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From the table of contents | Detoxify instead of poisoning | Author Uwe Karstädt:

Foreword 8 Introduction 19

Part 1: Poisoning

Poison for health 22 Poisoned and forgotten 25 Poisoned and eaten 28 Toxins become tumors 32 New poisons, new diseases 36 Radiation - the hidden danger 42 Instructions for use for poison prevention 47 Seriously ill due to heavy metals 49 Worry instead of harmless 61 Neurotoxins get on the nerves 63 Insights into metabolism 65

Part 2: Detoxification

You are not sick - you are poisoned 68 Self-test for heavy metal contamination 72 Superfood instead of herbal tea 79 The new, unique microprocessing principle 84 Biologo-Detox and its contents 90 Biologo-Detox, the recommended application 102 Answers to frequently asked questions about Biologo-Detox 106

Part 3: Technical information

What healers should know: 112 facts and an interview with Dr. Tim Ray 136

Part 4: The new healing method

The disease of civilization 146 You do not have Alzheimer's - you are poisoned 149 You do not have arthritis - you are poisoned 165 You are not allergic - you are poisoned 174 You are not chronically tired - you are poisoned 182

detoxify instead of poisoning

You don't have diabetes - you're poisoned 187 Your heart isn't sick - it's poisoned 196 You don't have osteoporosis - you're poisoned 208 You're not depressed - you're poisoned 218 You don't have a prostate problem - you're poisoned 226

Part 5: Product recommendations

AHCC, the mushroom extract 231 Best-Nattokinase, friend of the heart and blood vessels 233 Biologo-Detox, the optimal detoxification 235 Cayenne for the blood 236 Coconut fat in VCO quality 237 NADH, the energy supplier 239 Natures Biotics for digestion 240 PowerQuickZap, the all-rounder 242 RX-Omega-3 fish oil, the organic help 244 Synervit, the homocysteine-lowering agent 246 Super K with K2, a vitamin miracle 249 Vector lycopene, the rheumatism revolution 250 Polytamine, the pill for better hearing 253 Tri-S-ZymG, modern anti- Aging 256

Part 6: Sources of supply/addresses

Where you can get which product 260 Important addresses 263 Therapy facilities 264

Appendix A:

Symptoms of chronic heavy metal poisoning 265

Appendix B:

Important facts about homocysteine ​​268

Appendix C:

The correct and effective liver cleanse 277

detoxify instead of poisoning

Appendix D:

Instructions for more health and vitality 279

Appendix E:

Use the power of hearing therapy 284 Final words and an outlook 288 List of sources and literature 290 Glossary 299


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