Bionlite Eco Junior replacement filter (Yi-shan type A)


In addition to safely reducing pollutants, the silver-coated activated carbon pre-filter brings even better taste.
Capacity, depending on tap water, up to 5000 liters or 6 months (according to DIN standards).
Suitable for the Bionlite (Yi-Shan) Eco Junior, but not Bionlite Eco Classic and Bionlite Eco Extra.

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The Bionlite Eco Junior (Yi-shan Type-A) replacement filter for your water ionizer

Bionlite Eco Classic and Eco Standard devices do not have this replacement filter!

Filter composition

6-stage special filter with activated carbon, silver-coated activated carbon, calcium, KDF and filter material. Improves the taste and removes unwanted substances as well as sediment and dirt from the water.

Since the company Bionlite, Mr. Oliver Röder, no longer responds to calls and emails, we have made sure that you can continue to receive the replacement filters for Bionlite.

However, we only received these original replacement filters from the manufacturer of the Biolite devices, the company YI-SHAN from Taiwan.


Please note that this filter is only intended for the Bionlite ECO Junior and only fits into it. Compare the built-in filter and ionizer using the pictures on this page. Your device should look exactly like the image shown here.

If not, see the images on the replacement filter page for the Bionlite Titanion or ECO Extra and ECO CLASSIC

AQUACENTRUM_Bionlite_Eco_Junior_water ionizer


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Flow range: 3 liters/minute
Filter capacity and costs: up to 6000 liters or 6 months