Replacement filters AquaVolta® Elégance & AquaVolta® Exquisite


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  • Multi-layer, silver-coated activated carbon filter cartridge with mineral granules
  • Capacity: depending on tap water up to 3600 liters or more (adjustable in the menu) or 6 months (according to DIN standards)
  • In practice, customers change every 9 to 12 months, depending on usage
  • Safe against germination during long periods of use thanks to the use of silver ions
  • Use of various functional mineral ceramics that optimize the taste of the water
  • suitable for the AquaVolta® Elégance under-sink water ionizer and Countertop water ionizer AquaVolta® Exquisite

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Replacement filter for AquaVolta® Elégance undertabler & AquaVolta® Exquisite Tabletop ionizer

Filter properties and filter replacement of the im AquaVolta® Elegance & AquaVolta® Exquisite integrated water filter:

Bioceramic multi-stage activated carbon filter | Filter properties


Thanks to the world's leading multi-layer activated carbon granulate filter technology Manufacturer Kuraray The following pollutants are effectively and safely removed:

Drug residues, hormones, agricultural residues such as pesticides and insecticides, and other typical man-made chemicals.

The filter cartridge also contains BioStone ceramics made of tourmaline (semi-precious stone). When the water hits the tourmaline, tourmaline develops its effect because it naturally emits infrared radiation (FIR), which in turn changes the water structure by creating exclusion zones (Gerald Pollack) improved and the water prepared for ionization.

Filter change and filter reset AquaVolta® Elégance

Replacement filter AquaVolta® Elegance water ionizer undersink 600

Composition of the premium activated carbon filter cartridge


  1. sediment filter
  2. Silver-coated activated carbon filter granules, not regenerated, with silver vapor coating: This layer, which consists of fine-grained, natural coconut carbon, absorbs and filters the organic and foreign particles and ensures better taste and neutral smell.
  3. Antibacterial filter fleece
  4.  Antibacterial Ceramic: sintered ceramic beads
  5. Antibacterial filter fleece
  6. Biostone (tourmaline): sintered ceramic beads to optimize taste
  7. Antibacterial filter fleece
  8. Anion-Ceramic: sintered ceramic beads to slightly increase the redox potential
  9. Antibacterial filter fleece
  10. Calcium granules: for the slight calcium enrichment of very soft water, hard water does not become even harder
  11. Antibacterial filter fleece

Savings tip | Buy or order a second replacement filter

A filter is already installed in the scope of delivery of the devices. You only need a replacement filter after the filter supplied has been used up.
To save shipping costs, we recommend ordering a replacement filter when ordering the device.

Replacement filter suitable for the following AquaVolta® water ionizers:

AquaVolta Elegance under-table operating tap 600
AquaVolta Elegance undersink water ionizer interior view filter cartridges
AquaVolta pH2 table-top ionizer for the production of basic hydrogen water 600

1 review for Replacement filters AquaVolta® Elégance & AquaVolta® Exquisite

  1. Joao Miguel Torres Nova -

    I have been using the filters and of course the AquaVolta every day for 4 years now. We really appreciate the good water that we are allowed to drink every day.
    Top device, top advice.

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