AquaVolta HOClean 120@pH5 | Mobile ECA water generator for producing disinfectant water (Anolyte)


  • Power: 500w
  • Flow rate: 1,5 l / min
  • pH-Value: Anolyte: pH 2,0-8 (adjustable),
  • Catolyte: pH 7-12,5 (adjustable).
  • Available chlorine: 500-600ppm
  • ORP: >1100mv
  • Chlorine ion content: <1000mg/L
  • Size: 550 X 420 X 240mm
  • Currently only one test device that we tested is available, so it has a 40% discount


AquaVolta HOClean 120@ph5 | Mobile ECA system for the production of disinfectant water (slightly acidic anolyte)

Production of disinfectant ECA water with a skin-optimal ratio of hypochlorous acid and hypochlorite

For the production of hypochlorous acid

Technical parameters

  • PH value Anolyte: pH 5 to pH 7, the pH value of the anolyte is adjustable
  • Volume flow anolyte: 2 l/min or 120 liters per hour or approx. 2000 liters per day (with 16 hours of use/day)
  • Free active chlorine (FAC) in the anolyte: 500 ppm
  • ORP anolyte: > 1000mV
  • Content of chloride ions in the anolyte: <1000 mg/L (low salt system)
  • pH value catolyte: pH 12-12,5 (depending on water flow)
  • ORP catolyte: < -800 mV (or even lower in negative ORP)
  • Catolyte volume flow: 0,4 l/m or 24 liters per hour
  • Total flow rate: 2,4 l / min
  • water source: Fully softened water or reverse osmosis water
  • Add fully saturated brine (26% NaCl solution) until the total conductance (TDS) is 800 ± 50ppm
  • Operating water pressure: 0,1-0,3 Mpa or 1-3 bar
  • Spring water temperature: 5-40 ° C
  • Number of electrode plates: 4 titanium-coated platinum electrodes
  • Size: 550 x 420 x 240 mm
  • Tension: AC 220V/60Hz
  • Rated capacity: 500W max, Operating performance: 400 W

Installation and use of equipment:


  1. According to 1L of reverse osmosis water or distilled water, mix well with 105 grams of NaCl (table salt, dishwasher salt), hold the PE hose in the prepared salt water tank and connect it to the salt water inlet of the system.
  2. The PE hose at the water inlet connects the integrated water pump with the inlet water (fully softened or, best of all, reverse osmosis water and connects the power cable of the water pump.


Behind the AquaVolta HCLO Mini

  • Inlet: When mode A is taken in pure RO water,
    Mode B is inlet water/water treatment.
  • Salt water: Inlet salt water
  • Sour:  Acidic water exit, reversing the poles drains alkaline water.
  • Alkaline:  Alkaline water output, the reversal of the poles output acidic water.
  • Pump performance:  Connect the water pump power line.
  • Might: The power supply.
  • Connect a PE hose for alkaline and acidic water.
    Press the ON/OFF and salt water button to start the device.
  • Note:  The flow rate is regulated to 2,0 l/MIN.
  • The electrolyte starch can adjust the PH value of water.
  • Drain pH range:
  • Acidic pH:  2,7-3,0.
  • Alkaline pH:  10-11.



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