Descaling submersible pump for ALL water ionizers


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  • Strong performance with the magnetic centrifugal pump. Ideal for descaling all types of water ionizers
  • Flow rate 150 liters to max. 300 liters/h, delivery height max. 0,70 m, quiet operation, infinitely adjustable output possible at the nozzle.
  • Suitable for all water ionizer models thanks to the numerous adapter hoses:
  • Either connection to the basic outlet of the water ionizer, basically possible with all water ionizers,
  • or on the acidic wastewater hose or wastewater outlet (if under-table ionizer), possible with almost all ionizers except Alkabest/Biontech Sanuslife/ECAIA or ECA Water Tractor

Descaling submersible pump for all water ionizer models Different hose adapters are included

You can descale various water ionizers with this particularly powerful indoor fountain pump. It has several adapter slots so that no matter which water ionizer you want, you can use it to descale the following devices, among others:

  • EOS Genesis, EOS Touch, Allsbon Dion Special, Dion Family, Dion Blue, Ionquell Alphion, Ionquell Standard
  • Descaling Aquion Premium 2000, Aquion Premium 3000, Aquion Professional 4100, Aquion 2100
  • Hybrid water ionizer
  • Bionlite Titanion or Bionlite Titanion Se Ultra or Classic, or Bionlite Eco, Bionlite Eco Extra:
  • Alkabest by Sanuslife
  • All under-sink water ionizers: AquaVolta® Elégance and EOS Revelation, Tyent UCE 9000, UCE 1100, Ionquell Delphi, Chanson, etc.

Technical data:

  • Flow rate 150 liters to max. 300 liters/h, delivery height max. 0,70 m, quiet operation, infinitely adjustable output possible at the nozzle.
  • Euro plug with 1,5 m cable without switch.
  • Hose connection 13 mm diameter, other hose adapters are included
  • Power consumption 5 watts Voltage 230 volts 50 Hz. (Energy saving)
  • Size of the pump: L approx. 4,5 cm, W approx. 4,3 cm, H approx. 3,5 cm

It is more powerful than the decalcification pumps typically supplied with water ionizers and can withstand several decalcification cycles.

This submersible pump also creates a lively water feature in aquariums, terrariums and indoor fountains. If you find yourself unable to walk, simply tap it against a solid object.

The citric acid is used for descaling water ionizers and other household appliances.

From our point of view, it is still the gentlest descaler that does not have too low a pH value and is also food-safe, meaning it does not pose a danger to the human body. Only if it gets on the skin or in the eyes can it irritate them.

This is not the case, for example, with aminosulfonic acid or most other descalers. Some of these water ionizer descalers have a pH value below pH2, which we believe is too dangerous for the housewife.

It is better to use high doses and use a lot of water for descaling instead of using other descalers that are sometimes aggressive and harmful to health. Small splashes when descaling your ionizer are almost unavoidable. For this reason, when descaling, the outlet of the ionizer should be positioned as close as possible to the container with the descaling solution and the submersible pump.

A detailed one Instructions for descaling a water ionizer can be found on this page.

Descaling on-table and under-table water ionizer | Alkaline hydrogen water is rich in alkaline minerals (Ca, Mg, Na, Ka, ..) - so limescale is an issue, just like in the kettle!

Is calcium in water good or bad for the organism?

Every water ionizer must be descaled regularly. How often depends on the following factors:

  • Water hardness, i.e. the lime content of your tap water: – the harder your water, the faster the device can calcify
  • Water flow: – the slower the faster the device becomes calcified
  • Which ionization level is used: – At the highest level, the device calcifies faster than at the weaker ionization levels.
  • The limescale protection mechanism that is used. Very few water ionizers are well protected against calcification of the electrode plates. The water ionizers that are well protected against limescale include the AquaVolta® Moses 7, Alle EOS and Alkamedi (or in Germany Aquion) water ionizer brands

More information is available in the following FAQ posts with videos. Information about filter changes can be found on this website

Descaling a water ionizer with an ON-OFF solenoid valve

Most of the water ionizers that our customers mainly buy are the ones with a solenoid valve. These are ideal for permanent installation with a T-piece. At the push of a button, the water ionizers produce the last set ionization level because you remember it. In addition, the flow rate is fixed, which ensures that even small children can and will operate the system safely. We have Evidence videos.

The following water ionizers are among the models that have an ON-OFF solenoid valve:

How do I descale a water ionizer flow regulator (rotary regulator) | e.g. Moses-7, ECA-Plus, Aquion, Dion Family, Nexus?

If you own one of the water ionizers listed below, be sure to watch this video.
In short: Make sure that the pump can pump the citric acid solution into the filter. The rotary control should therefore always be set to OFF, i.e. in the off position. The following water ionizers have a flow control dial and are descaled analogously:

How are the AquaVolta® Elégance under-sink water ionizer and other under-sink ionizers decalcified?


Descaling | AquaVolta® Elégance undersink water ionizer


Descaling the AquaVolta® Elégance under-sink ionizer and all other under-sink ionizers is carried out as follows:


  1. Preparation: descaling container, citric acid, pump, correct adapter hoses
  2. Connect the pump to one of the two outlets using the included adapters
  3. Descaling process takes from two to four hours, depending on the degree of calcification
  4. If it ever stalls, simply let it run in filtered mode for 5 seconds and remove the air bubbles from the device and the hoses
  5. After the descaling process, rinse the water ionizer as well as the pump and adapter hoses sufficiently

The video explains the individual steps in detail with images and sound.

Note on hard water | Optimal use in daily use to delay the descaling periods


Although the AquaVolta® Elegance It also has a sophisticated decalcification concept, namely the automatic flow reversal after every change in the polarization of the electrodes AquaVolta® Elegance It is necessary to descale the under-sink water ionizer regularly.

Depending on usage, descaling may be necessary every 4 weeks to 12 months. This depends on various factors, which are shown as follows:

  • Water hardness or the lime content of tap water
  • The set water flow: the slower, the stronger the end result,
    the faster the calcification of the outlet for alkaline hydrogen water
  • The level set, the stronger the electrolysis power, the faster the calcification
  • The total amount of alkaline water produced daily


Optimal use in daily use

  • As soon as you have tapped the desired amount of active water into a container from your Elégance under-sink water ionizer, remove this and briefly press the Purified button. This will prevent activated water from relaxing in the ascending pipe. The Relaxation can lead to faster calcification of the line.
  • To You can then press the Stop button for five to ten seconds to press.
  • In the Start of tapping Leave it the other way around Drain stagnant water into the sink for five to ten seconds before holding the container under the water jet to fill it. And your Elégance under-counter water ionizer is ready for use.

Descaling Hybrid Hydrionator ® – mobile water ionizer


This video shows the individual descaling steps that must be observed, especially for water ionizers with flow regulators.

According to the latest experience, you can only descale in one pass, you don't have to turn the ionizer on and off between descaling.

The duration can also be extended up to 4 hours depending on the level of use and calcification.
If there is severe calcification, please replace the citric acid solution after an hour.

Descaling does not harm the water ionizer in any way. It's exactly the opposite, descaling is good for any water ionizer as long as you use citric acid and not acetic acid.

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