Carbonit® San Uno Classic table-top filter


  • The “people’s filter” or table-top water filter Carbonit® San Uno Classic: inexpensive, quickly installed, handy, flexible and of course 100% Carbonit® quality.
  • Simply screw it onto the tap with a special aerator or diverter valve – done.
  • Water filtration in the kitchen to produce purified drinking water
  • The table-top filter Carbonit® San Uno Classic is included Filter insert NFP Premium and the Switching valve for connection to the tap delivered.
  • Currently not in stock
  • Cheaper alternative: AQUAPHOR® table-top filter modern

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The Carbonit® San Uno Classic table-top filter | including filter insert in the filter housing

Water filter table-top device that screws onto the faucet on the sink with a special diverter valve for easy selection between filtered and unfiltered water. Very suitable for preparing drinks, cooking water, etc.

We offer the Carbonit San Uno including the NFP Premium filter insert at this very reasonable price because we want to support the spread of the filters.

We even have a campaign where you can get a filter for free - the Aquaphor Modern countertop filter for installation on the tap


Complete filter device Carbonit SanUno with connection hose and special diverter valve with adapter for internal thread.

A filter cartridge Carbonit® Monoblock NFP Premium (Lifespan: 6 months or 10.000 liters - filter fineness of < 0,45 µm - flow: 2 liters per minute) is included.

Application note Carbonit SanUno:

Do not operate behind unpressurized boilers. Do not connect to a shower mixer. Operate with cold water only. Protect from frost.

7-step security concept from Carbonit®

For the Carbonit SanUno Premium drinking water filter with the included one Filter cartridge Carbonit® NFP Premium is that valid 7-level security concept:


  • Integrated protection against germ contamination thanks to extremely fine filter pores, even very small ones
  • Bacteria such as E.Coli are safely retained
  • Extremely high filter capacity – with safety buffer
  • Easy filter control as the time when the filter was changed can be seen
  • Filter performance (see tab) confirmed by independent institutes
  • Consistent avoidance of chemicals
  • Pollutants absorbed are not released
  • Strict quality control, each filter is checked individually


The Carbonit filter cartridge must be changed after 6 months (according to DIN 1988). In principle, up to 6 liters of water can be filtered within 10.000 months. However, a filter change may be necessary within 6 months if the water flow is noticeably reduced.

Changing it early is not a defect in the filter used, but rather an indication of an increased occurrence of fine particles in unfiltered water.


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