Carbonit NFP Premium filter insert activated carbon block


  • Filter fineness approx. 0,45 micrometers
  • without a hollow fiber membrane, but with a lot of activated carbon.
  • Water flow approx. 2 liters per minute.
  • Carbonit® Monoblock NFP PREMIUM filter cartridges fit 10″ filter housings such as: SANUNO, VARIO, DUO, NEPTUNO
  • Carbonit block filters combine the well-known adsorptive powers of sintered activated carbon (e.g. pesticides) with mechanical filtration (e.g. bacteria)


Carbonit NFP Premium filter insert


The NFP premium filter from Carbonit

This sintered Carbonit® Monoblock activated carbon block filter is ideal for removing the enrichments in drinking water from the water pipes, for example lead or copper.

Because of the high performance spectrum for possible drinking water contamination and the excellent hygienic properties, this filter cartridge NFP PREMIUM is used in almost all Carbonit® drinking water filters.

General information Activated carbon as a filter medium

Activated carbon has a large surface area, which is used as an adsorbent in, among other things, chemistry, medicine and water and wastewater treatment.

It primarily removes unwanted colors, flavors and odors from gases, vapors and liquids.

This sintered coconut-based activated carbon block filter focuses on the chemical-physical removal of undesirable ingredients in drinking water, for example due to the influences of the domestic water installation.

Compared to the Carbonit combination filters of activated carbon block and hollow fiber membrane, the NFP-Premium has twice the amount of activated carbon available for removal.


CARBONIT filter cartridges are consistently manufactured without additives (e.g. silver) and are subject to permanent, external monitoring by the LGA Bavaria, a company of the TÜV Süd group. By avoiding additives, we define a purity requirement that exceeds the strict German food law.

Maintenance and filter change

For technical reasons, the use of all standard activated carbon filters is only permitted for cold water and must be protected from frost. The filter cartridge must be changed after a service life of 6 months (according to DIN 1988).

In principle, 6 liters of water can be filtered within 5.000 months. However, an earlier change may be necessary if water flow is noticeably reduced. Changing it early is not a defect in the filter used, but rather an indication of an increased occurrence of fine particles in unfiltered water. Filter cartridges are wearing parts! In addition to the provisions of DIN 1988, the epdwa guidelines, the HKI recommendations and the findings of various DIN specifications (NAL LH/AK HW 0029) and DIN EN 14898 as well as the DVGW worksheet W 513 must also be taken into account.


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