinking water).

The revolutionary electrodes with a 5-layer layer of platinum and polymer insulators enable the ECA Tractor, which is exclusively available in Europe at the Aquacentrum, to achieve a yield of dissolved molecular hydrogen that is currently unsurpassed and far eclipses competing devices.

The film shows the measurement of 2,5 ppm dH2 (dissolved hydrogen) mittels H2 Blue Kit® drops (25 drops decolorized in 6 ml cup).

AquaVolta® ECA Water Tractor | Molecular hydrogen test

ECA water: Anolyte applications (pH2 to pH4)

Disinfect dishcloths, cutting boards, knives, pots, pans, refrigerators and other kitchen utensils that come into contact with germs with Anolyt.
Here is the cross section of an electrode 700x magnification.

  • Blemished skin
  • Mouthwash
  • As a deodorant spray
  • Disinfection of surfaces
  • Disinfection of drinking water systems and swimming pools

Disinfect meat, fish, eggs. Bathroom cleaning. Anolyt is environmentally friendly for combating bacteria, viruses and fungi on food. Sterility is usually achieved within 5 minutes. Then refresh the food by soaking it in alkaline activated water for a longer period of time.

ECA water: catholyte applications (pH10 to pH11)


  • skin cleansing
  • Remove greasy streaks. Clean oven.
  • Can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner down the drain
  • bath additive

If you want to use Katholyte as a bath or bath additive, the bathing time must be strictly limited to 10 minutes.

Further helpful information in our online book:

Experiences and application recommendations for Anolyte and Katholyte in industry, agriculture, animal breeding and livestock breeding

Better measurements (ph, redox/ORP, dissolved molecular hydrogen)

We compared the performance of the two ECA devices available on the market on tap water from the Munich municipal utility. The Kangen Leveluk® SD 501 is there AquaVolta® ECA Tractor in all measured parameters (pH value, redox potential, dissolved hydrogen) in drinking water treatment.
The ECA mode of the Kangen Leveluk® SD 501 cannot really be used safely due to the lack of flow display and the unreliable mechanical dosing pump.

The A large comparison of the only two water ionizer models that have an additional ECA function (salt addition) can be found here.

Twelve platinum-coated titanium electrodes

Here is the cross section of an electrode 700x magnification.

  • The innovative polymer ion mesh process creates a significantly more roughened and denser platinum surface than with electroplating, where coating gaps occur.
  • The device has large 7 + 5 titanium electrodes coated with three layers of platinum, distributed over 2 cells.
  • The 7-electrode cell is responsible for producing drinking water - the separate 5-electrode cell produces functional water
  • Electrolysis strength: 4 main levels and 8 levels for alkaline water and acidic water

kangen-enagic-leveluk-sd-water ionizer (4)

Kangen Leveluk®SD 501 Use as a drinking water ionizer with the lowest possible flow (approx. 1,0 liters / min input water) and the highest electrolysis level:


In ECA mode (addition of brine) The Kangen Enagic SD 501 delivers the following test values ​​for Munich tap water:

  • Anolyte: pH 2,4 with a redox potential of + 978 mV (CSE)
  • Catholyte: pH 11.8 and a redox potential of -763 mV (CSE) dissolved hydrogen: 500 ppb (0,5 ppm, measured with H2 Blue Kit ® titration drops)

AquaVolta ECA Water Tractor water ionizer

AquaVolta® ECA Tractor Use as a drinking water ionizer with a flow of 1,5 l/min. (can be reduced to 1,0 L/min!!) and highest electrolysis level:


Auch in ECA mode (including brine addition) The AquaVolta® ECA Tractor delivers outstanding test values ​​for Munich tap water:

  • Anolyte: pH 2,4 with a redox potential of + 1076 mV (CSE)
  • Catholyte: pH 11.8 with a redox potential -808 mV (CSE) dissolved hydrogen: 1900 ppb (1,9 ppm, measured with H2 Blue Kit ® titration drops)

Two separate electrolysis cells & two water outlets

There are two separate filling outlets on the sides.

The swiveling flexible hose for basic hydrogen water, sour water or filtered hydrogen water (HRW). And on the left tiltable outlet tap for the ECA functional water types strong acidic (anolyte) and strong alkaline (catholyte).

Strict separation of the drinking water cell extends its lifespan and prevents anyone from accidentally drinking functional water.

The water from the flexible hose is always filtered. The water mixed with brine, on the other hand, flows past the filters into the separate functional water cell and therefore does not use any filter capacity.

Automatic cleaning system

Before each tapping process, the AquaVolta® ECA Water Tractor cleans itself for around 15 seconds and thus prepares the ionization optimally.

An Descaling is necessary for every water ionizer. The harder the water, the more strongly you ionize it and the slower the water flow, the more often you should descale. We recommend using the ECA tractor with a maximum hardness of °d18.

For professional use, descaling should be carried out weekly. When used at home, everything depends on the hardness of the water descaled for two to six months.

saline container

You can see the level of the salt solution on the viewing window so you know when to refill it.

AquaVolta ECA Water Tractor Multifunctional Water Ionizer Display

LCD display of the ECA water tractor

  1. General operating indicator LED – LED lights up when the device is switched on
  2. “Strong” LED indicator – LED lights when the function is activated
  3. Primary Filter Indicator – Primary Filter Level Indicator
  4. Secondary filter indicator – secondary filter level indicator
  5. Selected function display - Alkaline level 1 - 4 (alkaline drinking water), Acidic level 1 - 2 (acidic water - external), filtered water without pH shift.
  6. Water inlet flow display – the total amount of water per minute

Controls of the ECA water tractor


  • Alkaline water selection button | Button to select alkaline water
  • Sour water selection button | Button to select acidic water
  • Purified water button | Water is only filtered
  • Strongly alkaline water or very acidic water | choose strongly alkaline water / strongly acidic water
  • Voice button | To adjust the volume of the announcements.
  • Mode – button | To the selection menu (programming mode)
AquaVolta ECA plus ON button
AquaVolta ECA plus OFF button

Flow regulator for water quantity regulation

The water is adjusted by turning the water valve ON in standby mode. By pressing the alkaline water selection button, the alkaline water and level number are set by flashing. By pressing the acidic water selection button, the acidic water is displayed by the level number. Pressing FILTERED will display this as text.

When the water supply valve is turned OFF, the water supply will stop and return to standby mode.

AquaVolta® ECA Water Tractor | ECA system and water ionizer | additional functions:

  • Continuous limescale removal: The device cleans the machine internally when you turn it on and you don't even notice it. It thus increases the lifespan of the electrolytic cell.
  • No waiting time for alkaline water. You can always drink alkaline water because it does not require additional purification time.
  • No waste of water. The machine does not waste water because there is no need to clean it additionally.
  • Safety: Automatic on/off after making water. Alarm signal when the water pressure is too low.
  • If it overheats, the water will automatically shut off and an alarm will sound. This deactivates the ionizer.
  • Tune: A voice repeats your selection: alkaline, acidic or purified water. You can adjust the volume (0-10 levels) including mute using the SET button.

Reference videos from customers who use an ECA tractor and are satisfied with it

Aquavolta ECA Tractor and aqua living bluebalance | References & testimonials

Aquavolta Basic, ECA Tractor, Kangen Leveluk SD501, Dion Blue | References & testimonials

28 Reviews for AquaVolta® ECA Water Tractor | Water ionizer including salt addition (ECA system)

  1. Stefan and Michaela -

    Hello dear Mr. Akgün,
    As always, perfect service for our Aquavolta tractor.
    The device for producing alkaline water and anolyte has been running to our absolute satisfaction for years and every little maintenance is handled perfectly on your part.
    The device is so ingeniously designed that we can now carry out minor repairs ourselves with your consultation.
    Thank you for that, we would never want to be without the device again.
    And another advantage: in times of pandemic, we make our disinfectant nasal spray and mouthwash ourselves.
    The anolyte kills 99,9% of all viruses and bacteria and producing it yourself (also a nice gift to friends) saves a lot of money (other companies sell the anolyte for a considerable amount - it was even in RTL - brand e.g. Plasma Liquid from Regeno).
    So, we can wholeheartedly recommend the device.
    Keep it up.
    Kind regards
    Stefan and Michaela

  2. Michaela and Stefan L. -

    Hello dear Mr. Akgün,
    My husband Stefan L. and I wanted to thank you very much for the great service when repairing our “Aqua Volta tractor”. We have never experienced such responsive service and quick repairs. Thank you thank you thank you – we love our water treatment device and constantly recommend it.
    Wish you a good week
    Michaela and Stefan L.

  3. Simon -

    Dear Yasin!
    Merry Christmas!
    We are very satisfied with the ECA Tractor! Everything went great from delivery to installation, also because of the great videos!
    The Age2Go is now in use every day and gives us great joy.
    Thank you very much again.
    We've already spoken to a few people who are interested. Unfortunately, Christmas has kept a lot of people too busy for us to have someone to order, but that's still coming. 🙂
    I would also like to write off the bill this year (2020).
    Ie I now transfer the entire amount from my company account?
    And Irene gets the deposit back?
    Or what is the best way?
    LG Simon and Irene

  4. nadiaschiller -

    hello dear Yasin,
    we received the package yesterday. Everything connected and working. Thank you very much for all the additions, gifts, we are very happy!!!!
    We will do our best to tell people about it. …
    … Best regards from Vienna

  5. Wolfgang -

    Hello dear aqua center team
    I've had some thoughts in my head for a long time that I'm just writing to you now.
    I started getting involved with aquarium fish a long time ago - about 35 years ago - and it soon became clear that I wanted to breed fish.
    I did that too for about 20 years.
    I know this scene and know it is not small.
    Just if you look at what literature is out there you can see the extent of interest.
    And what do they all want? (The perfect water for your fish)
    There are actually a lot of fish from all parts of the world - and many fish need special water to swim ideally.
    I'm thinking about pH and redox potential. Also to Anolyt.
    Osmosis water is common among aquarists, but I haven't heard or read much about ionized water in this scene.
    I also came across Anolyt while trying to breed fish (the first time a long time ago).
    At that time I was breeding Hypancistrus Zebra from the Rio Xingu in the Amazon region
    The small clutches are usually infected with fungus - the eggs have therefore died.
    I was able to stop the fungi by adding anolyte to the breeding tank.
    From then on, by adding anolyte, I was able to breed almost any type of fish that was ready to spawn
    I think about how eagerly I was looking for solutions back then.
    And I clung to every straw.
    Only perfect water makes the fish feel comfortable.
    Many fish only spawn when they swim in optimal water.
    I often think about what would have happened if I had been able to work with an ionizer back then.
    I think you should also think a little more in the direction of aquarists and vivarians and look specifically for customers there too.
    I know that if people have a hobby they are willing to invest in optimizing it.
    You should go into this topic a little bit in the search engine.
    Please note that special waters can be created and mixed by ionizing water.
    When I look at your website I know that it is a small matter for you to set up a chapter in this direction.
    Best regards,

  6. Anke -

    Hello Yasin,
    Unfortunately, customers only ever come forward to complain. So I wanted to get in touch now to say that I am very satisfied with the repair and overhaul of our tractor. Today I had to change a filter and took the opportunity to test all the pH values ​​again. Great, everything as it should be. With Alkaline 4 there are lots of bubbles in the water. The two Acidic 1 and 2 levels are still very high at pH 7,5, but we hardly use them anyway. The Acidic 2 drain water that we use to keep the plate usage even is great for this at 9,8.
    Many greetings from the south and a nice summer to all of you!

  7. avatar photo

    Yasin Akgun -

    Hello Mr. S,
    Thank you for your email and your questions
    So remixing doesn't help much, it's also difficult with the ECA Tractor.
    It's better to mix it at the end
    Use 100 grams of salt/salt tank and it will be very strong
    Normally there should be around 150 grams/30 liters of processed water, but you depend on the salt concentration in the salt tank, as the dosing pump always adds the same amount.
    With the 20 grams/salt tank specified in the instructions, you are still a long way from fully saturating the brine.
    That's why the 100 grams/salt tank, because then you have almost fully saturated salt.
    Yes, I know CDL very well, it's expensive to buy and doesn't last forever.
    I made a very good video myself: still, the HOCl (hypochlorous acid) in the disinfectant ECA water is the most useful thing.
    It has CDL and other disinfectants in it too.
    I hope this helps you.
    All the best, Yasin Akgün

  8. Alois S. -

    I got the water ionizer and have already tried it out.
    Everything is working well so far.
    I've also drunk some alkaline water.
    I now have another question.
    To disinfect the active water, only the acidic anolyte is sufficient
    or is it better to mix back with the catholyte to neutral anolyte.
    At Envirolyte we always talk about neutral Anolyt.
    What dosage would you recommend? (Envirolyte says up to 3%)
    Because you keep hearing it from CDL lately,
    what is the difference between CDL and Anolyt.
    Anolyt is said to be just as disinfectant and can also be used against many diseases.
    Maybe you could give me some information about that.
    mfg, Alois S.

  9. Hanspeter -

    Dear Yasin
    I've now made another attempt:
    If I add 3g/Lt of salt to the input liquid, around 300 ppm of chlorine actually comes out, which is consistent.
    The fact that the device does this without any error messages shows that it has a higher quality in this class.
    The normal ionizers without an ECA function would, as I was told before contacting you after asking Aquion (I've had two '3000's for a few years), switch off immediately because too much current would flow.
    Question: Can I operate the device like this until we find another solution?
    Kind regards to Munich

  10. Anya G -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    I have since my last email on March 25.03th. haven't received an answer yet. After testing the Water Tractor for over 3 weeks, I am very satisfied. But I would like to exchange the device for a new device like the one they offered. I have to complain about the new replacement filter 1. This was not included in the shipment, but is included on the invoice mentioned below.
    What about returning or exchanging it for a new device and paying the remaining balance?
    With kind regards,
    Anya G

  11. Tobias S -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    Wow thank you very much!
    I tested the Touch and it actually doesn't quite come close to the ECA in terms of performance. So I sent it back today and will keep the ECA and hope that the effects will appear at some point.
    We just need to get a deal with the (expensive) ECA filters…
    I will test the effervescent tablets, thank you very much.
    It's more for on the go, right? Alkaline activated water is still number 1, right?
    With kind regards,
    Tobias S

  12. Hans Joachim E. -

    Good morning Mr. Akgün,
    Of course, you can use all of the success stories I have shared about drinking active water for editorial purposes.
    As I already wrote to you, as a type 2 diabetic I save more than 50% of the insulin I already need. In numbers: From a norm of around 55 units daily, to now 20 to 25 such units.
    But that is not all:
    After a severe attack of back pain, I now feel a fundamental improvement in everything.
    My bowel activity has noticeably improved. This is despite the fact that there was a family history of this for decades.
    I only take blood pressure medication sporadically when a measurement makes it necessary.
    At the moment I'm still working on chronic skin problems with the acidic water, which no dermatologist has been able to get under control for many years and which is now having a clearly visible effect after just a few days of use.
    So much for today.
    With greetings, yours, Hans-Joachim E.

  13. Andrew F. -

    Good morning Mr. Akgün.
    The device has arrived and is already being used diligently.
    I'm so happy to finally be able to drink good water again. The bloated stomach (or intestines) disappeared on the first day. I somehow notice something happening in my whole body. And I'm finally drinking enough again. I wasn't able to drink that much tap water. It always blocked somehow and was difficult to swallow.
    Now I have one or two more questions.
    1. I still have a lot of bottles of electrolysis fluid from the Kangen device. Can I also use these for the tractor?
    I wish you a nice day!
    Best Regards
    Andrew F.

  14. Richard H -

    Hello Mr. Akgün, you are working late again
    Yes, otherwise everything is fine. I wanted to order the hydrogen test set soon, let's see, I might do it with the first filter order...
    I also tried the small booster, I often make water at alkaline level 2 from the tractor and then run it through the booster again... No problem with hydrogen water, fasting until midday is a noticeable difference

  15. Peter Hoeck -

    Hello dear Mr. Akgün,

    They emailed me some links; Thank you very much for this! Mr. Asenbaum has a very pleasant way of conveying facts and I think it's great how you and Mr. Asenbaum are committed to this important topic. For me – and therefore also for my patients – completely new treatment approaches (deacidification = metabolism) have emerged.

    I sent you an email with some questions; Maybe it'll be easier if we talk over the phone... I'll try to reach you by phone.

    Every patient gets water from the hydrogen booster and everyone is thrilled. The amount of water served has roughly doubled! What surprises me is that no one has asked so far; How can I make this delicious water at home? I talk about my experiment with the withered spinach leaves, which after 1 hour in hydrogen water were “like freshly harvested” again and that this regenerative process also takes place in the cells of the body. The spark should fly straight away; Unfortunately he doesn't...

    In any case, my wife and I are very impressed with both the ionizer and the booster and don't want to be without these devices anymore!

    AND: I will always have to draw on your great experience; I'm still at the very beginning...

    What I still don't understand are the different electrical charges or states of hydrogen. Hydrogen as such is described as acidic. As far as I know, an acidic cell has too much hydrogen. I also don't understand H+ and H- and other compounds and their effects on the body; Can you help me there?

    Your special print “Electrically Activated Water” is very extensive and lovingly designed. However, the variety of topics is very large and will certainly overwhelm the “average patient/person”. I would be happy to pass on this special print to my patients, as well as your business card. In order for the “spark of the importance” of alkaline water to be ignited, in my opinion a much more concise brochure is needed. Do you know the information from ESO vita “Stop acidosis”? If not, I would be happy to send it to you. Here, on 13 pages, it is clearly explained how important the deacidification of the cells is and why you should take alkaline water (in this case, alkaline concentrate = highly alkaline water).

    I wish you a nice weekend and send my warmest regards;

    Yours, Peter Hoeck

    Peter Hoeck

    Steinweg 11
    55606 Kirn
    Telephone 06752/5775

  16. Anatoly G. -

    No descaling has been carried out yet, but I will make a note of it, I just came home, I was on holiday in Moscow, and I allowed myself to go to the ⚽ football games with my son
    We are all completely satisfied with the system, it is exactly what you need.
    Thank you very much again Mr. Akgün…

  17. Maria H. -

    Dear Mr. Akgün!
    ... The water is very good for me and my husband during pregnancy!
    Many thanks,
    Maria H.

  18. J. Hamburger -

    Dear Mr. Akgün,
    I have now tested the ECA function on our tractor and measured the ppm, redox value and pH values. Please check it out and tell me what you think, thanks in advance.!
    Strong Aciic: pH 3,05
    Strong alkaline: pH value 11,45 -600mV
    Catholyte neutral: pH value 8,3 -330mV
    Anolyte neutral: pH value 7,5 -320mV
    Alkaline: pH 9,3 -510mV 260 ppM
    Filter water only: pH 7,2 380mV 275 ppM
    Tap water: pH 7,2 380mV 265 ppM
    … Thanks for the info!

  19. Alexander W -

    So the ECA makes 1,4 ppm at 1,6 liters per minute.
    It also creates higher pH values ​​than Dion. The Dion only makes 0,9 ppm at 1 liter per minute. Maybe the new water cell isn't working properly?! I don't know it. I am definitely very satisfied with the ECA.
    With kind regards,
    Alexander W

  20. Anne S -

    Hello Mr. Akgün

    Thank you very much for all the information – personally by phone and then by email – you are a real cornucopia of information…
    ...have a wonderful weekend and see you soon,

  21. avatar photo

    Yasin Akgun -

    Yes, of course, every ionizer can be connected to almost every tap, unless you somehow have a special tap and not a more standard tap, there are the right special adapters:

  22. Marcel W -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    Sorry, I neglected to answer your first email.
    Thank you for the information and personal experiences.
    I am very excited about your product as it is my first water ionizer and I have also received very positive feedback from friends.
    I still have one question: Can the device be easily connected to the tap using a connection?
    Best regards
    Marcel W

  23. Robert Thalhofer -

    Good evening
    Machine runs great. Water is awesome!!!
    How many liters do the filters make and how much does it cost?
    Matte is also a sensation. What are the prices for it?
    Testimonials follow!
    PS: THANK YOU for the excellent advice on Saturday!!!
    Best Regards
    Robert Thalhofer

  24. Barbara H. (Verified owner) -

    Dear Mr. Akgün,
    I received the ionizer and am already using it. We find the water quality to be very good!…
    …Greetings from Salzburg
    Barbara H.

  25. Manfred N (Verified owner) -

    Good afternoon Mr. Akgün
    Back from vacation I installed the ECA Water Tractor to try out the different waters. Thanks to your good advice, it wasn't that difficult anymore.
    Everything seems to be working, and I hope that, among other things, my wife's symptoms could be alleviated somewhat...
    …Write to me how much I still have to transfer to you.
    I wish you a good summer and best wishes from Switzerland
    Manfred N

  26. The Lukas family from Overath -

    Hello Mr. Akgün and a healthy New Year!!!
    ...We love alkaline water and are delving more and more into the topic, including when it comes to agricultural use. Our calves are given water when they have diarrhea and they get better surprisingly quicker than before. We also use the acidic water for skin problems. At some point we will write to you in more detail about how well the device is serving us.
    Thank you very much for the quick processing!! We don't want to be without the tractor anymore!!!
    Kind regards to Munich
    The Lukas family from Overath

  27. DennisL. -

    Yes, I found connecting it to the tap to be pretty simple.
    Except for the “normal” acidic range, everything seems to be fine. In the slightly acidic range, the device does not seem to achieve the desired values.
    However, that doesn't bother me because apart from basic water, I'm only interested in strongly acidic/basic water. I wouldn't know what to do with the slightly acidic one.
    Perhaps the deviations are also due to the “cheap” PH measuring stick (CHF 90.-), although the remaining measurements seem quite plausible to me.

    I got the following values ​​(calibrated to PH 02 and 7 with Voltcraft PH measuring stick PHT-4 ATC)
    Tap water: 7.6 (at 15-18dH / 470mSiemens)
    at 1.5/1.6l/m

    filtered: 7.65

    Alkaline1: 8.9
    A2: 9.65
    A3: 10.15
    A4: 10.7

    Acidic 1: 6.55
    A2: 6.2

    StrongAcidic: 2.95 (at 1.1l/m even 2.45)
    StrongAlkaline: 11.55 (11.75)

  28. John B. -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    Now I'm in a dilemma! All pH values ​​are now perfect! But now I have my wives (wife and daughters) breathing down my neck because when I use the brine water there is a strong smell of chemicals in the kitchen, despite the airing! I really don't know what to do now!?
    Kind regards, Jean

  29. John B. -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    The device arrived quickly again and was tested straight away! The alkaline water has pH 1 at level 1.8 and a maximum flow of 10 liters/M, and pH 4 at level 11.5! Of course pH 10 is too much to drink, you can also make an internal change here! In stage 2 the acidic water gives pH 1.1 at a flow of approx. 5 liters/M which is OK! I haven't tried brine tank yet!
    Hope the Luxembourg water isn't a problem?

    The Evulution is shipping via Germany with DHL today!
    Yours sincerely,
    John B.

  30. MY -

    Performance vs. design
    Many weeks of water testing are now behind us and I think it's time to share our experiences.
    After we got to know the positive properties of alkaline and acidic water and compared all pot devices with test reports, we came across Mr. Akgün and his team. We immediately liked the idea of ​​the two-week non-binding test and sought advice based on our needs.
    Since we learned to appreciate the functional water from Kangen and had very good experiences with facial cleansing, especially in the antibacterial area, the “Traktor” was recommended to us. However, “Woman” still wanted an inconspicuous, visually attractive installation, so the Revelation II was also recommended to us. There probably wasn’t a jack of all trades after all….
    The decision fell on design and our Lydia (Revelation II) arrived with us within a very short time.
    The water is incredibly tasty and is wonderful to drink. I then cleaned my face with 11PH and then sprayed it with what came out of the small tap (the most acidic water that the Revelation has to offer). That worked, but antibacterial treatment was missing.
    We noticed that after a few days our drinking bottles got a milky coating, which we then got rid of a little with the acidic water.
    Ultimately, we wanted to at least test the all-rounder (tractor) because we somehow missed the properties below 3Ph and above 11Ph.
    After using it for a few days now, I have to say that I don't want to be without it anymore. It probably won't win any designer awards visually (at least not from me), but it just can. With the super acidic less than 3 Ph water we can now get the bottles completely shiny again without any further action. Just leave it there! You don't have to throw away the water because it can still provide various services afterwards. However, I would be careful with plastic bottles! I had a slight smell of chlorine for a day, but that has now disappeared.
    The super alkaline water over 11Ph (unfortunately I don't know exactly how much because I can't determine the colors perfectly) has full power. When it flows it feels completely different... somehow soapy. And even though you shouldn't do it, I put the tomatoes in for a few minutes and the water immediately turned neon yellow. The taste is incredibly good. Imagination? ...Perhaps I should research more closely what exactly is happening and how much of the “good” actually disappears from the tomato, because I simply cannot imagine that it will no longer contain any nutrients and I do believe that some of the “bad” things will disappear with it the fruit can be removed.
    We also happened to have to clean a fairly crusty spot of around 0,5m² and were able to do this with the 11 water without any effort. Normal wiping on tiles and parquet also worked great. And here too I used what came out of the drain hose to clean bottles.
    So performance ultimately won.

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Installation Videos | Comparable water ionizer AquaVolta® Cavendish 9 from the same manufacturer

Installing water ionizer on the faucet

One-time adjustment of the flow to the water to be ionized

Install water ionizer firmly on the cold water pipe

Install John Guest T-piece firmly onto the cold water pipe

Overview and specifications of the AquaVolta® ECA plus

  • Data displayed: Ionization, current flow, filter life indicator for filters 1 and 2, pH value and running time
  • Amount of ionized water: 2.5L-3L/min (alkaline + acidic water)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 376 x 185 x 435 mm
  • The water flow can be reduced with the included inlet valve
  • Strongly alkaline water or strongly acidic water: 0.6~1.5L/min
  • Overheating protection: built-in fuse

Downloads | Instructions AquaVolta® ECA plus Water Tractor

FAQ's | Questions and answers about the ECA Water Tractor | Water ionizer for producing hydrogen-rich, basic water, and also ECA water (anolyte and catolyte)

> Product-related questions and answers (water filters, water ionizers, glass bottles)


Thanks for the reply.

We have hardness level 21. Do I now have to descale the device every 3 weeks? Our neighbor has the Kangen device and I think he said he has to do it once a year. Or was that service? Does the ECA Plus also have to be sent in for service once a year, like the Kangen Enagic Leveluk water ionizers?

Reply from Yasin Akgün on October 12th. 2016:

Hello Mr. R.,

You will notice the time for descaling because the water that comes out of the top will eventually become thinner from the jet and less from the flow volume per unit of time.

What comes out of the wastewater hose becomes more and more, so to speak, beats the water that came out at the top in terms of volume flow.

Depending on the slowness of the inflowing water and the ionization level set, you should descale every 3-12 weeks; if your hardness is 21 dH, it is better to descale every 3-6 weeks. It's not difficult:

Your neighbor is probably running a very high flow and not the strongest setting, and probably doesn't even notice if it has calcification because water always comes out with few bubbles.

He doesn't work to extremes because he doesn't know how to work to extremes.

The Kangen Enagic Leveluk water ionizers do not have a flow meter and no person has explained the flow issue to him.

The slower the flow, the stronger the results, the faster the scale build-up in the water ionizer outlet

Hope this helps you

Kind regards from Munich

Yours, Yasin Akgün

Link to the post

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Experience report about functional water from the ECA Plus multifunctional water purifier

Hello Mr Akgün,
Now I'm in a dilemma! All pH values ​​are now perfect! But now I have my wives (wife and daughters) breathing down my neck because when I use the brine water there is a strong smell of chemicals in the kitchen, despite the airing! I really don't know what to do now!?

Best regards, Jeans

Hello Mr. B.,

That's hypochlorite what you smell. This is the main disinfectant, which is created by adding salt and subsequent ionization. More on that in this one Document on hypochlorite as a disinfectant.

They always produce the saline water in 2 liter quantities or bottled in 1 liter bottles. That's enough for several weeks.

So produce in bursts, not a little bit every day.

You mainly need the anolyte, i.e. the highly disinfecting water with pH 2,2, and this can be stored for several weeks without any problems, even if air gets into the bottle because you keep opening it and using it.

Get a spray bottle to apply to your skin or use as a deodorant or something similar.

Hope this solves the dilemma

All the best

Yours, Yasin Akgün

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Descaling | Water ionizer maintenance

Descaling a water ionizer with a flow dial

If you own one of the water ionizers listed below, be sure to watch this video.
In short: Make sure that the pump can pump the citric acid solution into the filter. The rotary control should therefore always be set to OFF, i.e. in the off position. The following water ionizers have a flow control dial and are descaled analogously:

Descaling ionizer with flow regulator | Nexus X Blue > The predecessor of the AquaVolta® Moses 7

This video shows the individual descaling steps that must be observed, especially for water ionizers with flow regulators.

According to the latest experience, you can only descale in one pass, you don't have to turn the ionizer on and off between descaling.

The duration can also be extended up to 4 hours depending on the level of use and calcification. If there is severe calcification, please replace the citric acid solution after an hour.

Descaling does not harm the water ionizer in any way. It's exactly the opposite, descaling is good for any water ionizer as long as you use citric acid and not acetic acid.

Link to FAQ post

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Descaling instructions AquaVolta® ECA Water Tractor | Water ionizer including salt addition (ECA function)

Video: Descaling ECA Plus Water Tractor water ionizer

Descaling instructions ECA Plus Water Tractor

Make sure that the pump can pump the citric acid solution into the filter.

The rotary control should therefore always be set to OFF, i.e. in the OFF position, unless you do an intermediate rinse for 3-5 seconds during descaling if your device has been descaled too much and air bubbles form in the water ionizer during descaling.

These water ionizers have a flow regulator and are descaled in the same way: