eBook | Uwe Karstädt | 37° – The ideal body temperature

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37° The secret of the ideal body temperature for optimal health
eBook | Uwe Karstädt | 37° – The ideal body temperature
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Interview about the book 37° with Karl-Heinz Asenbaum

Lecture by Uwe Karstädt | Health is simple

Alternative practitioner Uwe Karstädt discovers low temperatures of 34,5°-36° in 70% of his patients with chronic illnesses and comes to the conclusion:  
“Cold person – sick person.”

37° is the natural operating temperature for us humans. The immune system, vitality and metabolism reduce by 50-70% when temperature drops. The loss of heat often manifests itself with cold hands and feet, but also with chronic cold-related illnesses: depression, burnout, fatigue, osteoarthritis, impotence, Parkinson's, MS and dementia and many others. Even cancerous tumors grow faster at 35°. An optimal effect of preparations and therapies from all medical disciplines is only achieved at 37°.

Uwe Karstädt shows the causes of “body cold” in an easy-to-understand and in-depth manner, but also proven, understandable and easy-to-implement methods of banishing the cold so that the body and psyche can return to vigorous health. 37° represents the necessary foundation for any form of therapy and healing.


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