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The hydrogen method – the key back to youth, strength and health

In her detailed experience report, the author Tina Happy talks about a new method for quickly and easily regaining youthfulness, beauty, strength and health. Whether someone has a lack of energy, is overweight or has health problems
stand in the foreground. With just a single element: hydrogen (H2), all of this can be treated and intensively supported to reverse it.

Numerous beauty and anti-aging effects can also be achieved. What is still relatively unknown in this country is already widespread in some countries: H2 institutes and clinics in the health sector as well as for numerous beauty treatments are becoming increasingly popular. Now this discovery should also receive attention and be disseminated in German-speaking countries.


Why am I writing this book about hydrogen water? Quite simply: Because I just have to do it!

In the last 17 years, people have heard sometimes more and sometimes less about “ionized hydrogen water” in German-speaking countries. Mostly in smaller circles of the “esoteric industry” and has only been “spread” a little more in wider circles in the last few years. Of course the internet was helpful. So I had the pleasure of learning a little more about it through extensive research. The reason was not just simple curiosity. No.
It was pure desperation!
Last year, despite my young age of 43, I had already reached the “final stage of my life”. Anyone who has survived a life-threatening illness probably knows what I mean. I was almost done with my life and had even made arrangements for my death! No exaggeration - just the truth.

After a good 22 years of paraplegia due to an accident and numerous illnesses, countless hospital stays, 6 life-threatening operations, multiple intensive care, etc... my body was simply giving up. No matter what I tried anyway. Until then I had been treated by numerous doctors, including privately on my own account.

The Hydrogen Method (Experience with H2 Therapy) – The Audio Book

I sought advice in private alternative medicine, where I was even sent home by a Japanese doctor with the words “Unfortunately, I can't do anything for you. It would just be a waste of money.”

So I ended up with so-called “healers”. Over the last 20 years, two different “spiritual healers” promised me that they could heal me and took endless amounts of money out of my pocket. Or that of my family in good faith. I also tried numerous treatments called “Theta Healing” and saw an energetic doctor. Also various other healing treatments such as acupuncture, Reiki, meridian treatment, i.e. several “Chinese alternative healing methods”. I also had great hope in a “healing seminar” by an ancient “shamanic healer” who had been specially flown in and who has a big name in Peru and is said to have true “healing miracles”.

Unfortunately everything was more or less unsuccessful. At least in the long term, if you ignore the short “placebo effect”. Good faith, a positive attitude to life and joy always have a special power and can have a big impact on the body and mind. But basically I just "dragged" myself from day to day and, in addition to the difficult everyday conditions with paraplegia in a wheelchair, I also struggled with numerous urinary tract infections, some of which had to be treated in the hospital.

This was followed by chronic gastritis (inflammation of the stomach), then a stomach ulcer, and my spleen suddenly had to be removed, which was attributed to the aftermath of my accident. Particularly poor blood and liver values ​​with alarming results accompanied my life.

My everyday life consisted of a lot of pain, especially in the back area from the 4 crushed, broken vertebrae from the accident and of course a small mountain of medication. Marcoumar, the famous blood thinner, was then prescribed to me for life after a deep pelvic/leg vein thrombosis.

But the worst thing in the last few years has been my increasingly weak heart. Due to a birth defect, my heart was already faced with a challenge due to “twisted veins.” Unfortunately, this was particularly stressful due to this odyssey of various illnesses and symptoms of severe hyperacidity (which I only found out through researching alkaline hydrogen water).

All of my organs have been supplied with veins “upside down” from birth. I relate this to the assumption because my mother unfortunately lost “my twin sibling” and that probably came about somehow. However. You live with it, no matter what limitations you have.

In the last 4 years I have almost completely switched from the typical “pharmaceutical doctor” to self-experimentation with nutritional supplements. I also got all of this information from the internet. You make yourself smart when absolutely nothing else helps and you can hardly sleep anymore because of the helplessness and panic.

Unfortunately, such “nice” statements from the general practitioner don’t help: “You have to go to the hospital immediately, your heart could simply stop beating at any moment. You could fall asleep and just never wake up.”

Of course, the nice doctors at the hospital wanted to operate immediately and use me as a “guinea pig” to insert a pacemaker for an anomaly like the one I have. But of course not on what would normally be a “routine procedure” today. No - it was kindly explained to me clearly that during this operation my chest would have to be opened from the front. The ribs bent wide to reach my heart and “experimentally” place the electrodes there.

At least they predicted to me in the hospital that it would be “difficult” and that I would probably be the first patient, at least of the surgeon who was scheduled for it.

Long story short - I packed my things and had the ambulance take me home after a week in the hospital and a new thick folder with findings. It was documented that I now had 5 second heart breaks. Also that my pulse was usually below 40!
So I've been living with further restrictions for the last few years, such as frequent circulatory problems and attacks of dizziness, and trying to keep everything on a "stable environment" with nutritional supplements in order to be able to cope with everyday life and to maintain something like "a life worth living". to be able to.

I drew strength from my relationship and the great love for my husband and my dogs. Of course, something like that can move mountains.
I had been forced to undergo inhumane treatment far too often. Ventilated when fully conscious, where you can feel the thick tube down the throat into the lungs, as well as drainage in the lungs (i.e. long tubes that collect the dark red/amber liquid in a bag). While fully conscious, mucus was forcibly sucked out of the lungs using tubes through the nose directly into the lungs. Just like in the filmed biography of Niki Lauda.

I also had my lung punctured. This means that you sit upright and have a cannula inserted between your ribs into your lungs, which also allows fluid to drain from your lungs.
Gastric tubes, colonoscopy, etc…
Not to mention the serious stress of being hoisted onto the stretcher like a piece of meat every time the patient was transported and the countless hours of waiting every time in the emergency room or for follow-up examinations, etc.
Therefore, I was simply no longer mentally capable of considering this complicated and very dangerous heart operation for myself with the prospect of being “just a guinea pig”. Continuous appointments in the cardiac outpatient clinic for follow-up care would have become a “lifelong” requirement. I just didn't want that.

There comes a point where you've simply had enough of it all!

Unfortunately, the time came at some point when my heart rate had continuously dropped to such an extent that I could hardly maintain the life-sustaining functions in my body. Despite a whole huge box full of nutritional supplements, all of which were supposed to ensure that my heart had strength, my blood circulation was regulated and I didn't suffer another stroke or even cardiac arrest.

By now I was dependent on oxygen, which at least made it easier for me to breathe and kept the panic at bay. Sleep disorders and panic attacks were actually a constant issue in my life. Just like pain.

Fortunately, I was able to get the chronic heart inflammation (angina pectoris) somewhat under control with a very high dosage of strophantin (a herbal active ingredient). In rare exceptional cases, very few doctors still issue a prescription, as Strophantin has generally been forced off the market in Germany and Austria by pharmaceutical companies and is very expensive to obtain privately. But painful heart cramps were still often present.

That's my story in a nutshell, until the research (most of which my husband also did) led me to the topic of “alkaline active water”. Other terms include “electroactivated alkaline water” or “hydrogen water”. So the hydrogen I now loved with all my heart became my very own “hydrogen miracle”. My health is now so good that I can even sit here writing these lines at 1 a.m. full of energy and writing everything down with enthusiasm. I used to lie in bed at 19 p.m. without strength and was barely able to stand the television unless I was completely bedridden at times anyway.

I had to report this difference! I wanted to share this experience with other people. Because I'm sure there are many more people out there who want to reach for the last straw, like I did.
Health, well-being, energy – these have become the greatest luxury for me since I became paraplegic and completely dependent on a wheelchair. And for a few months now I have been able to enjoy this great luxury!

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