AquaVolta® EOS Touch 201 water ionizer – returned or used


(73 customer ratings)

You will receive as a promotional gift the portable H2 water generator AquaVolta® Nano hydrogen booster for on the go.

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When you purchase the EOS Touch water ionizer for the production of basic hydrogen water, you will receive the following products (clickable images):

AquaVolta® EOS Touch 201 | Water ionizer including H2 fumigation | Only returns or used devices are available

AquaVolta® EOS Touch Water Ionizer – 9 Giant Electrodes

  • The 12-stage, easy-to-change XXL double filter system offers the best possible pre-cleaning and taste improvement.
  • The large 7” TFT color display clearly shows all functions and also serves as a control panel
  • Thanks to the modern hose connector system at the bottom of the device, you can easily install the hoses for water supply and water drainage yourself. All installation material is included.
  • Thanks to 500 watts of maximum power, platinum-coated (approx. 0,25 µm) titanium electrodes using a galvanic process, and an electrolysis surface of 1336,5 cm², the EOS Touch can also handle hard water.
  • From our point of view, of all the water ionizers we know, it is the highest quality water ionizer with the strongest performance in terms of hydrogen and ORP value as measured by Mr. Asenbaum.
  • Even with pH values ​​above 10, the water still tastes pleasantly fresh and has little “alkaline water aftertaste”.

Brief information and technical data about the AquaVolta® EOS Touch water ionizer with 9 electrodes

Highly recommended: In our opinion, in addition to the very soft, delicious water taste, the AquaVolta® EOS Touch is by far the most modern table-top water ionizer to date with outstanding performance data. So far, all interested parties and customers have kept the AquaVolta® EOS Touch in the test phase and in the satisfaction guarantee phase! The almost identical, normal version without a touch panel is the AquaVolta® EOS Touch.

  • Price-performance ratio: Excellent: many high-end functionalities leave nothing to be desired, very high-quality workmanship, Includes 28-day free trial period, 182-day satisfaction guarantee upon purchase.
  • Electrodes: 9 electrode plates made of titanium, triple galvanically coated with the catalyst platinum (layer thickness: approx. 0,25 µm), effective electrode area: 1336,5 cm²
  • Number of filter cartridges: 2 filter cartridges based on silver-coated activated carbon, including calcium sulfite and tourmaline, price each Replacement cartridge: €87
  • Limescale protection mechanisms: Automatic polarity reversal after each use, additional cleaning every 10 to 30 liters, adjustable
  • German, pleasant, female, accent-free output voice
  • Max. pH / redox values ​​at 0,7 liters / min. basic ionized water (not input water) and °dH18: Despite the chalky Munich water: pH value: up to pH 11
    Redox potential: approx. -650mV (almost 1 volt excess electrons)
  • Hydrogen yield at °dH16-18, highest electrolysis level & 0,7 L/min alkaline water: ∼1200 ppb molecularly dissolved hydrogen/liter
  • IInstallation options: Either on the tap with the one supplied Switching valve and Regulating valve/shut-off valve
  • or with Included 3/8" T-piece (DVGW tested) firmly to the cold water pipe
  • Data shown on the display: Ionization level, current flow, liters flowed through the alkaline outlet for filters 1 and 2, pH value & redox potential (pre-programmed, adjustable or can be switched off).
  • Commissioning: Through ON-OFF touch control (solenoid valve)
  • Flow regulation: Optimal: 1,3 liters/min. alkaline, ionized water, for permanent installation via the T-piece, if installed on the tap, after the supplied changeover valve on the flow rate regulator, the total flow is already reduced by an supplied inlet valve
  • Guarantee services: 5 Years guarantee, as we are sure!
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 365 x 340 x 150 mm
  • Year of publication: 2015, large manufacturer from Seoul, Korea with over 8 years experience, the best in our view

Menu settings AquaVolta® EOS Touch water ionizer

Multifunctional display: Displays the pH value, the redox potential and the water flow

The pH and redox values ​​pre-programmed in the display can be precisely adjusted by the user to the values ​​actually determined. In addition to a lot of other useful information, the remaining filter capacities of both filters are shown in liters on the display. It is not necessary to reset the displayed filter running times as the filters are monitored by a filter chip.

We know the previous models, the Bionlite Platinion Classic with 5 platinum-coated titanium electrodes and the Bionlite Platinion other water ionizer brands are exceptionally low.

High performance filter | The remaining filter capacities of both filters are shown in liters on the display

The filter running times for both filters are shown separately and to the liter in the display. This means you always have an overview of how much water you have already used or how much water you can still use before you should replace one of the two filters.

As soon as a filter change is necessary, the inherent diagnostic module becomes active and shows the required filter change on the display. In addition, a voice output draws attention to the filter change.

Activated Carbon Water Filter 1 and 2 EOS Water Ionizer
  • Filter 1 consists of 90% activated carbon granules and 10% calcium ceramic balls
  • Filter 2: 80% activated carbon granules, 10% silicon ceramic balls, 10% calcium ceramic balls

AquaVolta EOS Water filter activated carbon and silicon ceramic balls


Nine, triple electroplated platinum-coated, scratched titanium electrodes

The platinum-coated titanium electrodes (plus-minus poles) perform the fundamental role of separating purified water into basic and acidic ionized water. However, there are huge differences in the basicity and quality of the active water of the various water ionizers, which are achieved by the thickness and type (galvanically applied or sprayed) of the platinum-titanium coating and the number of electrodes as a whole.

Each of the 9 electrodes is solidly dip-coated with three electroplated layers of platinum. In contrast to water ionizers with 5 or 7 electrodes, the 9-electrode ionizer is also suitable for very hard tap water above °dH 27; values ​​up to pH 10,5 and above can be safely and permanently achieved even with hard water.

An additional advantage of the platinum-titanium coating is that it has high electrical conductivity and thus enables flow-through electrolysis.

AquaVolta EOS Touch 201 water ionizer alkaline hydrogen water

Conclusion about the AquaVolta® EOS Touch water ionizer:

From our point of view, the AquaVolta® EOS Touch is the flagship of the manufacturer EOS and worth every euro.

If you want the same performance without a touch display, then this is it AquaVolta® EOS Genesis the right choice. Or the whole thing as an under-table device AquaVolta® EOS Revelation. From our point of view, the AquaVolta® EOS systems do what all others don't do, even tastier water than the already very tasty other water ionizers.

I can proudly say that the alkaline, hydrogen-rich water generally tastes excellent to almost all customers. It's best to try it out yourself, You test it with our satisfaction guarantee.


A total of up to 500 watts of total power!

Thanks to the high maximum power of the EOS Touch water ionizer with up to 500 watts of possible maximum power instead of the usual 90 to 120 watts for household ionizers, high flow rates can also be set, so that the AquaVolta® EOS Touch water ionizer meets even the highest performance requirements and is also suitable for the catering sector is.

When not in use, you can also switch off the ionizer at the main switch to save the environment from the standby power, even if the failure is minimal. This does not harm the technology.

Transformerless SMPS power supply for minimal heat and electrosmog load

Classic power transformers (transformers), which are widely used in water ionizers, are only designed to withstand a power supply of 100-150W/24-30V/5A.

As a result, a lot of PCB program errors or malfunctions occur because individual components overheat, which generates excess current during the electrolysis process. Instead, the manufacturer EOS is consistent SMPS as power supply one which can withstand a range outside 200-500W/24-35V/10-10A.

Advantages SMPS switching power supply

It reduces the overheating rate of the device even with more than twice the output current compared to other devices, thereby increasing both the cost-effectiveness and safety of the device by reducing the program error rate.

The SMPS power supply system makes the microprocessor-controlled AquaVolta® EOS Touch capable of continuous use for hours without the device overheating, performance dropping or electrosmog occurring, as can be the case with antiquated transformers.

73 Reviews for AquaVolta® EOS Touch 201 water ionizer – returned or used

  1. Michael G -

    Dear Mr. Akgün,...
    … Just for info!
    Our EOS-Touch used the first 4000 liters last week and I changed the filter. Then I decalcified it (every 1000 l) and tested the values: Ph and H2 in the acidic and basic range. All values ​​were the same as on the first day, or even better (although I have no explanation for this).
    Michael G

  2. Sepp M. -

    Dear Mr. Akgün,
    Thank you very much for the good and friendly advice.
    The offer is OK for me, I will instruct payment for tomorrow.
    The Flower of Life glue is not included on the invoice, but I would be grateful if you included 10-20 pieces.
    I first saw you on the Q24 TV channel.
    Since I work with frequency therapy in my practice, I have been looking for a good option for a long time to find a good device with which I can treat people with negative ions.
    I have already obtained information about Kangen devices, your friendly nature and humanity and of course your devices have convinced me.
    Thank you very much
    Best Regards
    Sepp M.

  3. avatar photo

    Yasin Akgun -

    Hello dear Ms. Buket Cebe,
    Thank you very much for the kind words and the great tip with the healing code.
    Could it be that the special healing code is this:
    God Light Love Truth Forgiveness Peace Healing… GLLWVFH
    And also 532 heart frequency music, and beautiful pictures of landscapes and other images with archetypes?
    Very very very exciting, thank you again.
    Will let you know when I have created a post about the Healing Code.
    Thank you
    Because of the 2nd installment. Yes, if you are satisfied with the EOS Touch, it would be due 4 weeks after receipt and use.
    All the best, Yasin Akgün.

    PS: Can I leave your valuable words with great keywords online please?
    Would be a huge help
    Thank you

  4. BC -

    Dear Mr. Akgün,
    I would also like to thank you for the very nice and informative conversation with you. Great that you have already used the exercise! It is currently the most effective method I know. And you can use it to work on any topic, unpleasant feeling, negative belief and stressful negative images.
    I got into it through a Facebook group where it was all about detoxification etc. There was talk of “Kangenwasser”. Then I googled and found out that Kangen water is made with chemical additives and that it can be done without chemicals. Then I discovered the Elysion and finally your YouTube video and Mr. Asenbaum's lecture. Now I'm very curious and looking forward to the ionizer. It sounds very promising, but you have to experience things for yourself before you know if it's right for you.
    If I have paid the first installment, when should the second one follow? One month later?
    Kind regards and I will try your tips,

  5. Romana A. -

    “PS: On the subject of water: many years ago I was always looking for drinkable water, which I once enjoyed as well water in my childhood, but unfortunately it wasn't good for long. For a while I fetched spring water from the forest under the full moon - a bit laborious; then I tried healing stones in the water container.
    I got your water ionizer as a tip from my energy specialist Krämer Erwin from Marchtrenk (Upper Austria) and tried a glass of water. And according to the picture in the brochure, my commuter commuted the device and found it to be very good. I'm looking forward to the water ionizer.
    Thanks in advance!
    Lots of love!
    Romana A.

  6. Vincent S -

    Good afternoon Mr. Akgün,
    First of all, thank you for the quick implementation.
    I have only been working intensively on the topic of how the human body really works for about 6 weeks. Since our “great” conventional medicine doesn’t really communicate this, you just have to take care of it yourself.
    In my case, I discovered that my body was too acidic and that I couldn't change my diet alone.
    Hence the alkaline water plus ionization to improve cell tension.
    After many hours of research, or rather days, I came to the decision that something definitely needs to be done and that not only applies to me but also to the rest of the population who should care about their lives. But I am not the Mesiah, that can only be achieved through self-knowledge.
    But I digress, I actually want to praise Mr. Asenbaum and his helpers for their great educational work.
    Keep it up!
    I hope my family and I will enjoy this product for a long time.
    It's not exactly cheap, but what can you do for a better and healthy life.
    Best regards,
    Vincent S
    But I have noticed that more and more people have become more awake and are interested in it.
    I have recommended their platform and tested products.

  7. Norbert S -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    Thank you very much for the very quick answers.
    Thank you again for the filter set and the stones (it's unbelievable what they send out for free!). I'm curious to see whether the stones have a noticeable effect.
    So far I'm very happy with the EOS 101 and I'm still really excited about the new water quality.
    Water can be addictive if it tastes good. …
    ... Thank you very much and best regards, Norbert S.

  8. Markus S -

    I have had an EOS Touch water ionizer for 1 year.
    I'm super satisfied, everything is perfect.
    I just have one question, can you let hot water out there?
    Best regards,
    Markus S

  9. Rupees -

    Hello dear Yasin
    I wanted to thank you again for your honest and friendly advice,
    What really impressed me is that you didn't want to sell me anything, in fact you even advised me against something that wouldn't have been of any use to me. I appreciated the honesty and that's why I warmly recommended you to others with a good feeling.
    My family and I are very satisfied with the AquaVolta Eos Touch. I have been looking for a long time for a complete package where everything is included and the quality is right.
    Above all, your envelope of cash offer that you made to me, the exchange of my old things plus additional payment worked out great. I noticed that you responded individually to my wishes and options and made the best possible.
    I was also happy about the 3 packs you also provided with Hydrogen effervescent tablets. I use it every time before exercise.
    The many telephone conversations and emails were always answered immediately,
    I'm glad I came across you
    Kind regards, Rupen

  10. Verona & Stefan W. -

    Dear Mr. Akgün,
    Our ionizer arrived on Saturday and we left everything behind to install it immediately 🙂
    Everything went like clockwork and we are now happily drinking the great water, me 11PH and my husband 9PH.
    I haven't tested anything yet, but my water tastes pretty similar to the alkaline concentrate I used to drink...
    We thank you both from the bottom of our hearts for the recommendation and the prompt processing of our order.
    PS we are totally happy with the EOS Touch!
    Verona & Stefan W. from Thuringia
    Von meinem iPhone gesendet

  11. Christian -

    Hi Yasin,
    understood! Thank you…
    We are all thrilled, Pia is also really happy with the EOS...
    Greetings Christian

  12. Michael S. -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    the device arrived safely. The installation went well, easier than I expected. …
    … Best regards
    Michael S.

  13. Andrew H -

    Dear Mr. Akgün,
    Thank you very much for the extensive collection of videos and the free additions!
    To answer your question at the end about how I came to this topic. I was with friends who recently owned an Aqiuon. I drank the water there and was surprised at how good it tasted.
    Then I looked into the topic in detail for the last 2 weeks. As a computer scientist, I generally always question everything that has a “button”. I also had various conversations with physics students, doctors from hematology and, last but not least, with your colleague (unfortunately I can't remember the name).
    Thanks to your good marketing and the great videos (praise is in order at this point) I was able to get a good picture of your company. I think I can't go wrong with your devices.
    Furthermore, the nutrition of my children (6 and 8 years old) and the associated “prevention” against diseases such as obesity, cancer, cardiovascular disease, etc. are very important to me!
    I have had reflux myself for almost 10 years. No doctor could tell me how to get rid of it. It works, namely with non-carbonated water and an alkaline diet. I wasn't aware of the part that you can make alkaline water yourself. Now let’s place the order with you! 🙂
    Many greetings from Saxony!
    Andrew H

  14. Hannes K. -

    Good afternoon Mr. Akgün
    We have an older couple who are friends and would now like to look into water treatment in more detail. I told them about our good experiences with you and your company and also mentioned that from time to time there might be the opportunity to purchase an exhibitor or return item.
    I'm getting ahead of myself a little and would like to ask you whether you would soon have an EOS Touch device available at favorable conditions? I think this is a very powerful and easy to use device that I would happily recommend

    Your recommendation for higher hydrogen production with the wastewater from acid production works perfectly. – Initially it came out very “cloudy” (I think from the Ca deposits etc) and then slowly it became clearer with good values ​​(so far I have practically only worked with alkaline water level 5). I now produce my drinking water once with the alkaline water level 5 and once with the acidic water/wastewater level 3 or 4. This way I can prevent more calcification or maintain high performance for longer, if I see it correctly.
    Thank you very much for your efforts and kind regards
    Hannes K.

  15. Anna H -

    our new roommate after the first test phase.
    The water tastes super delicious
    Thank you Mr Akgün
    All the best from South Tyrol
    Anna H

  16. Steffen -

    Hello Yasin,
    I can no longer imagine life without the EOS! Other family members are also infected.
    Can you please make me a good offer for my sister-in-law for the same EOS but without booster??
    Attached is a picture of the installation situation in the laundry room.
    Do you see a way how you could use this water connection for the washing machine and the ionizer?
    LG, Steffen

  17. Andreas Hainmüller -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    I have now measured again and have a PH of 3 at level 9,5 with a flow of 1,3 l.

  18. Torsten de S. -

    Dear Mr. Akgün, dear Mr. Asenbaum,
    Thank you very much for the fantastic service. I appreciate the great effort. …
    … Best regards,
    Torsten de S.

  19. Oliver P. -

    please send me a new current invoice / because in the end I bought a BRAND NEW device and gave an additional €200 into the hands of NURI 🙂
    so: …
    …(PS: are VERY SATISFIED with the device and your team!)
    Many thanks and best regards
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards
    Oliver P.

  20. N. Klinkmann -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    Fortunately, I can first give the all-clear!
    The incomprehensible pH values ​​that I gave you over the phone yesterday were probably primarily due to the fact that we used too much water or too few indicator drops for the measurement.
    Today we carefully measured again and got the following results for the individual stages:
    Level pH value
    1 8
    2 8-9
    3 9-10
    4 10
    5 11
    with a flow rate of between 1,2 and 1,6 liters.
    The flow rate is a critical factor for us anyway, because we have a well with a domestic water supply, which is why a stable value will never be achieved.
    Now we will first test the “new” water in peace: you can already say that it tastes significantly softer and somehow more liquid.
    Best regards and have a nice weekend!
    N. Klinkmann

  21. Lars E -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    Thank you for the quick processing of the order and the many helpful tips in the email. I would like to tell you briefly how I became aware of you. I've always drank a lot of water but never thought about the quality. Most of it was carbonated and bottled in plastic or glass bottles. For several years now I've had repeated problems with heartburn and chronic inflammation of the tendons and muscles. Because I As a passionate athlete, it's quite annoying. And no conventional doctor has any real advice. I think my body has become quite acidic over the years. I now only drink non-carbonated water from the tap. Thanks to my research on the internet about alkaline Nutrition, I became aware of your site about 4 months ago. It was actually the article on about alkaline hydrogen water. The topic of water ionizers is completely new to me, but I'm excited about the possible applications. I hope so too is a little good for my health. The second device is for my parents. After some convincing, they want to try it out.
    I wish you a nice Sunday Mr. Akgün and remain with kind regards
    Lars E

  22. Fam. Wandl -

    Good evening, Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Akgün!

    Thank you so much that it won't take much longer and I can receive the most beautiful and meaningful Christmas present for me and my family.
    I was quite sure that if I was going to buy such a great device, it would only be from you - because you won't find such great explanations and descriptions on the Internet as those from AQUACENTRUM.
    Thank you again so much that I can be sure that the shipment is already on its way to Mitterkirchen - also because of the financing, I think it's great that people with lower incomes are also there
    can do something like this for your health, thank you!!!

    LG – Wandl family from Austria
    Addendum: Hello, Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Akgun
    The joy is perfect - I really surprised my family with the Eos Touch. Very good water, you can feel it all over your body-
    Thank you again for making the purchase possible !
    Today I transferred the second payment of €2 to the account you specified.
    I will now have this amount debited 6 times using a standing order.
    Wishes to you – Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Akgün, have a happy new year!
    LG Fam. Change
    Addendum: Good morning, Mr. Dipl.-Akguen!
    I think of you often, as without your help I would certainly not have such a great device at home that is so important for my health. It was a very nice surprise for Christmas. We would never return this Aqua Touch. We have a lot Enjoy it. Some symptoms of illness also improve very quickly!!! I'll write to you again about this because I have to deliver newspapers now. Thank you again, Mr. Akguen for your email, I'll get back to you!
    Thank you, LG family Wandl
    —- Addendum on February 14, 2019:
    Good morning, Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Akgün!
    No problem about delivery - the most important thing is our very, very good and healthy water from the irreplaceable Aqua Volta Touch ionizer!!! Thanks for the info !
    LG to Munich! Fam. Wandl

  23. Ms. W. -

    Good evening, Mr. Dipl. – Ing. Akgün!

    First of all, thank you very much for your kind cooperation and trust. I'm really looking forward to the device, it will certainly be one of the most beautiful and meaningful Christmas presents for us.
    Thanks also for the help with affordable financing, but I don't want to confront you with my emails any longer.
    Kind regards, and have a nice weekend –
    wishes you Ms. W.

  24. Lars W. -

    Dear Mr. Akgün,
    Thanks for the invoice. …
    … Short note on their website:
    If you want to inquire about water ionizers on the Internet, you can't ignore their website.
    Lots of useful information and videos – just good!
    With kind regards,
    Lars W.

  25. Ruediger B. -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    Thank you for the praise. …
    ...Otherwise I'm happy and my family has now completely accepted it and is drinking the water diligently.
    Of course, the remaining amount will also be paid now.
    Yours faithfully
    Ruediger B.

  26. Alexander R -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    I just wanted to let you know that the installation of the water ionizer worked yesterday.
    Even though things in my apartment were a little more difficult than expected, Mr. Riegel managed to get everything done
    can. Everything was to my satisfaction. Thank you for the water ionizer! The water tastes great!
    Alexander R

  27. paul a. -

    Thank you very much, that's what I call service. I would happily pay more for a product like this. Wish a nice weekend.
    Kind regards from Upper Franconia
    paul a.

  28. F. Kartmann -

    Hello Yasin, I have everything so far..Water is very good...we are very happy that we decided to do this.
    We're thinking about getting two more of the blue bottles

  29. Nicole S -

    Hello Yasin,
    My machine has been connected for a short time now and I use it every day. Water is great! …
    … Thank you!
    Kind regards from Pulheim

  30. Karel -

    Hello Yasin,
    I have finished translating the EOS Touch instructions.
    I'd rather read through this a few times during the week, and I'll send it to you by Friday.
    EOS Touch works wonderfully and the water is delicious.
    Best regards,

  31. Angela V -

    All the best Mr. Akgün, I'm thrilled with how easy it is to use. I got everything set up well. I had a severe runny nose (cleaning) for 2 days this week. The water is good for me. In July I'll go for a bioscan measurement again and I'll see if my pH is up has improved.Today I spoke to a naturopath about you and he also said Aquacentrum are the best, honest, humane and competent.

  32. Sonja Vlaar -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    Thank you very much – I’m glad.
    The water tastes very good and, above all, the whole family drinks a lot more. The facility itself is of course really beautiful, an absolute asset to the kitchen in every respect.
    Long-term effects still remain to be seen, but since we live quite healthily anyway, it will probably take a while before we notice what might be “even better” in terms of health thanks to the water :-)
    I can't give a direct comparison to the old system because the Aqua Phönix wasn't used for a long time and only normal tap water was drunk...
    Kind regards to the entire team, Sonja

  33. Sebastian -

    Very beautiful!
    I still have a carbonite filter, but the water tastes bad
    not nearly as good!
    Thank you very much. LG

  34. Sylvia K -

    Hello Mr Akgün,

    We received the EOS Touch on February 23.02.2018rd, XNUMX and installed it straight away. Thanks to the video, this really worked out quite well...
    ... Overall, we can summarize so far that the recommended drinking water in grade 3 tastes very good. We had the impression that the stomach had to get used to it, so uninterrupted enjoyment didn't seem possible right from the start. However, there seems to be a period of getting used to it. Even the purified water tastes very good to us. And the cleaning results, especially for fruits and vegetables, are amazing.
    With kind regards,
    Sylvia K

  35. Werner B -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    Thank you very much for the information, I'll check it out when I get the chance! Thank you very much !
    My water ionizer EOS TOUCH plus Turbo Hydrogen arrived yesterday morning
    arrived safely. Yesterday evening I had both temporarily operational
    taken and they work perfectly!
    Thank you very much, everything went really well and I'm going to the bank today
    and transfer the bill!
    The water tastes great, I just have to do the tests to see if the PH value is
    and electron display shows approximately correctly.
    I have water from my own well but I also have the option of using the water
    from my brother's well. It has hardly any nitrate but a lot
    Sulfate. Water hardness is given as 14,4.
    All I know about my water is nitrate, which was around 30 years ago and it is
    from not so deep layers of earth.
    This morning I already have at least a liter of PH 9,5 and -350 mV water
    drank it and left out the baking soda water.
    I'm really looking forward to the new experiences and being in touch with you
    came !
    Thank you very much again and best regards,
    Werner B!

  36. Bernd G. -

    hello Yasin,
    I'm looking forward to our water isonizer like a little child enjoying an ice cream after a long winter.
    Thank you very much for providing the book.
    Greetings Bernd G.

  37. Stephen P -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    First of all, thank you for the quick delivery of the EOS Touch! 🙂
    I really like drinking the water, I like it very much. Before the EOS Touch, I had ALMOST NEVER (!) drunk water. For “healing” purposes, I now “force” myself to drink (approx.) three liters a day – but that doesn’t pose any problems! 🙂…
    …Best regards,
    or with best regards wherever there is!
    Stephen P

  38. Frederik -

    Hello Yasin...everything arrived safely...went really quickly..Thanks for that..But unfortunately the T-piece doesn't you have another one???
    Sending you some pictures too...Greetings Frederik

  39. Monika B. -

    Good evening Mr. Akgün,
    Good evening Ms. Gültekin,
    Good evening Mr. Asenbaum,
    the device is already here! The setup is already done! The first sip has already been drunk! Excellent!!!
    You are going faster than the police allow.
    Thank you so much for the good, very friendly advice and for the quick delivery.
    I'm going to test everything now.
    Now I wish you a peaceful weekend.
    I will pass on the active water books.
    Monika B.

  40. Paul -

    Hello Yasin, I am very satisfied so far, it runs absolutely problem-free. After about two years I changed both cartridges and it's running again. We use about 6 liters per day, even the children go to school with flat ones, thank you, have a nice day, Pavel :)

  41. Paul S. -

    Hello Yasin
    I never expected so much friendliness and humanity.
    Thank you very much for the great service, my friend. Of course I'll pay it immediately and I hope you have a nice day and weekend
    best from Czech Republic
    greetings Pavel 🙂

  42. Erwin H. -

    Hello to Munich,
    I just ordered the touch.
    Angle valve should be ½ inch, for under table.
    By the way: in your videos, the water in the bottle is not supposed to change for up to 6 weeks.
    I was very interested in this topic and would have bought it from them anyway.
    Even if you don't send me water.
    For me the ORP value is very important. That's why I even bought a device like this for over €600
    To measure this value. Cheap devices don't work. I've already bought and tried it.

    Erwin H.

  43. Anna Maria P. -

    Hello Mr Akgün,

    The device was very well packaged. Installing the water ionizer using a T-piece on the cold water pipe was quite easy, but I had to insert a second sealing ring to get everything tight. Operating the device is completely uncomplicated and self-explanatory. The fact that you can hang the device up is great, as it doesn't take up any space and doesn't bother you at all.
    The water tastes wonderfully fresh, so fresh that I don't want to drink any other water and I don't even like it anymore. This makes it a bit difficult if you are a guest somewhere else. It is very pleasant that we no longer have to carry water containers. And I am very happy that my husband no longer drinks water from PVC bottles.
    Of course, after 2 weeks there are no health effects. I'm excited to see if and what we'll find in the long term.
    I hope the device has a long lifespan.

  44. Lars W. -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    Thank you again for the problem-free purchase of the Eos
    Touch. The water tastes wonderful. …
    Greetings Lars

  45. Jean-Marie -

    Dear Yasin,
    A super fast delivery.
    Thank you
    Best regards from France

  46. Anna Maria P. -

    Dear Mr. Akgün,
    I have now reduced the flow to 1,4 liters, as you recommended.
    I measured all the values ​​with a pH measuring device and determined the following values:
    Tap water pH value 8,73.
    This value is correct because the Aachener Stadtwerke states a range of 6,5 – 9,5.
    I determined the following values ​​for the alkaline water:
    1 9,6
    2 9,75
    3. 9,83
    4 10,22
    5. 10,49

    For the acidic water
    2. 6,75 and at
    3. 6,5
    With kind regards,
    Anna Maria P.

  47. David S. -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    I can say that from level 3 onwards the water became really soft for the first time! Now it tastes good too! I hope I switched up too early!? Kind regards, David S.

  48. Konrad B -

    And thank you then...
    I'm glad that we (all people) have someone like you... because I firmly believe that what you do is the future... Keep it up.
    As soon as I've done the tests with the two ionizers, I'll report back to you
    The first installment that I already paid was 1000 euros… the second installment consists of 1070 euros + 200 euros for the booster = 1270 euros

  49. Robert M. -

    The water tastes excellent, but mainly, and my wife and I find it, it has a revitalizing effect. After just a week, we feel very comfortable and much more energetic than before. We wouldn't want to be without the ionizer anymore.
    LG, Robert M.

  50. Robert M. -

    Good evening Mr. Akgün,
    I wanted to let you know that I received your delivery today and thank you again for your courtesy
    and the many beautiful gifts.
    Kind regards from Luxembourg
    Robert M.

  51. Rainer Taufertshofer -

    Our house is a holistic healing center and the Aquacentrum Water is an integral part of it.
    Since we naturally have water of the highest quality, we don't really notice a difference. The alkaline ratio can be tasted at level 3-4. In any case, it is clearly noticeable that I drink significantly more. Positive health aspects of treated water will only become apparent over time.
    Best regards,

  52. Klaus H -

    Thank you very much Mr Akgün,
    I am looking forward to the ionizer and hope that it will help me and my family stay fit and healthy.
    Many greetings from Tölz
    Klaus H

  53. Patricia F. -

    Hello Mr. Akguen,
    Thank you very much for the many links and information.
    The delivery was super fast and I'm already enjoying drinking the new active water!

    Warm greetings from Vienna
    Patricia F.

  54. Jörg Noetzel (Verified owner) -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    We've been using the EOS Touch for quite a while now, and there have been further positive effects.
    At the beginning of the year I usually react allergically to early bloomers with the typical reactions such as itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing fits and a fatigue similar to a cold.
    Even though the pollen count started later this year, I can say: “My allergies are gone!”
    That's amazing, isn't it?

    I also tested how quickly the pH value neutralizes again. I always take enough water with me in the blue glass containers on my 3-4 day business trips. I also bought plastic bottles without plasticizers. Even though I don't fill it to the brim, the pH value only drops slightly. I can't say whether this is also the case with the redox value because I currently only have one pH tester. But I find it very reassuring :-).
    Water has become an integral part. The first liter disappeared by breakfast. No, how nice!

    My mother-in-law is now also interested in an EOS. Can you give me the same price?

    Have a nice weekend and greetings
    Jörg Noetzel

  55. Bartholomew Lamek -

    Great device, highly recommended!
    Completely fulfills its purpose!
    We consist of at least 75% water, if not much more.
    It is therefore obvious to take care of this element! To incorporate it in a high quality!
    Greetings from Augsburg
    Bartholomew Lamek

  56. Ellen H -

    Good afternoon Mr. Akgün,
    So, now the Eos is installed and put into operation, everything is ok….

  57. Bernard G. (Verified owner) -

    Water still tastes great. Also thanks for the brochures. I already have an interested party. That's actually exactly what she's looking for.

  58. Nikolay S. -

    So I'm actually quite happy with the EOS Jay and the Aquaphor filter in front of it. Water tastes really great!
    So nothing can happen...
    Thanks again and see you soon

  59. Rudolf K. -

    Hello, I received the order today
    I drank at least 5 liters of water in the afternoon
    It goes down like oil, great, why is that?
    Please call back again...

  60. Cerstin M. (Verified owner) -

    …Everything is wonderful – water is running!
    Thanks for your help.

  61. Peggy G. -

    Hello Mr. Akgün
    Thank you very much for the delivery. Everything arrived safely.
    The installation was completed in no time.
    Device works perfectly. We are curious about the effect of alkaline water.

  62. Thomas F. (Verified owner) -

    PS: The water still tastes very good. I usually drink level 3.
    PPS: I only removed the protective film this evening.

  63. Jörg N. (Verified owner) -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    I've been using the EOS for a while now and I'm very impressed with it. The aforementioned energy boost came after the first day. That was really awesome! After a while your body seems to get used to it and you don't notice it that much anymore. But the fact is that my ability to concentrate and stamina have improved massively, especially on long working days. The water's properties make it more digestible (fine cluster) and I drink significantly more water than ever before. It just tastes good :-). If I'm traveling for several days, I fill a few bottles. The PH level is maintained longer than I thought. I bought a PH meter to take samples. Fill the bottle to the brim and it works very well. The water actually ends up where it's supposed to go. I previously had some problems with hemorrhoids (embarrassing topic 🙂 ). After a week the problems were gone and the connective tissue was stable! Awesome, right? For me it's a sign that the active water “gets under your skin”, how nice. Sensitivities to gluten in wheat pasta or bread are also gone. Often had a “tension” in my stomach after eating. Acidification? I have no idea, the main thing is to get rid of it... through activated water.
    I feel very comfortable with the water. My wife never drank still water. I can't get rid of it anymore. Also good.
    The EOS Touch works very well. Every now and then I turn it off and on again because then the self-cleaning mode activates. But it wasn't really necessary until now. Preventive maintenance, so to speak.
    My conclusion: This investment was really worth it! Please continue in the same way so that even more people come to active water.
    Clear “thumbs up” from me Mr. Akgün!

    Jörg N.

  64. Evren (Verified owner) -

    So Yasin installed the EOS Touch and it was super easy. The device looks awesome in the kitchen. The water from the EOS tastes way better than other branded devices I've tried here and there recently. Thanks again for the fast delivery and great advice. I'm completely satisfied
    Greetings Evren

  65. Thomas F. (Verified owner) -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    the EOS Touch order arrived yesterday. I then set it up in the evening. So far so good.
    The water tastes very good.

  66. Waldemar B -

    Hello, Mr. Akgün, yes the water ionizer is running. So far very satisfied. If you make tea with the water you can see a clear difference. The water draws significantly more out of the tea bag.

  67. Gerd S -

    Dear Mr. Akgün,
    sorry for the delay and thank you very much for the option to pay in installments. I have just ordered the last installment. Had a bit of a financial squeeze. A copy of the transfer is attached.
    We are very satisfied and would be happy if we could keep you as a future water filter supplier. Of course with proper pay.
    Many warm greetings from Berlin
    Gerd S

  68. Richard S -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    Thank you very much for sending us the descaling submersible pump!
    The installation of the water ionizer last Saturday worked excellently and was very professional. Thank you very much for this too!

  69. Joachim S -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    It took a little longer, but the decision was made for the EOS Touch water ionizer!
    It took longer because checking the pH values ​​with the color scale was inadequate. That's why I borrowed professional laboratory equipment and determined the pH values. The result, see Appendix…

  70. Reinhard K -

    Dear Mr. Yasin Akgün,
    Thank you very much again for your detailed advice and your cooperation, I am thrilled with the water and the ease of use of your device.
    I think that we will do good business in the future and teach our fellow human beings about water technology and drinking water. I already have a very interesting contact that will build up a lot...

  71. Sebastian B -

    Dear Mr. Akgün,
    The water from the EOS Touch tastes great. The first time I have to say, this water tastes as clear and pure as if it comes from a fresh mountain spring.
    I am in contact with Mr. Asenbaum and sent him a few pictures this morning.
    These pictures are of my father (67 years old, diabetic, high blood pressure, gout symptoms)
    After a day, alkaline water from a cheap top ionizer (Aquaphaser).
    I raved so much about your device that my parents are now saving money and want to buy one of these ionizers at some point.
    Attached are the pictures of my father's morning urine after the first liters of alkaline water.
    I'm really happy that something seems to be happening with my parents. My mother in particular has massive acidosis in her body due to osteoarthritis.
    I (36) also had minimal protein in my urine this morning. I've been drinking EOS water since yesterday.
    My 95-year-old grandmother is now in the hospital with a suspected second stroke and is not doing particularly well. You probably won't be able to enjoy the alkaline water as quickly anymore...
    I'm now trying to convince my brother and my friends and first of all say thank you for your support in this great technology!
    Kind regards, Sebastian B.

  72. Christoph Walch -

    Top device and great quality...gets better and better and is really good for my stomach and my general condition. Since general over-cleaning can have a serious impact on your health, I only recommend drinking alkaline water and recommending this to friends and family. Thank you for the service and good health and long life.

  73. Mark Apple -

    I can only agree with Frank H.. I've already tested various devices, including the EOS Jay. Reliable, powerful device with a modern display. The water tastes very good to us and, in our opinion, is absorbed excellently by the body. The scope of delivery also includes various connection adapters with which any connection situation can be mastered on site. The device supports different modes. Initially, as with any ionizer, certain basic settings must be made (depending on the hardness of the water). For example, you should always set a lower power level or select a level at the beginning in order not to overload the body when detoxification begins and to allow it to change over slowly. The operation itself is by no means difficult, even for those with no technical knowledge. In addition, Mr. Akgün – and I know this from my own experience – is happy to answer any questions. I have been drinking alkaline active water with my family since 2009 and never want to be without it again. However, in order to understand the effects, you have to drink it regularly over a certain period of time. Since every person “ticks” differently, it is important to test the water or the device at home. Mr. Akgün therefore also offers a great test option as part of his satisfaction guarantee.

  74. avatar photo

    Age -

    This is probably our best water ionizer at the moment, 9 electrodes, strong performance, very stylish design, TOUCH display. Highly recommended, but currently more for softer water, it will soon get a little optimization and it will be the AquaVolta EOS Genesis strongest ionizer in the world. The current alternative is the AquaVolta Genesis:

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Installing the AquaVolta® EOS Touch water ionizer

Two installation options: on the tap and firmly on the cold water pipe

With two different installation variants, the AquaVolta® EOS Touch offers you maximum flexibility during installation. This way you are guaranteed to find the installation solution that is right for you:

1. Simple: The AquaVolta® EOS Touch installed directly on the tap

The AquaVolta® EOS Touch can – like all flow-through water ionizers – be installed directly on the tap. A very small and very robust switching valve is included in the scope of delivery. Three adapters for rarer faucet thread sizes are also included.

The supplied external flow rate regulating valve (see picture on the right, white T-connector with knurled screw) is mounted on the water inlet hose during the tap installation for one-time adjustment of the water flow.

Switching valve + adapter + flow regulating valve 600

2. Comfortable: The AquaVolta® EOS Touch is firmly attached to the cold water pipe

A much less common option for connecting the ionizer is the permanent water connection (often also called permanent installation).

An included one is provided for this purpose >T-piece (3/8” inch thread, pictured right) installed after the angle valve under your sink counter between the cold water hose of your faucet.

From there, the direct connection can be made using the included 1/4” hose.

To route the (6,25mm) 1/4” hose up to the water ionizer, a hole or grommet with a diameter of 6,5mm is required.

When we install a water ionizer, we drill with a 6mm drill bit and then enlarge the hole until the 6,35/XNUMX" hose fits exactly through.

T-piece John Guest 3-8 inches on the angle valve including flow regulation 600

Installation, descaling and other information
AquaVolta® EOS Touch ionizer for the production of basic, hydrogen-containing water

If you want the same performance without a touch display, then this is it AquaVolta® EOS Genesis the right choice. Or the whole thing as an under-table device AquaVolta® EOS Revelation. From our point of view, the AquaVolta® EOS systems do what all others don't do, even tastier water than the already very tasty other water ionizers.

Aquavolta EOS Touch 2018 control panel innovation

Menu navigation AquaVolta EOS Touch old version!

AquaVolta EOS Touch

Installation water ionizer | E.g. AquaVolta EOS Touch | Basic hydrogen water

Water Ionizer Test & Installation | AquaVolta EOS TOUCH | Hydrogen water

Descaling table-top ionizer customer service from the experts

Faucet installation of a water ionizer - M16, M18, M20, M22 adapter

Videos & pictures from users of the AquaVolta® EOS Touch water ionizer

to produce your own alkaline water with molecularly dissolved hydrogen:

EOS Touch water ionizer and Age 2 Go hydrogen water generator and 2 liter bottles 600

EOS Touch permanently installed & high drugs Age2 Go

Good evening Mr. Akgün,
Good evening Ms. Gültekin,
Good evening Mr. Asenbaum,

the device is already here! The setup is already done! The first sip has already been drunk! Excellent!!!

You are going faster than the police allow.

Thank you so much for the good, very friendly advice and for the quick delivery.
I'm going to test everything now.

Now I wish you a peaceful weekend.

I will pass on the active water books.


Monika Behling

AquaVolta® EOS Touch Installation Fitness Studio

EOS Touch water ionizer production hydrogen water return return 600

AquaVolta® EOS Touch for mixing with fitness powder

Aquavolta EOS Touch Fitness Center 3 600

AquaVolta® EOS Touch with 5 liter blue bottle

Aquavolta EOS Touch Fitness Center 4 600

AquaVolta® EOS Touch – filling alkaline water for drinking and acidic water for disinfecting

Water ionizer - EOS Touch Jay 101 alkaline hydrogen water 600

AquaVolta® EOS Touch Jay tabletop installation

AquaVolta EOS Touch water ionizer fixed installation 600

AquaVolta® EOS Touch permanent installation

AquaVolta EOS Touch installation with John Guest T-piece 600

AquaVolta® EOS Touch installation with John Guest T-piece

AquaVolta EOS Touch water ionizer fixed installation under the sink 600

AquaVolta® EOS Touch installation under the sink

Replacement filter for the AquaVolta® EOS Touch water ionizer

AquaVolta EOS Water filter activated carbon and silicon ceramic balls

High performance filter | The remaining filter capacities are shown in liters on the display

The filter running times for both filters are shown separately and to the liter in the display. This means you always have an overview of how much water you have already used or how much water you can still use before you should replace one of the two filters.

As soon as a filter change is necessary, the inherent diagnostic module becomes active and shows the required filter change on the display. In addition, a voice output draws attention to the filter change.

Composition filter | Activated carbon granules and silicon ceramic balls

Activated Carbon Water Filter 1 and 2 EOS Water Ionizer

  1. Start filter 1 below: sediment filter
  2. Silver-coated activated carbon granules, not regenerated, with silver vapor coating: This layer, which consists of fine-grained, natural coconut carbon, absorbs and filters the organic and foreign particles and ensures better taste and neutral smell.
  3. Antibacterial filter layer
  4. Silver-coated activated carbon granules, not regenerated, with silver vapor coating: This layer, which consists of fine-grained, natural coconut carbon, absorbs and filters the organic and foreign particles and ensures better taste and neutral smell.
  5. Start filter 2 below: sediment filter
  6. Silver-coated activated carbon granules, not regenerated, with silver vapor coating: This layer, which consists of fine-grained, natural coconut carbon, absorbs and filters the organic and foreign particles and ensures better taste and neutral smell.
  7. sediment filter
  8. Calcium granules to improve taste and harden soft water for better ionization results
  9. Antibacterial filter layer
  10. Silicon (silica) ceramic beads (sintered) to optimize taste

Technical data AquaVolta® EOS Touch water ionizer

  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 365 x 340 x 150 mm
  • Applied technology(s): Activated carbon filtering with 2 filter cartridges, flow electrolysis (galvanic ion separation)
  • Data shown on the display: Ionization level, current flow can be displayed using a key combination, liters flowed through filters 1 and 2, pH value & redox potential (approximate, can also be switched off)
  • Working medium: Tap water,
    Well water possible thanks to double filtering depending on water quality
  • Output Power: Shutdown at max. 500W, 12 amps at 30V DC
  • Flow range: 1 to approx. 2 liters / minute (alkaline water)
    ideal flow at approx. 1,3 to 1,5 liters / min.
  • Flow regulation: for permanent installation via the T-piece, if installed on the tap, after the supplied changeover valve on the supplied flow rate regulator
  • Number of electrodes and coating: 9 electrode plates made of titanium, triple electroplated platinum dip coating, layer thickness: approx. 0,25 µm, effective electrode area: 1336,5 cm²
  • Year of publication: 2015
  • Housing color and material: Front surface white acrylic glass, surface currently white, but should then become silver as shown
    protective film that is difficult to see can be removed after the test phase;
    Housing: Silver metallic painted plastic
  • Filter properties: 2 large filters, connected in series,
    0,45 µm activated carbon filter (granulate), multi-layered including silicon (makes the water have a rounder taste) and calcium (necessary for soft water)
  • Filter capacity: 2 filters, are replaced approximately every 4000 liters or every 6000 liters; Rotating filter change not possible
  • Filter costs per liter of water, including acidic wastewater:
    per replacement filter € 67,00 or approx. € 0,022 (2,2 cents) per liter despite the double filter system
  • Warranty period: 7 year full guarantee,
    Warranty extension possible, €50 surcharge for each additional year
  • Weight: 6,5 kg.
  • Thread standard diverter valve: M22x1mm
    Adapters supplied: M18xM22 (AG), M20xM22 (AG), M20xM22 (AG) long
  • Thread standard supplied DVGW-tested T-piece (John Guest):
    3/8” inch (0,925cm);
    1/2” inch T-piece (1,27 cm) available if required;
    Washing machine connection 3/4” inch (1,90 cm) also available if required

  • Manufacturer details: 1336,5cm², large manufacturer from Seoul, Korea with more than 10 years experience;
  • Installation options: Either on the tap or with 3/8” T-piece (DVGW tested) firmly to the cold water pipe;
    Caution: do not install after a low-pressure boiler, but before!
  • International certifications: CE, IEC, IECEE, FC
  • Line pressure: 2bar to 6bar,
    Adjustment using the supplied flow rate regulator valve (shut-off valve) and with inlet pressure reducer, which is also supplied
  • Delivery: Switching valve for the tap M22x1mm and three other adapters, 3/8” T-piece, 1/4” flow rate regulator, inlet pressure reducing valve 1/4”, 1/4” inlet and wastewater hose (3m), power cable, outlet, sieve filter ( Plug-in part), suction cup for the acidic wastewater hose, descaling pump, 500 grams of citric acid, indicator liquid for pH value measurement, operating instructions in German (revised) and English
  • Power supply and input voltage: SMPS switching power supply,
    85V – 280V, 50Hz – 60Hz
  • Operation method: On-off by solenoid valve / or operating sensor, continuous electrolysis,
    Automatic switch-off after 10-30 liters of alkaline water has flowed, depending on the setting
  • ORP or redox potentials in mV (millivolts) at 1 l/min (basic water), dH° 18:
    approx. -500mV (at the highest level 4 basic)
    up to approx. +500mV at strongly acidic (at highest level 2 acidic)
  • pH values ​​at 1 l/min (basic water), dH° 18: approx. pH10,8 (basic at the highest level 4)
    up to approx. pH5 at strongly acidic (highest level 2 acidic)
  • Hydrogen yield at °dH16-18, highest electrolysis level & 0,7 L/min alkaline water: ∼1200 ppb molecularly dissolved hydrogen/liter
  • Rinsing process or limescale protection method: Self-cleaning every 10-30 liters (adjustable)
  • Temperature incoming water: 4 ° C - 30 ° C
  • Maintenance effort: Descaling every 1 to 6 months, depending on the lime content and flow and liters flowed through;
    Since descaling also represents a complete disinfection, it is better to descale every 3 months. Citric acid and a pump for descaling are included and should last for at least 5 years

Downloads AquaVolta® EOS TOUCH water ionizer to produce alkaline water

> Product-related questions and answers (water filters, water ionizers, glass bottles)

Hello Mr Akgün,

thanks for your answers.

1) I have already taken pH measurements. The two pictures attached are the results of this. I reached ph9 at level 3.

2) I had already suspected that the leak stopper could be the cause. When I have the sleeve I will try to convert it again.

3) It's hanging for me Eos on a switchable socket and I unplug it every day. When I turn it on again the cleaning program always runs. Is that good or bad? It wouldn't bother me.

Thank you for your answers. All the best,

Thomas F.

PS: The water still tastes very good. I usually drink level 3.
PPS: I only removed the protective film this evening.

Answer from Yasin Akgün

Hello Mr. F.,

Thank you for your email and also your question.

Don't worry, the device won't mind if it's unplugged every day. Self-cleaning is something useful anyway.

The pH measurements are perfect, you have adjusted the flow perfectly. Since the penultimate level 3 is still blue, i.e. approximately pH 8, and the penultimate level has already tested purple, i.e. pH 9, you can be sure that the last level, level 5 on the EOS Touch, other devices do not have level 5 but only 4 levels, it is definitely extra alkaline, so it will have a pH of 10 or 10,5, which is what I like to drink the most.

So I wish you all the best with the delicious water

Bye for now

Yours, Yasin Akgün

Thomas F Eos Touch experience report water ionizer alkaline water2

Thomas F Eos Touch experience report water ionizer alkaline water

Link to the post

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Question about the leak stopper | Received by email on August 9.8.2016, XNUMX from Peter Z.


Hello Mr. Akgün!

Thank you for the quick delivery of the Genesis Platinum.

I found a leak stop in the package.

Can you tell me where to mount it?


Peter Z.

Leak stopper for water filters

Answer from Yasin Akgün

Good morning Mr. Z.,

Thanks for the feedback. It's nice that he EOS Genesis arrived the next day.

The leak stopper is installed after the T-piece at the bottom of the cabinet floor, where water would flow. The paint stopper would then become saturated; it has a sponge element at the bottom.

And then it would mechanically shut off the supply and it would mechanically shut off the water supply.

There is a replacement sponge element included in the module in case it accidentally gets wet and the flow is interrupted.

But the leakage protection module also reduces the water flow at the same time. If you have a low flow, the Leak Stopper is not recommended.

In addition, in the entire time of the Aquacentrum and the many devices installed, with and without our help, nothing serious has ever happened. In addition, if something were to leak, it would more likely be leaking in the device.

This means that you would notice it during ongoing operations and contact me accordingly.

I have to mention that this is with them EOS devices, now in over 7 years there have never been any leaks.

This can happen with other brands.

Hope this helps

All the best from Munich

Yours, Yasin Akgün

Link to the post

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It has rarely been necessary to reset the AquaVolta® EOS Touch

The AquaVolta® EOS Touch had to be reset a few very few times.

The error manifests itself in the fact that the touch controls do not respond or only respond to a limited extent. This case mostly happened after receiving the water ionizer. And it normally doesn't happen again during operation.

If you ever notice that a reset could be a solution, we ask you to follow the instructions in the picture on the right.


Step-by-step procedure to reset the EOS Touch water ionizer

  1. First turn off the device using the main switch at the bottom of the device and wait 10 seconds.
  2. Now touch and hold the touch display at the bottom right corner with your little finger and switch on the EOS Touch. While you continue to keep your finger touching the bottom corner, turn the device back on using the main switch. It is important that you press and hold as far as you can into the corner, preferably with your little finger. After about 10 seconds you can remove your finger again.
  3. A + symbol should now appear in the top left corner. If that doesn't happen, try steps 1 and 2 again
  4. Press and hold the plus (+) symbol that appears and keep it pressed until a plus symbol appears again in the lower right corner.
  5. Also press and hold the newly appeared plus (+) symbol
  6. When the screen returns to normal mode, you can check the touch button functions and enjoy and enjoy the alkaline ionized hydrogen water with the usual, delicious taste.

Aquavolta EOS Touch Reset Reset


Towards the end of the video: Reset EOS Touch 201 - if there are problems with the touch display

All AquaVolta® EOS water ionizers are indestructible - even after years

I have now spoken several times with customers who have been using an EOS water ionizer, then known as the Bionlite Platinion water ionizer, for over 7 years.
All water ionizers were still fully functional. There was a problem with two devices, but it had more to do with rust sediments in the tap water due to the incoming water.

A series many years ago had a program error: If the filter was used until 0 liters were in the display, you could not reset the filter even after replacing the filter. The solution is to replace the display module, which was done very quickly. I found out about this from a sales partner at the time, who was also able to confirm to me that apart from one small program error in a single series, there were no defects so far.

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General questions to ask before purchasing a water ionizer


Good afternoon Mr. Akgün,

I am interested in a water ionizer and have a few questions:

-What is the difference between EOS Touch and Revelation?

-After how many liters of water do you have to change the filter?

-Do you have to clean the device regularly?

-Is there 11,5 ph water to be able to wash clothes without detergent?

-Is there 2,5 ph water for disinfection?

-How complex is the installation if the water pipe is in the wall or bricked up?

-What are the exact dimensions of the devices?

Thank you and best regards


Answer from Yasin Akgün

Dear Ms. K.,
I would be happy to answer your questions as follows:

  1. The AquaVolta® EOS Touch Can be installed on the tap or permanently with a T-piece. But it's always above the sink. This would be an almost identical device AquaVolta® EOS Genesis, which is a little cheaper because it doesn't have a touch control, which has actually proven to be an advantage for our older customers. See the first video to see how easy it is to use.
    The AquaVolta® EOS Revelation is one of the few water ionizers that can be installed under the sink counter. In the past, under-table ionizers were not highly recommended for various reasons, especially if the tap water was particularly hardy. Thanks to the unique automatic limescale protection of the EOS Revelation (pre- and post-cleaning with rinsing), it is currently one of our most purchased water ionizers with the lowest return rates of under 1%. That's why I have currently reduced it by 2070 euros to 400 euros.
  2. The water filters are changed approximately every 3000 and 6000 liters. If you include the wastewater, then there are 4500 and 9000 liters. As a general rule, with normal use, you could change the first filter once a year, and the second one early after 2 years at the latest. Activated carbon should not be in contact with water for too long, even if the displayed liter values ​​have not yet been exhausted.
  3. Descaling is necessary for every water ionizer; the more calcareous the water, the lower the flow and the higher the ionization level set, the more often. The better ones are rarer as well as the cheaper devices, which we hardly offer, except in our used water ionizer category. Below is the website with more videos:
  4. The waters mentioned, concentrated anolyte and catholyte are only possible by adding salt. Then you would have to look into this ECA (electro chemically activated) capable water ionizer, but it is not submersible.
  5. You definitely need a way to connect. The connection can also be on the other side of a wall, as long as you can feed the 6/1” hose through a 4mm hole, everything is possible. Even over several meters. You should just show me what the connection looks like, preferably with a photo.
  6. Typically, our best-selling water ionizers, the EOS water ionizers, have the following dimensions: 34x34x15 cm. With the EOS Revelation, the control tap is added as a separate tap.

I hope my answers help you. I look forward to further questions. Greetings from Munich
Yours, Yasin Akgün

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Brief information about AquaVolta® EOS Revelation II

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