AquaVolta® H2 Rocket HIM Multi Stage | Water filtering + pH increase + H2 gas enrichment

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Among other things, the following is included free of charge with this H2 sparkling table water system for producing clean, (opt. slightly) alkaline H2 water:

AquaVolta® H2 Rocket HIM (Hydrogen Infusion Machine) | Increase pH value & enrichment with H2 gas

After decades of experience and intensive development work Yasin Akgun, Graduate engineer from TUM, Und Karl Heinz Asenbaum, a leading author and thinker in the industry, found a new and affordable solution for electric-powered water ionizers.

With their new innovation they have surprising results in the field of dissolved molecular hydrogen (H2 gas), the pH value and above all the taste.

Following is the new one Instructions for the almost identical H2 Rocket Two Stage.pdf

H2 Rocket & Rocket Two Stage | H2-containing & alkaline water

H2 Rocket: water filter, pH value increase, H2 infusion without electricity

Previous version with tank!: Hydrogen (H2) filling of H2 Rocket & H2 Osminion with H2 booster or H2 inhaler

  • Thanks to this novel combination and other hidden innovations, hydrogen contents above 3 ppm (3000 ppb) and up to 5 ppm can be achieved. This dissolved amount of H2 gas is currently only through the portable Aquavolta® H2 Turbo achieved after just 5 minutes and only for 250 ml of water, and that is by far the best H2 generator!
  • Can be combined with one Stainless steel 1-way compact tap or one 3-way tap Hydroselect.
  • Can be placed vertically or horizontally, stood up and hung up. Dimensions L x W x H: 28cmx16cmx42cm
  • Minimalist design, because a good water filter does not have to have up to 7 cartridges like typical reverse osmosis systems.
  • Nevertheless, for those who are overly cautious: You can end up using any kind of additional filter cartridges as a supplement. Suspension holes on the stainless steel housing are for our retaining clips two Minerade® filter cartridges and also the Aquaphor® filter heads intended. We think the 3 functional special filters already installed are more than enough
  • Stainless steel pressure gauge for monitoring the pressure in the H2 Rocket. An integrated pressure reducer automatically reduces the tap water pressure to 4,5 bar
  • Easy filter change thanks to the proven Quickfitting quick connectors with the included open-end wrench tool. Please shut off the water supply before changing the filter and reduce the pressure via the tap.
  • Simple filter rinsing after changing the filter via the tap: After changing the filter, let the rinse water run through the tap for 2-3 minutes.
  • After 12 hours of standing, a slight aftertaste of magnesium appears in the water in the first 4 weeks, which is reminiscent of spring water; the pH value can even be above pH9,5, especially if the system is new. When new water enters the system when tapped, the pH value drops to the typical pH 9 to pH 9,5
  • Also possible to obtain neutral H2-containing water with a high hydrogen content. To do this, you would replace the Minerade® H2-Shuttle pH+ filter cartridge with another one Minerade® Inline Carbon Filter & H2 Gassing Cartridge substitute. Let us know your preference before or after ordering.

H2 Rocket V5 | Make hydrogen water yourself without electricity

Table-top installation with diverter valve & tap

Aquavolta® H2 Rocket - basic H2 water - version without tap

H2 Rocket HIM under table | Current version 7 with 3 integrated filters and external H2 gas filling through an H2 inhaler

Aquavolta H2 Rocket 3.1 - table water system for alkaline H2 water 600

H2 Rocket | Tabletop with a compensator tap & undertable, Mounting on the faucet or fixed by T-piece

Variable mounting options: 1. Top table with compensator tap, 2. Under table with one-way tap or 3. Under table with three-way tap

Aquavolta® H2 Rocket installed under the table with a one-way tap

H2 Rocket HIM | basic H2 water | Under-table installation with fixed connection and One-way tap, placed

Aquavolta H2 Rocket 2 - final version under the coil

H2 Rocket | Under-table installation with Three-way cock for hot, cold & basic H2 water

Select the appropriate faucet in the selection window when ordering

Please select the version of the faucet that best fits your kitchen in the short description in the selection window above. You can find numerous other 3-way taps here on our supplier's website. When you order, tell us your desired faucet.


3-way tap Cucina satin nickel with pull-out spray

3-way tap with a pull-out shower: CUCINA IDEALE, satin nickel / stainless steel look, Made in Italy, surcharge: €700

or 500 € for a return with the operating lever on the left as in the picture. When ordering, state that you want this.

Stainless steel single-lever mixer including Minerade pH2 tabs

Version 1 made of stainless steel: Incl. quick-fitting connector to attach 1/4” hoses in a pressure-tight manner, €2370

Aquavolta Mini Inhaler 120 ml per minute for H2 gas production 1200

The package includes: H2 Mobile | 120 ml per minute H2 gas inhalerIf desired, the H2 Cavallo can also be ordered for an additional charge of €1000

for filling the H2 Rocket reactor tank & for daily use as an H2 inhaler

The 3 special filters that not only filter the tap water in the H2 Rocket Multi Stage, but also enrich it with H2 gas using special activated carbon:

Minerade® H2 Shuttle pH+ filter including multifunctional filter ceramics including filter media 600

Minerade® Carbon Shuttle pH+ | Filtering, pH value increase & slight H2 gas enrichment | 1 installed, 1 included as a reserve, changed every 6-9 months

Inline activated carbon granulate filter including multifunctional filter ceramics

Minerade® Carbon Inline Filter | Filtering H2 gas enrichment | 2 pieces installed in the H2 Rocket, changed every 12-18 months

42 Reviews for AquaVolta® H2 Rocket HIM Multi Stage | Water filtering + pH increase + H2 gas enrichment

  1. Gisela M -

    Hello Mr. Walter,
    ... By the way, we are really excited about the Rocket and the taste of the water and have already recommended it to others. Can you actually use hydrogen water for the coffee machine or does it harm the machine?
    With kind regards,
    Gisela M

  2. Christian K -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    The Rocket works great and the instructions for filling it with the H2 gas were clear, thank you for that.
    I will also keep the Magnetic, I have just transferred the amount.
    Wish you a happy New Year and all the best for the coming year!
    Christian K

  3. Uli -

    Hello Yasin!
    Thanks for the videos. Are very interesting.
    I arrived safely in Croatia and the Rocket runs great from the start.
    Top thing! Thank you for making such a great thing! I'm very excited. So simple but so good.
    Liebe Grüsse,

  4. Hermann -

    Hello Yasin,
    The new Rocket system works great, I'm very happy. Thank you again and kind regards.

  5. Rolf -

    Hello Yasin,
    I wanted to get in touch again for a long time. Now I watched your session with Marco and took it as an opportunity to write again.
    I thought your session was AMAZING! You conveyed it very well and captured exactly my language
    I'm super happy with the Rocket and the Age2 Go. Now the first 6 months are over and I have to change the filters. I'm curious to see how it turns out. I'll make a video about it too. What would be good for you to put in there? Can then use this directly as advertising for you.
    At the end of July or beginning of August I wanted to visit my business partner in MUC. If you feel like it, we could record a podcast together, shoot a video at the aquatic center and of course have a few beers.
    I'm looking forward to hearing from you again.
    Kind regards from Switzerland

  6. Ralph S. -

    I am significantly more awake and active in the morning. My colleagues talk about the fountain of youth… My sister says I look younger. Whatever… I just feel really good. Whether it's the water or the tablets... Of course I can't say for sure. That would be dubious

  7. avatar photo

    Yasin Akgun -

    Hello Ms. B.,
    Thank you for your nice words. …
    ... However, bathing doesn't make much sense because the amount of bath water is a lot in comparison.
    And the Rocket achieves the highest values ​​if you take a two-minute break every 2 liters between tapping off large quantities and then continue bottling. It works with pressure, and in the flow of several liters the new water was not under pressure with the H2 gas...
    But what you can do is pickle fruit and vegetables and also hands and feet. Refreshed and I also heard that a case of gout on the hands brought incredible results with 4 weeks of soaking... Just try everything...
    Here from page 80 onwards we talk about the topic of pickling fruit and vegetables:
    Yes, the taste is awesome. We have all become fans of the Rocket.
    But you can throw around 20 Hydronade® magnesium effervescent tablets into the bath water one after the other, that would work:
    Bye for now
    I look forward to your further experiences
    All the best
    Yours, Yasin Akgün

  8. Claudia B. -

    Good evening... I just have to write to you... I'm currently enjoying my new water (I used a temporary water flow regulator on the hose...)... it's delicious!!!
    I also took a bath in the water once... of course I forgot to close the shut-off lever on the T-piece when I turned on the main tap to test the fitting...
    No matter…the taste – the freshness…everything makes up for it!
    Thank you and best regards!
    Claudia B.

    I would like to expand my review to say that you are always available promptly and patiently for questions and help.
    And that your written instructions, supported by clear pictures, are optimally designed for easy installation... the challenge lies solely in the user's patience to read carefully and to implement step-by-step what was done in advance of the rocket fuel -Water can fade into the background... :-))
    Now have a nice weekend too
    PS: what does your shower experiment do?

  9. avatar photo

    Yasin Akgun -

    Hello dear Kerstin,
    Thank you for your kind words and your questions, which I would be happy to answer here.
    1. Divert to the rocket using the changeover valve lever
    2. Cold water on the tap
    3. Take H2 water from the compensator tap on the front of the rocket
    4. After removing it, fill the Rocket from the changeover valve for approx. 10 - 15 seconds; you will hear when it is filled
    5. Then turn off the cold water at the tap
    6. Return diverter valve lever to normal position
    Because of the H2 content, it needs a few more days before it will create over 30 drops.
    You would change the H6 Shuttle pH+ filter and 9 stones about every 2-2 months, and the 12st activated carbon filter every 1 months. It will cost you around 120-150 euros per year.
    The milky appearance is due to the currently rather strongly alkaline water and will have subsided in 1.2 weeks. The taste is also neutralized.
    I hope this helps you further
    Bye for now

  10. Kerstin -

    Dear Yasin,

    Yesterday my Rocket arrived and I'm in love. I now have a few more questions:

    Hello dear Yasin
    My Rocket and the Nano arrived today, I'm thrilled.
    I connected the Rocket directly to the faucet in the kitchen using the simplest connection method.
    *) If I do the tap correctly, do I have to open the tap, then let it run until the pressure increases in the Rocket, then take the water out of the Rocket and then close the tap on the sink again or does it stay open?
    Hope you understand what I mean by the question.
    Yesterday I did the test 3 times with the blue reagent...the first time the water stopped turning blue after 4 drops...then Rocket stopped a bit and I tried stopped after the first drop, then water started running Let it pour out and tried again, then it was 7 drops until it no longer turned white
    *) you can say approximately by when 3000 liters will be used because of changing the filters, I can't estimate that at all
    *) This morning there was a milky heel at the bottom of a glass that I filled yesterday.
    Thanks for your answers!
    Kind regards

  11. Klaus-Dieter -

    I named him Yasin-Rocket ;-)

  12. avatar photo

    Yasin Akgun -

    Hi Steffen,
    best the new instructions:
    everything is already pre-assembled

  13. Steffen Z. -

    Via WhatsApp:
    Hi Yasin, your piece of jewelry arrived and my parents are overjoyed!
    I have one question about installation: what do I have to do with the Minerade tablet? Does this have to go in the transparent container?
    Steffen Z.

  14. Klaus S. -

    Dear Mr. Yasin
    Thank you very much for your friendly advice. I am convinced that I have made a very good investment in my health.
    I already journal in various areas of my life. What I received from you already convinces me of its “simplicity”. The operation and maintenance seem good to me as a technician (mechanical engineering degree, Munich University of Applied Sciences).
    When I put the AquaVolt into operation yesterday, I was thrilled that everything was COMPLETELY available for installation. Many thanks also for the many ADDITIONS. I really appreciate this. You already get my FULL RECOGNITION, as well as gratitude. I would share my assessment/results/results (CONSTRUCTIVE) in due course if desired.
    One of my favorite quotes, which is how I evaluate WORK, among other things, is from the New Testament:
    “Whoever is faithful in a little is faithful also in many things, and whoever is unjust in the least is unjust also in many things. Luke 16:10 (ESV85).” When I started my own business in Great Britain (ventilation construction - Let your House breathe), I trained myself to judge carefully (not to judge). At this point I have a very positive EXPECTATION.
    I look forward to staying in touch with you.
    Kind regards, yours Klaus S.

  15. avatar photo

    Yasin Akgun -

    Hi Jessica,
    Thank you very much for your words. …
    New instructions are now perfect:
    You would change the stones every 6 months, the H2 Shuttle pH+ filter every 6-9 months when the pH is no longer alkaline, and the 1st filter every 9-12 months.
    Because of fruit, vegetables and eggs etc., of course, it always makes sense, especially with the water from the H2 rocket, because it really has very high H2 values.
    You can find something about it here in the book on page 85:
    Happy to ask anything
    All the best

  16. Jessica -

    Dear Yasin,
    The H2 Rocket with the three-way tap is now installed in my kitchen and I can tell you one thing: I am absolutely THRILLED! 🙂 The water tastes delicious! Personally, the water from the H2 Rocket actually tastes better to me than from an electric ionizer, as I have learned from my friends. I would describe the taste as rounder, less metallic. It's really hard to describe.
    What do I have to pay attention to when maintaining the device? Are there instructions for this? I think you don't have to descale the device, just change the filters after 6 months?
    Would you recommend that I put fruits, vegetables and eggs in the H2 water before I process it further?
    Best regards from Vienna

  17. Kerstin -

    Hello Yasin!
    Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for all the information, you're great!
    Then of course I also take the small Nano H2 generator!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Then I have the opportunity to drink hydrogen water when I'm traveling and have to stay overnight!
    Ahhh I'm really looking forward to the Rocket, unbelievable 😀
    Kind regards to you from Hamburg
    Since I always spend the night somewhere for work, I would at least have the option

  18. Anke -

    Hello Yasin,
    After extensive testing, we are very satisfied with the Rocket. We installed it under the table and are very impressed with the pressure with which the water comes out of the separate tap. We generally have very low pressure on our water pipe and on the tractor it always took forever until a glass was full. With the Rocket it works very quickly. The water tastes great and the measurements are great.
    Conclusion: we would like to keep the Rocket and exchange it for the tractor. What should be done now? I will pack the tractor and send it, including all unused connecting parts that were included in the Rocket delivery, to your address in Munich. …

  19. avatar photo

    Yasin Akgun -

    Hello Mr. S.,
    Thank you for your nice words, …
    … Yes, I also have to say, the water is a very special creation. I think you will also feel how it makes you fit or awake.
    Because of your question:
    We've done away with the venting to make things even easier, as you've noticed.
    In about 6 months, when you change the Minerade® tabs, you will do this manually by first opening the Rocket and pouring 1 liter of water, but as it stands, everything is OK.
    Instructions, via video and as a PDF, will be ready tomorrow and uploaded here.
    You would close the blue valve, then reduce the pressure until the gases are out, then you have vented the air.
    The heavier disruptive gases, which don't bother the H2 Rocket that much, are then transported out.
    But either way, the eGases will be transported out with the water in the first 4-8 weeks.
    Therefore, just keep using it, everything is ready.
    Hope this helps you, feel free to call at any time: +4989416117997
    Have a nice Sunday
    Yours, Yasin Akgün

  20. Dipl. Ing. Jürgen S. -

    Hello dear Akgün,
    I just connected the H2 Rocket and flushed it.
    It was very simple, I thought it was more complicated.
    I'm using the original faucet for now.
    The water really tastes amazing!
    You have convinced us!
    The best tasting water I've ever drunk.
    Like spring water!!! I can only recommend it !
    Tomorrow I have to bleed the device.
    The description I downloaded doesn't quite fit.
    There is no red shut-off valve. I think I'll still get it too.
    I still have questions and there are a few things on the device.
    The best thing I can do is send you pictures so that it can be explained best.
    Thank you
    Dipl. Ing. Jürgen S.
    Civil engineer, alternative practitioner

  21. Jessica G -

    Dear Mr. Akgün,
    Thank you very much for your offer. I have transferred the amount to you directly and am sending you the payment confirmation attached.
    I'm really looking forward to the H2 Rocket and I'm excited about the taste of the water. 🙂 I am grateful that you took so much time to talk to me on the phone last week and answer my questions. I'm really looking forward to experimenting with H2 myself for the first time in my life.
    All the best
    Jessica G

  22. Ursula and Clement -

    Dear Mr. Akgün,
    Her Rocket Baby arrived today at 10:15.
    Osmosis system removed, connection hoses replaced and checked.
    Started with a few liters and it tasted great.
    PH value measured = 10-10,5 perfect!
    I like it excellently, the osmose never had the pizzazz for me.
    I'll measure the H2 content tomorrow.
    I'm excited!!!
    Kind regards from Miele City to Munich
    Ursula and Clement

  23. avatar photo

    Yasin Akgun -

    Hello dear Doris, hello dear Rolf,
    Thank you for your review and also the criticism that you also communicated to me verbally. As discussed, I sent you a new Minerade H2 Shuttle pH+ filter, and you disconnected the softener, which was probably the culprit, and we will now see what values ​​will be achieved with the new configuration. You are one of the only 3 customers so far who are not completely satisfied, the other 150+ customers are now very, very, very happy. We can do it for you too, don't worry. I keep my fingers crossed for you, thank you very much for your indulgence, your Yasin

  24. avatar photo

    Yasin Akgun -

    Hi Agnes,...
    … About the water: I have put your words online if I may.
    The fact that the glasses turn a little white goes away after about 2-4 weeks and is negligible compared to the electric ionizers, see the video above about the disadvantages of the electric ionizers:
    A softener installed in front of or in the H2-Rocket would help:
    I would recommend waiting because it is only noticeable at the beginning, when the H2 Rocket has a pH of around 10
    I hope this helps
    Looking forward to more questions
    Thank you

  25. Agnes -

    Hello Yasin,...
    ... Our new water keeps us busy here: the first night the 5 year old was awake at half past 12! He can't even do that on New Year's Eve.
    The next day we cleaned things up one by one. We like to drink much more and much more than usual. I find it opening up, my mouth is watering, my chest is somehow expanding. At night I feel something in the diaphragm area - it's not my stomach. Something is happening there too.
    The glasses are all white.
    I will report further.

  26. rolfdoris -

    Hello from East Westphalia.
    We use the Rocket H2 2.0.
    The delivery was perfect.
    The over-table setup was a bit unclear at first, but was then able to be carried out successfully.
    After about 2 weeks the system was running “smoothly” with the expected and promised values.
    A measurement 2 weeks ago still shows top values ​​(PH9.5 and H2 approx. 6 drops in the test)
    Today, after normal use, no measurable H2 value and PH at around 7 instead of 9,5.
    So basically normal tap water.
    Nothing has changed in the system or in the tapping habits.
    The Nano also shows hardly any measurable H2 content.
    Did our hard water “ruin everything” despite the upstream limescale filter from the aquatic center?
    Do the tabs and filters need to be replaced yet?
    We are looking forward to receiving feedback.

  27. Agnes -

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Yasin! I am overwhelmed. Mother Nature and her creation is so happy and grateful to have you and to be able to support her fellow creatures. You are so valuable.
    I wish you blessings in all your ways!

  28. Karin F. -

    Dear Mr. Akgün,
    Thank you very much for your quick reply.
    You can't imagine how relieved I am to find out that the Rocket doesn't need to be descaled!!!
    It is an important criterion, especially in old age, to reduce the handling of a device to a minimum... you really have a great product on the market!
    That's why I'm going to promote Aqua Zentrum, because now I'm really excited... thank you!
    I also find it extremely courteous and helpful that you offered to change the first Minerade stone with me... thank you!!!
    I'll keep you updated with my recovery, because at least I have something to work on ;-) namely:
    – Bone loss in the jaw area… teeth wobble
    – Lactose-fructose-histamine intolerance
    - Cancer
    – Pain in the joints
    - Headache
    - Sleep disorders
    – Skin problems
    – Nerve overstimulation
    We'll see how everything develops, because all my measures to take care of my health are stagnating at the moment... that's why my hope lies in your water ionizer. I've watched a number of videos and am already convinced that I'm on the right path and can almost recover again, because my way of thinking is always positive thanks to my healing training (Dr. Hamer);-)
    In any case, I would like to thank you very much, Mr. Akgün, for your understanding, support and, above all, for the special videos and the reference to Ballistol... simply great!!!
    I wish you and your employees, like your sister and brother-in-law, continued success in the further development of your device. Have a great time,
    and stay healthy..
    All the best and all the best
    Karin F.

  29. Christine D. -

    Dear Mr. Akgün,
    I called the Aquacentrum at the beginning of November and asked about a water filter.
    I was asked if we had a health concern and I told Mr. Akgün about my husband's cancer diagnosis. Mr. Akgün took a lot of time and told me about Dr. Hamer and
    sent me information about it.
    Mr. Akgün recommended the H2 Rocket Filter to us for this situation.
    Unfortunately my husband fell asleep and I had to see where I could save some money.
    I wanted to return the filter and Mr. Akgün made me a very generous offer to be able to keep the filter.
    Now I continue to be a grateful user of the device and a loyal customer.
    I would like to thank Mr. Akgün warmly.
    Christine D.

  30. Manfred -

    Hello Yasin,
    yesterday I finally connected the H2-Rocket. Drank the first glasses today.
    A tasty, tingling experience. It really tastes much better than from an ionizer.
    Thank you very much

  31. lg -

    ... In terms of taste, I have to say that we like the water very much. Should you let the water run for a while before you draw your first glass in the morning?

  32. Sonya K. -

    Good afternoon Mr. Akgün
    We received and installed our Rocket in December. Thank you very much. We are super excited. We couldn't imagine life without the water in the Rocket!
    Now we have two friends who are also thinking about buying the Rocket. Could you tell me the price for 2xRocket including 3-way tap similar to ours?
    Thank you and best regards
    Sonya K.

  33. Harald H. -

    Hello Mr. Akgün,
    I wanted to thank you again for the great order process.
    The devices have already been installed by me and Hans.
    It went relatively quickly.. the water tastes really delicious...even if the body
    I have to “learn” the high alkaline level first.. the first glasses was the feeling
    cannot be described in the body.
    The first values ​​are as follows:
    10,66 PH value / -530 mV ORP (after fresh tap)
    10,10 PH value / -419 mV ORP (left in the jar after 6 hours)
    I'll take the next measurement tomorrow morning and again in the afternoon an interested party will come along who also wants the filter.
    Please don't forget the note in yellow above.
    Harald H.

  34. frank h. -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    I hope you are well and were able to keep this virus away from you.
    I have now been using the H2 Rocket since the end of November 2020 and I have to say that it is
    is sensational. There's really no comparison to my old Lourdes generator. …
    ... Kind regards from Switzerland.
    frank h.

  35. avatar photo

    Yasin Akgun -

    Hello Mr. B.,
    Wow, thanks for the really kind words. Can I please leave this online like this:
    I think it's great that the inhaler is already working! It's not all that new to me, various users mention similar phenomena.
    This shows again that H2 gas, especially when inhaled, activates various processes and supplies energy...
    The pressure hoses for the H2 Rocket are flexible, as are the connections, as they can be rotated, so there is no problem with movement due to debts.
    Because of the pH value of 11 on the H2-Rocket, don't worry, pH 11 can't work, you can't test that precisely with the indicator.
    It will reach pH 1 to 2 for the first 10,3-10,5 weeks, especially in the morning when there has been enough time overnight to activate the water, but that will soon go away
    You will notice the higher pH values ​​the first few days after prolonged use through the slight magnesium aftertaste, which everyone actually finds tasty.
    I'm looking forward to further experiences
    All the best from Munich
    Yours, Yasin Akgün

  36. Andy B. -

    Dear Mr. Akgün,
    The two packages arrived safely in Andermatt, except for the handle of the water filter jug, where a plastic part of the handle broke off, but that's not a problem, we'll glue it on.-)
    Installing the Rocket and the faucet was very easy and without any problems. The water tastes great. I installed it in the drawer of the garbage compartment, the hoses are laid in such a way that they are not damaged when opening and closing, I assume that the movement of the drawer has no influence on the Rocket, right?
    What I'm still a bit unsure about is the high PH value of 11. I read in the booklet “Electroactivated Water” that you shouldn't drink water with a PH value of 11 or more for a long period of time. Does that mean you can't drink this delicious water every day or do I have to change something about the Rocket? Our drinking water has a PH value of 7.
    The cube is already working diligently, my mother-in-law has problems breathing. After the first use, about an hour, she was able to sleep well without the accumulation of mucus and coughing up in the morning. Isn't that wonderful.
    The payment for the second package will be released by the bank tomorrow.
    Thank you very much for your competent advice and quick delivery of the goods.
    I look forward to your reply
    Andy B.

  37. Frank King -

    Hello Yasin,

    I've been a customer of yours for a long time and I'm still excited about this technology. How easy it is to absorb H2 gas through the water and thus have such a large excess of electrons that our bodies simply no longer rust (said in German)! I ordered the H2-Rocket from you so that I could drink a new device with even more hydrogen gas in the water. I quickly realized that my space in the kitchen was simply too small to install the device and asked my training partner, with whom I regularly do strength training, if he could imagine something with hydrogen. He drinks the water with me during training anyway and it tastes delicious.

    He took the system with him and installed it right under the sink with the additional tap. After about 1 day I received a WhatsApp voice message and his enthusiasm made his words stumble, that he feels totally good, is full of energy and that a tingling sensation could be felt in his feet and hands. His wife was also in a good mood and asked herself, it couldn't be because of the water. I then drove to him and drank it straight away, even I noticed the tingling sensation after about 10 minutes, even though I had been drinking H2 water for years. It reminded me of the time I drank ionized water for the first time. I was happy because this device produces even more H1 gas in the water simply by dissolving the tablet with excess pressure.

    After measuring with the H2 drops, we found that over 2,2 ppm of H2 gas was dissolved in the water. That's a great value and immediately explained the tingling sensation in the body. I think I have once again put a family on a healthy path.

    Dear Yasin, thank you for your implementation and constant improvement of this technology, I hope that more people will soon discover the gas of life for themselves.

    Kind regards


  38. Anton L. -

    Dear Mr. Akgün,
    Everything is fine, thank you again for asking. …
    ... We are very happy with the Rocket and look forward to every glass of water.
    I recommend to everyone who drinks the water - let's see what happens.
    Many thanks to you again for everything and I wish you a wonderful start into the new year
    And good luck in everything that is important to you...
    From my heart
    Anton L.

  39. Rolf -

    Hello Yasin,
    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.
    The devices here are now running at full speed and I am very satisfied with the taste and performance of the Rocket.
    I can't say for sure whether the magnet thing around the water pipe actually makes the water better. Subjectively, I have the feeling that my hair is a little different when I wash it - but that's neither good nor bad. But I would just keep it for now and see if it does anything in the long term.
    So you can send me the invoice so that I don't forget it.
    Best regards

  40. Yuri S. -

    Good morning Mr. Akgün,
    I'm happy that I can now order the second Rocket, my mother was very happy with the water.
    Can we do it again so that you send the AquaVolta Hepta-Step instead of the disposable mixer?
    Before I bought the Rocket for the first time, you told me on the phone that if I bought a second Rocket later, we would also get the discount (according to your homepage, €100 each).
    First of all, thank you for that.
    Because in the second invoice the discount is only listed for one Rocket.
    I look forward to your reply.
    Best regards,
    Yuri S.

  41. Martina R -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    no, I am very happy to have tried the alkaline water and hydrogen. It has brought me back a lot of quality of life and that has its value.
    Thank's for the Tipps.
    Kind regards and have a nice evening,
    Martina R

  42. Wiens -

    Thank you, everything worked out for us and Wald. I have already transferred our share, Wald is still transferring hers. We are satisfied, thank you.
    With kind regards,

  43. Yasine Gültekin -

    Hello dear Aquacentrum team,
    We exchanged our Elégance for the Rocket because our window couldn't be opened because of the second tap.
    Now we are so excited and happy because we can drink delicious, super milky water with just one tap!!! (three-way cock)
    To be honest, the water from the Rocket tastes much better than that from the ionizer and we no longer need to descale.

    Thank you and good luck for the future

  44. Michael Weller -

    Hello Yasin,
    Thank you very much for allowing me to test the Rocket.
    I was a little skeptical at first because I particularly like the alkaline active water from the EOS Genesis.
    However, I liked the taste and drinkability of the water from the Rocket better the first time I tried it.

    At the beginning I had a “getting used to it” phase, meaning I drank the water from the Rocket as usual, even in the evening.
    Due to the high hydrogen content of the rocket water, I couldn't sleep at night and had so much energy that I worked through the night.
    I solved the sleep problem by only drinking rocket water until around 17 p.m. and then water from the EOS Genesis.
    After about a month, my body got used to this high energy level and I can now drink hydrogen water from the Rocket at night.
    In summary, I can describe my experience like this: I have a consistently higher energy level and feeling of alertness than before and I had less to do with colds in this year of 2020 than ever before. (maybe also due to wearing masks)
    Best regards,
    Michael Weller

  45. Sophia -

    Hello dear Yasin
    Here is Sophia from the healing biotope. I just wanted to write THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for the amazing gift you gave us! The water tastes so fine 🙂 It’s good for every cell 🙂 Thank you so much for that and for your generosity and joyful heart 🙂
    I'm looking forward to seeing each other again in real life.
    All the best,

  46. Jonas -

    Hi Yasin!!
    Now the Rocket is finally installed and in operation. The water tastes excellent :) ... that's a fantastic improvement in the quality of life. I'm taking H2 water for the first time and I'm really excited to see the effect... however, at the same time I started taking high doses of vitamin C plus bicarbonate, which is said to have a very anti-inflammatory effect... The test results are pH 9,5 and 1,2 ppm ( Is it possible to increase it, or what does that depend on?)
    Wish you a high vibrational time in these dark days...and a good jump into the next cosmic event..Greetings from Portugal

  47. DennisL. -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    thank you for the fast feedback.
    We are very satisfied with the device.
    The water tastes great.
    With kind regards,

  48. avatar photo

    Yasin Akgun -

    Hello Mr. B.,
    thank you for your nice words.
    Can I leave this online please?:
    That would be a huge help since the product is still quite new.
    Going to the toilet is normal, you used to not drink that much water in the evening
    No problem with the mobile H2 generator.
    You don't need this with the H2-Rocket, as you can get close to its values ​​or even beat them in the flow. Simply open bottles without air pockets and close them, then the hydrogen will remain in the bottled water to a considerable extent even after days. Either way, you are “way out of the woods” with the H2 salaries.
    Yes, you can also send it back to us without packaging. Thanks
    I'm looking forward to further experiences
    See you soon hopefully have a nice Sunday
    Yours, Yasin Akgün

  49. Elmar B. -

    Good morning Mr. Akgün,
    We've had the Rocket for a week now and drinking water is slowly becoming a ritual! I myself drink two to three glasses in the morning and the same amount in the evening (that means I can go to the toilet dozens of times...cry). My wife is also working hard and is finding it easier for her to drink more than before; In any case, we will stay on the ball.
    However, we would like to send the mobile hydrogen booster back because the Rocket is absolutely sufficient for us. Was this included in the rocket packaging, because I can no longer find the packaging for it!
    Thanks for the brief feedback!
    VG, Elmar B.

  50. Harry -

    Hello Yasin,
    The package has just arrived, the system looks very professional.
    I'll take photos of them and include them in the book.
    Thanks again for the great price.
    Greetings, Harry

  51. avatar photo

    Yasin Akgun -

    Dear Mr. H.
    Thanks for the first customer reference, which made me very happy. Brilliantly soft, milky H2 water, like sparkling water you could say, only much gentler, but still sparkling. Because of the pressure. It only builds up at the very beginning, so it is possible to keep it in the Installation tab following the suggested procedure. The first night, turn off the water supply and leave the tap open. He will easily lose 0,3 liters of water overnight. Then gas is locked up in the H2 rocket early enough and the pressure can never be more than 5 bar, even if you go on vacation for 2 weeks or longer. Hydrogen passes through the H2 Rocket under pressure over time, making it a self-regulating and therefore safe system. The pressure gauge at the top will always show you the correct pressure.
    Things could get critical from 12 bar onwards, but this is never reached. The connectors would only become unsafe at a pressure of 20 bar. Everything is certified and I will upload the certificates straight away under Downloads.
    The leak tester is mounted after the T-piece on the floor, where water could collect in the event of a leak.
    The pre-assembled solution has of course made installation easier for you, but nevertheless it has now become even more elegant.
    You are welcome to just replace the plug-in parts that have been added with those from yours so that you can carry out the update without reassembling everything, which would almost be easier.
    The final update H2 Rocket was sent today and should reach you tomorrow. Flushing the Minerade H2 shuttle filter is now even easier, without a bucket or anything like that. Everything is controlled via valves and now comes out of the top of the outlet, very elegant optimization, you will really like it.
    I look forward to your experiences with the very awakening water.
    All the best from Munich
    Yours, Yasin Akgün

  52. Sergei H. -

    Dear Mr. Akgün,
    Yes, I received it and put it into operation straight away. I am thrilled, super tasty, soft “milk water”!
    Thank you very much, I'm really looking forward to the optimized version = absolute customer satisfaction!
    During our telephone conversation, you said that the pressure was building up (due to the stones) to a considerable extent. I'm not worried about the Rocket, but how much can the hoses and connectors withstand?
    Not that it will be used over several days (vacation) etc. If you are away for several weeks, I would close the John Guest and release the pressure. But you never know...
    And what kind of part is that part with the tab that says JM 1001 on it, something to do with a leak tester and where do you connect it?
    I'm looking forward to the videos too!
    Yes, the product is great and above all there are no frills and everything is simple..
    With kind regards,
    Sergei H.

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Installation of the Aquavolta® H2 Rocket | for producing basic or, if desired, just neutral H2 water

Please note the already outdated instructions, the Minerade tabs are no longer integrated as they are filled externally every 2 days using an H7 inhaler: Instructions for the almost identical H2 Rocket Two Stage, the double filter rocket

If you have any questions or uncertainties, please contact Mr. Akgün directly: +491792166231 (also Whatsapp)

H2 Rocket & Rocket Two Stage | H2-containing & alkaline water

1. H2 Rocket | Table-top model installation with diverter valve and tap

2. Aquavolta® H2 Rocket | Installation under the sink using a 4-way tap as an example

Aquavolta® H2 Rocket connections at the top

3. Connect the Aquavolta® H2 Rocket to the one-way tap or three-way tap

Connect the inlet hose to the inlet of the H2 Rocket. Inlet is at the top or inside at the water entrances valve with the blue washer and the sticker: tap water

  1. Connect the hose connected to the one-way faucet or three-way faucet to the outlet of the H2 Rocket above. It is located there Valve with a purple washer and a sticker: H2 water. This step is not necessary if the H2 Rocket is used as a table-top device and the compensator tap on the front of the H2 Rocket is used.
  2. Start the water supply at the T-piece or at the tap via the diverter valve and listen and check whether all connections on and in the H2 Rocket are tight. The transparent reactor pressure tank of the H2 Rocket will now be filled to about 4 finger widths with air.
  3. If everything is tight, you can now carefully open the tap for the first time; air and water will come out at the same time until only water comes out.
  4. After 5 minutes of rinsing, the H2 Rocket is now ready for use.
  5. To be on the safe side: You can only do this on the first night, when the system is unattended for the first time valve with the blue washer complete, and then reopen in the morning when everything has remained closed. This is effectively a leak test as the pressure will be higher than your line pressure after the first night.
  6. Mr. Akgün is currently happy to help with the assembly of the rocket. After you have done everything up to point 2.2, you could call him once and inaugurate the device together with him: +491792166231 (also Whatsapp)

Installation with the 3-way tap Hydroselect made of stainless steel

Maintenance Aquavolta® H2 Rocket | Filter change, vacation position, descaling of the jet sieve

To change the filter, the included open-end wrench with cutter is required, the handling of which is described on page 14. It's best to see the video.

Please note the already outdated instructions, the Minerade tabs are no longer integrated, as the tank is filled externally every 2-2 weeks using an H4 inhaler: 

Aquavolta® H2 Rocket | Filter change, vacation position, descaling of the jet sieve

  1. Before opening the quick coupling, you must release the water pressure by turning off the blue water inlet dial on the top and then opening the tap until no more water flows out. Check: Pressure gauge shows 0 bar.
  2. Only then pull the filter out of the retaining clips. The generous hose length allows the hoses to be easily removed.
  3. Note the flow direction shown on the label. The water must flow through the filter from top to bottom.
  4. After changing the filter, please rinse for 2-3 minutes and check for leaks. (see p. 17).
  5. Write down the date of the change in order to make the next change after 6 months.
  6. Despite the leakage stopper in the supply line to the Aquavolta® H2-Rocket, we recommend turning off the water supply at the corner valve or tap if you are away for more than 1 week.

Downloads Aquavolta® H2 Rocket for the production of alkaline, hydrogen-rich water

Hydrogen therapy with the H2 Rocket | Experience report hydrogen water H2 generator > .pdf version

Dear Yasin,
Thank you for asking how my mother-in-law is doing now with the H2-Rocket and whether she likes the alkaline hydrogen water. She loves the “Rocket Water” and is always happy to say that she really enjoys it. Now she can drink water from the tap that has been treated with the H2-Rocket again with a clear conscience, as it is very well double-filtered here. Now she no longer has to go through the hassle of cleaning her water beforehand using a jug filter to remove the previously unsavory visible “fat streaks” and she actually feels really good about drinking water again.

I immediately thought I would show you a recent photo of her last breakfast table in a small café where she likes to go sometimes. It was taken a few days ago and is another current photo of her. Having just reached 90 years of age, isn't she absolutely thriving? What do you think? >>>Continue reading….

Hydrogen therapy with the H2 Rocket – An experience report (hydrogen water / H2 generator)