Replacement filters 1 & 2 | Microbench CL-061 Zion | Huon | Aqua Phoenix


  • Filter 1 and filter 2 in a set, suitable for the Zion CL-061 water ionizer from the manufacturer Mikrobank, imported from Aquaphoenix, see photos
  • Not to be confused with the Clion water ionizers
  • It wasn't easy to find a filter manufacturer that made exactly the right filters. Unfortunately, the original manufacturer has not been able to supply the filters for several years now
  • It's better to order more at once. We had 100 pieces of filter 1 and 100 pieces of filter 2 manufactured, but we can always order new ones if necessary. The tool costs have now been paid, which is why the price is slightly higher
  • Enough for 4000 liters of water flowed into the device, i.e. around 2000 liters of alkaline water drunk
  • Easy to change, self-explanatory and can also be read in the filter compartment

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Replacement filters 1 and 2 for the water ionizer: Microbank CL-061 Zion | Huon | Aqua Phoenix | Activated carbon filter

Microbank Zion CL 061 - water ionizer replacement filters 1 and 2 1000


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