Replacement filter set AQUAPHOR® Modern (2 pieces)


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  • Set of 2 replacement filters for the AQUAPHOR® table-top filter Modern
  • Filter car capacity: approx. 4000 liters or 6 months
  • Very easy to change the filter cartridges
  • Encapsulation gives the user the advantage of not coming into contact with either the new or the used filter medium, making it very hygienic and practical to use
  • Available as only activated carbon filter media (B200) and also including partial softener (B200H)
  • or with Activated carbon and softener ion exchange granules (B200H). Then your water will also be softer, but slightly more acidic in pH. The output water produced drops by approx. 1 pH value compared to the input water. In other words, if you have tap water that typically has a pH of 7,5, after filtering it through the softening filter insert it will drop to pH 6,5, which is half as bad. We then of course recommend at least this additional product.

Operating instructions AQUAPHOR® table-top filter Modern – replacement filter set AQUAPHOR® Modern

The AQUAPHOR® table-top filter modern consists of two activated carbon filter cartridges flowing through in parallel. These are attached at the top and bottom.
The device is closed with the housing covers.
The filters contain an innovative filter medium called AQUALEN®. This is a modified fiber kit, patented, and removes a wide range of contaminants that may be present in water.

Examples of substances that are largely removed are heavy metal ions, such as lead, which can be contained in the water due to installation in old domestic water pipes. This group of substances also includes iron, copper, cadmium and nickel. Substances that disrupt taste such as chlorine, if present, are also removed.
The high performance is also achieved by avoiding the formation of channels [so-called. Channel effect in loose granular beds].

Can be removed up to a percentage of

Chlorine: 100%

Organic substances: 98%

Phenol: 99%

Pesticides: 95%

Heavy metals: 98%

About the manufacturer AQUAPHOR

AQUAPHOR® is a leading filter and housing manufacturer for the American, Asian and European regions for POU and POE systems in private households as well as for commercial and industrial applications. The special quality is based on more than 30 international patents, which were developed by a team of scientists in our own chemical and microbiological laboratory facilities.

Appropriate control facilities are available for quality assurance (Protocol NSF 42, NSF 53 and EPA Microbiology). Water filters are offered as OEM products for international device manufacturers.

2 Reviews for Replacement filter set AQUAPHOR® Modern (2 pieces)

  1. Ruth L. -

    I am so grateful that you exist.
    All the best
    Ruth L.

  2. Marion M. -

    Good morning dear Yasin,

    Thank you very much for the advice about the softer filter, I like the water much better!

    Have a nice day and see you next time

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