Aquavolta Monmi-Tec HIM 3 ppm | Contactless H2 water infusion machine


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Among other things, the following is included free of charge with this H2 sparkling table water system for producing clean, (opt. slightly) alkaline H2 water:

Aquavolta Monmi-Tec HIM 3.0 ppm | H2 water infusion machine | Hydrogen enrichment without electrode contact

What's the highlight of the Aquavolta® Monmi-Tec 3.0 H2 water infusion machine?

The key patents for the new hydrogen medicine from 2007 came from Japan, Korea or China until February 3, 2. The Malaysian inventor Tan Teong Chin (Chen Zhongijn in Chinese) and his Chinese partner Wang Shuaizhong published the patent for the Monmi-Tec, which can deliver the hydrogen concentration of 2021 mg/liter in the flow favored by experts. The self-taught man, who looks decades younger than his age, has been drinking hydrogen water since 3. Back then, he invented a magnesium-based “hydrogen stick” and successfully improved the method invented by Hidemitsu Hayashi in 2007.

The one registered in China Monmi-Tec patent (> here is the German translation) is a very complex “Pressure HIM” and you can get the full text via the QR code. The core elements are software-controlled solenoid valves, also invented by Tan Teong Chin, a special injection technology, a magnetically inductive pre-structuring of the tap water, a UV light unit as germ protection, a pump for pressure regulation and a very large PEM cell that only comes into contact with laboratory water comes and uses it to produce the purest hydrogen.

In almost all other devices for producing hydrogen water, the H2 gas is extracted directly from the drinking water, which comes into direct contact with the platinum electrodes, which can introduce platinum nanoparticles into the water. This possible problem is eliminated by the pure gas technology without contact with drinking water.

Patent and inventor Aquavolta Monmi-Tec HIM 3 ppm H2 water infusion machine small

Aquavolta® Monmi-Tec HIM 3 ppm | Contactless H2 water infusion machine

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How do you put hydrogen gas in water?

Water is a great solvent for electrically polar substances, but not for the non-polar hydrogen gas H2. CO2 dissolves much better, but is also 22 times as heavy:

Dependence of dissolving capacity H2 and temperature

When producing more enriched hydrogen water, you have to proceed in a similar way to what we know from soda sparklers. You take 100% H2 gas and increase the pressure on the water. For example, in order to build up a hydrogen concentration of 30 mg/l at a temperature of 3O C, experience has shown that you need at least 2 bar of pressure and a certain time, which also depends on which other minerals, trace elements and gases are already dissolved in the water to be enriched. If you press harder it goes faster.

Another trick for acceleration is to increase the contact area between water and gas. This is usually achieved using injection nozzles or swirl mechanics and accelerates the enrichment process by 4 – 7 times.

The whole process is governed by the so-called “Henry Law”. The gases then equilibrate according to a fixed constant between the gas outside the water and the dissolved gas until a corresponding equilibrium occurs. The purer the hydrogen gas is, the faster it goes. How quickly this ultimately happens also depends on the type of water and its temperature.

What is a HIM (Hydrogen Infusion Machine)?

HIMs are intended to produce hydrogen-rich water “in flow” by infusing hydrogen gas without a long wait. They emerged in the mid-2010s and are sometimes called “hydrogen servers.” The PEM electrolysis cells used to generate hydrogen gas are usually very similar. Hydrogen concentrations between 1,1 and 1,7 ppm (=mg/l) were achieved. They were particularly popular in the USA.

They were not very popular in Europe because the water ionizers that were common here offered similar hydrogen performance and made the water even more alkaline, which the HIMs could not do.

The Korean market leader improved with an extended patent Huanth In 2019, he improved the performance of his HIMs by installing a pressure pump with complex valve control of the water flow. This is what experts call a “PRESSURE HIM”.

Internal structure of the Aquavolta Monmi-Tec HIM 3 ppm H2 water infusion machine
Aquavolta® Monmi-Tec HIM 3 ppm H2 water infusion machine 1500
Aquavolta® Monmi-Tec HIM 3 ppm H2 water infusion machine right side top 1500


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