Electro-activated water | Print version with 468 pages | by Karl Heinz Asenbaum


Electro-activated water by Karl Heinz Asenbaum | Extended edition to 468 pages March 2019

From “healing water from the socket” to hydrogen therapy

With 468 printed pages it is Karl Heinz Asenbaum's fourth, best and most comprehensive book about alkaline active water: Electro-activated water – An invention with extraordinary potential.

Book presentation | Electro-activated water | interview

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Original print ISBN: 978-39811204 48 Publisher: www.euromultimedia.de Place of publication Munich (2019)

First printed under the title: Electroactivated Water - An Invention with Extraordinary Potential (Print 294 pages) March 2016. Extended edition to 496 pages March 2019

© 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 Karl Heinz Asenbaum, EUROMULTIMEDIA VERLAG – www.euromultimedia.de, All rights with the author.

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Because this book finally clears up all fairy tales, myths, half-truths and lies about drinking water treatment. Because this book already gives a full overview on the sixth page of everything that scientists and doctors from Germany, Japan, Russia and Korea have discovered in over 1.000 doctoral theses and thousands of scientific studies and articles.

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Karl Heinz Asenbaum looks back on 12 years of direct experience with more than 3.000 water ionizer users. He knows and describes their problems and errors Handling.

In addition, Karl Heinz Asenbaum combines the findings of various specialist areas into a unique anti-aging call:

The redox revolution, we too Hydrogen revolution because the molecular hydrogen dissolved in alkaline active water can not only be drunk, but also used Elimination of oxidation damage outside our body, namely in our food, transferred to our daily diet.

By simply adding food or mixing concentrates, we can regain the original freshness from aged food, despite global transport and storage chains.like fresh from the tree" back.  

So Asenbaum's discovery works far beyond a drinking revolution. This book is worth reading from cover to cover like an exciting novel. That's why we're giving it to you. Because the situation with our nutrition is such that we don't have time for a slow revolution. We are already working on a translation into all major world languages. This 12,7 MB will change the world's food consciousness. Download and reading! There is only a limited contingent.

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Foreword | Electro-activated water

Until around 200 years ago, water was a drink for the social lower class. You had to boil it in order to drink it safely.

Nowadays, well-treated water usually flows from the tap.

It is rarely doubted that the drinking water suppliers process the “best controlled food” according to the applicable rules. The doubt is about the standards according to which they do this.

Anyone who prefers stricter limits today cannot avoid having their own water filter. In addition, there are now processes for home processing that turn the water into a drink with a better taste or certain functions.

There is a fascinating variety of methods and devices that have physically, chemically or electrically taken water to a new dimension of drinking.

Unfortunately, there is still a lot of mysticism in the water market. Here I want to give you a solid overview of what is best for your purpose.

When I decided in 2004 to move to Bad Füssing in Lower Bavaria to work with Dr. med. Walter Irlacher to develop modern methods of therapy and health maintenance and in our “Service manual human“, I had no idea that around 70 years earlier, in my hometown of Munich, the engineer Alfons Natterer had built the first factory for the production of electro-activated water, an invention 2) that crystallized as one of the foundations of our book.

The water ionization technology developed by Natterer disappeared quietly to the Far East after his death in 1981, from where it returned to Germany in 2004.

In 2008 we wrote together with Dipl.-Ing. Dietmar Ferger wrote another book that was exclusively dedicated to this topic: “Drink yourself alkaline! The breviary for alkaline active water"

After 10 years of further research focused on exploring the key factor “dissolved hydrogen”, I can now give you a comprehensive explanation of why this invention is so important that you should look into it. We are at the beginning of a worldwide and very exciting drinking revolution.

Yours, Karl Heinz Asenbaum

Karl Heinz Asenbaum: “Over 100 million people drink it worldwide: activated water with hydrogen, the gas of life.”

A German invention from the 30s is about to conquer the world. The Russians, Japanese, Koreans and Chinese are storming forward with ever new technical developments in active water production. Water ionizers and other hydrogen generators not only promise the long-overdue change to a new “green” chemistry, they are already part of the modern lifestyle in many health-conscious households. The hydrogen age of medicine is already reaching out to large parts of the world.

The journalist Karl Heinz Asenbaum was one of the first to return to the method previously known as “electrolyte water therapy,” which had been discovered in his hometown of Munich. When the associated technology of “water ionization” penetrated Far Eastern hospitals and households and gradually returned to Germany, he reported on it for the first time together with the Bad Füssing doctor Dr. med. Walter Irlacher in the “Service Handbook Human”, which appeared in 2006.

Since 2011, Karl Heinz Asenbaum has been invited to Korea and Arabia to give his lectures on the “drinking revolution”. International researchers and industrialists regularly exchange ideas with him. The first editions of this book are now available in 7 languages. The first print run from 2016 has now grown into the 10th edition from 292 pages to 440 pages and provides a direct connection to more in-depth information through QR codes. We also owe this to the huge reader response to previous editions. Please contact the author further at asenbaum@web.de. This author responds personally.

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