H2 diffusion rod for fumigation of H2 in fruit and vegetable juice, smoothies


  • For fumigation of drinks and juices, e.g. fruit juice, vegetable juice, fruit smoothie, vegetable smoothie
  • Can only be used with printable H2 gas generators such as the following H2 gas inhalers: Aquavolta® H2 Mobile, Aquavolta® H2 Cavallo, Aquavolta® H2 Inspirator
  • Is placed in the drink to be gassed for about 7 minutes, then the H2 diffusion rod is washed and the prepared H2 drink is drunk immediately
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Stainless steel diffusion rod for fumigation of H2 (hydrogen gas) into fruit juices & vegetable juices or fruit and vegetable smoothies through a pressurized H2 inhaler

Diffusion rod for preparing hydrogen-containing drinks using a hydrogen inhaler

Discover the power of hydrogen gas in our latest video. We'll show you how you can not only use hydrogen gas for inhalation, but also how you can fumigate your drinks with H2. By fumigation with H2, your drinks achieve a negative redox potential, which gives your food and drinks additional energy. Learn more about the benefits of hydrogen gas and how you can use it in your daily life.

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Fat smoothie | H2 boosted ORP -534mV | Hydrogen diffusion rod for fumigation with H2 gas

Diffusion rod to diffuse H2 gas from the inhaler into fruit or vegetable juices or smoothies


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