Fostac Maximus P40 – M100 – M1000 Total Harmonizer

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Fostac Maximus® P40, M100, M200, M400 and M1000 total fengshui harmonizer / electrosmog harmonizer

The device is a functional device for harmonizing homes and objects. We have probably sold around 30 Fostac Maximus devices over the last 6 years. Not one customer has returned it in the satisfaction guarantee. It happened twice that someone returned it early after purchasing it. Feel it yourself. As an engineer at the Technical University of Munich, I would definitely not offer such an “esoteric” product at this point and would discredit myself if there wasn't really something to it.

You can see them below Test and satisfaction guarantee, i.e. you only pay when you are satisfied, and if you become dissatisfied after that, send it back to us within the first 6 months.

And here is the current one, Total price list for all Fostac Maximus devices, from the P40 to the M1250, all available. The M100 is typically ordered, even for smaller objects.

FOSTAC MAXIMUS® – the energy optimizer

The FOSTAC MAXIMUS® is a device for maximizing, harmonizing and optimizing natural energies in an existing energy field (information field).

Its functionality and effectiveness are based on the latest findings in modern quantum physics.

The following properties are assigned to the FOSTAC MAXIMUS®:

-Maximizes natural vertical energy flows in buildings

-Harmonizes internal and external low-frequency electrosmog

-Harmonizes most external high-frequency rays that act from the outside in within the respective field of effect

-Repolarizes harmful water veins and other geopathic interference fields (e.g. Curry network, Hartmann grid, Benker grid, faults, etc.)

-Increases the efficiency of the electrical current and increases the efficiency
-> This can then also be associated with a reduction in electricity consumption and/or with optimized electricity production or feed-in performance, e.g. with photovoltaics, bio-gas and CHP, etc

A large number of users report positive effects with the greatest benefit:

-Optimization of the energetic environment for people, animals and plants
-> Children, electro-sensitive and stressed people, but also animals and plants react particularly positively to this

-Increase in personal well-being, e.g. through more life energy, more joy in life, improved sleep quality, inner peace and balance
Improving water quality (more energy-rich drinking water

-Lower fuel consumption – lower fuel costs

-Excellent cost-benefit ratio

-Reduction of electricity consumption or optimization of electricity production – on average between 10% and 25% (downward and upward deviations are present)

-Higher feed-in power or significantly optimized electricity production

Furthermore, the FOSTAC MAXIMUS® is:

-Durable and maintenance-free (no mechanical parts)

-Suitable for all buildings, apartments and office spaces

-Equally interesting for private individuals as well as for trade, commerce and industry

In addition, companies report the following phenomena:

-More harmonious working atmosphere and improved team spirit

-Increase motivation and willingness to perform

-More creativity and lower error rates

-Less staff turnover and absences due to illness

-Higher customer frequency and a more positive operating result

FOSTAC MAXIMUS® – for people, animals and the environment

The FOSTAC MAXIMUS® is not an “energy-saving device” in the true sense, nor is it a device for producing additional electrical power; these effects are just two of several effects of its functionality and mode of operation.

The FOSTAC MAXIMUS® is a highly effective harmonization device, in a sense an energy optimizer for all living organisms. It maximizes the natural vertical energy flows in buildings, which supply all life with the necessary energy. It harmonizes internal and external electrosmog and repolarizes biologically negative water veins, but also other geopathic disruptive factors. He also organizes all degenerated, disharmonious energy fields in his sphere of influence and replenishes the energy stores.

If all of these points are brought into a harmonious order and the energy level in the harmonized building reaches 90 - 95%, the FOSTAC MAXIMUS® can also ensure an increase in the efficiency of the electrical current - and with it a significant one Reduction of electricity consumption and/or optimized electricity production.

The FOSTAC MAXIMUS® is not an electronic device in the traditional sense, the functionality and effectiveness of which can easily be proven based on measured values. His technology is based on findings from modern quantum physics, which primarily have to do with targeted information transfer in an existing energy or information field.

Unfortunately, this energy transfer cannot currently be demonstrated using conventional electrotechnical measurement methods. That is why it is currently not possible to generate reliable measurement data that then applies uniformly to all customers and all devices. As already mentioned, the local conditions, but also the special circumstances, must always be considered individually. In addition, the user's awareness plays a role that should not be underestimated in determining what measurable results can be achieved in individual cases.
Targeted transfer of information at the electron level

Using its programmed accumulators, the FOSTAC MAXIMUS® maximizes the natural, vertical energy flows in the building and carries out a targeted transfer of information at the electron level. As a result, the originally clockwise and biologically disharmonious electrons of the electrical current flow, whose radiation generally has a degenerative and health-damaging effect on humans, are repolarized or harmonized.

The electrons in the field of action of the FOSTAC MAXIMUS® receive very specific information in order to change their direction of rotation (intrinsic spin) from clockwise to counterclockwise. In this way, the radiation in the entire current flow is reversed from biologically negative in effect to biologically positive and every form of low-frequency electrosmog is harmonized. The same applies to almost all external and high-frequency radiation that acts from the outside in - with a few particularly aggressive exceptions. After this repolarization, the electrons are then back in harmony with nature and us humans as they rotate to the left, which will generally have a very positive effect on our entire energy system.

After the repolarization has taken place, the FOSTAC MAXIMUS® then optimizes all possibly degenerated and disharmonious energy fields, rearranges them and replenishes the existing energy stores - which can generally lead to a further increase in energy.

Children, electro-sensitive and stressed people in particular, but also animals and plants react particularly positively to this type of harmonization with the FOSTAC MAXIMUS®.
FOSTAC MAXIMUS – also increases the efficiency of electricity

The FOSTAC MAXIMUS® draws its energy from nature's permanent flow of electrons. A spherical energy and information field is created around the device, which acts like an antenna. This attracts additional neutral electrons from the natural energy field and introduces them directly into the electrical circuit, which is still predominantly biologically negatively charged.
In the next step, the programming on the accumulators of the FOSTAC MAXIMUS® ensures that high-frequency positive information is permanently transferred to these clockwise electrons of the electrical current.

This leads to a spin reversal of the electrons present to counterclockwise, which has a predominantly positive biological effect. On the other hand, this also increases the rotation speed of the spin.

We are sure that this acceleration of the spin also increases the existing charge of the electron. In this way, such an electron can increase the effective amount of charge in the current, which automatically leads to an increase in power. Consequently, less power consumption is required to do the same work. This reduction in power consumption naturally benefits the user on the one hand, but also benefits the environment to a large extent.

In addition, this increase in efficiency will generally also have a very beneficial effect on photovoltaic, biogas systems and CHPs. Here, electricity production can be significantly optimized and/or the feed-in capacity can be increased.
The FOSTAC MAXIMUS® can only perform to its full potential when all negative, energetic blockages and disharmonious influences in the respective field of action have been dissolved or harmonized. In most cases, this can take some time before there is a visible increase in efficiency in the flow of electricity.


The FOSTAC MAXIMUS® is available in different sizes and designs. The device types P40, M100 - M1250 can be used from single-family homes to commercial businesses, small and medium-sized companies to industrial and large companies.

The installation must only be carried out by licensed electrical specialist companies.
The latest generation device, the FOSTAC MAXIMUS P16, can easily be plugged into any power outlet, meaning there are no installation or deinstallation costs. It is suitable for apartments and smaller office spaces.

All devices also harmonize high-frequency electrosmog in an effective field appropriate to their size (larger buildings require additional aids), but the microwaves radiating from the inside to the outside must be harmonized separately.

The right choice of device is determined by the current strength in amperes, the size of the energy field and the electricity consumption per year.

Quality from FOSTAC

The FOSTAC MAXIMUS® is a Swiss quality product, developed in-house by FOSTAC and meets the requirements of the European standard.
The devices have been tested and certified by SEV / ELECTROSUISSE (Association for Electrical, Energy and Information Technology). They therefore meet all the conditions of the declaration of conformity for use in many countries around the world (according to this list: country approval).
Guarantee and warranty

The manufacturer offers a two-year warranty on materials and workmanship under normal conditions of use.


Where can the FOSTAC MAXIMUS® be connected?

The FOSTAC MAXIMUS® is connected to the main circuit, behind the meter. In systems with several buildings and their own electricity meters, several FOSTAC MAXIMUS® may need to be installed.

Which fuses are relevant for the size of the FOSTAC MAXIMUS®?

The current rating on the main line fuse (usually below the meter) indicates the maximum current [A] of the electrical system. This may possibly be smaller than the current strength of the main connection in the house. If necessary, the electrician should check this; this should always be done in commercial systems!

The current strength is greater than permitted with the FOSTAC MAXIMUS®

If the current strength is greater than permitted by the selected FOSTAC MAXIMUS® device, e.g. 50 A for the P40 (max. 40 A), then the next larger FOSTAC MAXIMUS® (e.g. M100) should be used.

Can the FOSTAC MAXIMUS® be installed in an apartment?

It is possible to install the FOSTAC MAXIMUS® in a rental or condominium. However, it must be noted that this usually results in more difficult installation work because the FOSTAC MAXIMUS® is usually not connected near the meter, but in the apartment in front of the sub-distributor. The connection is then made at the side or (if possible) at the back through the wall.

Multiple meters in one residential unit

If there are several meters in a residential unit, the FOSTAC MAXIMUS® should be connected between the (main) meter (usually the living area) and the sub-distributor. A second FOSTAC MAXIMUS® at the (auxiliary) meter can be implemented, but is not necessary! For the second meter (e.g. for a heat pump, a swimming pool or underfloor heating) you can certainly do without the additional FOSTAC MAXIMUS®. The current harmonization is the same because we are in the AC voltage range and the device works in both directions.

Several residential units in the house

For buildings with several residential units, the supply line to the building is taken into account. The FOSTAC MAXIMUS® is advantageously installed behind the general meter. This is because electricity is always flowing here. Example: there are illuminated light switches in the stairwell, the heating is also controlled via the general meter. The laundry rooms are usually also connected to the general meter.

How many FOSTAC MAXIMUS® are used in large building complexes?

For larger objects, such as a farm with a photovoltaic system on another building, the installation of two separate FOSTAC MAXIMUS® is recommended. The first FOSTAC MAXIMUS® is used to harmonize and optimize the electricity supply in the apartment, the second to optimize the energy supply of electricity. In a small or medium-sized business, the field can be pulled/expanded in one direction with a second device.

Can the FOSTAC MAXIMUS® also be connected when power is fed in?

The FOSTAC MAXIMUS® can also be installed with alternative power sources. In photovoltaic systems, wind turbines, hydroelectric power plants or a combined heat and power system, the use of the FOSTAC MAXIMUS® results in optimized electricity generation. The FOSTAC MAXIMUS® is connected between the inverter or generator and the meter.

Can the FOSTAC MAXIMUS® also be installed outdoors?

The FOSTAC MAXIMUS® can also be installed outdoors, but it should be protected from rain and snow. In such cases, please install or set up weather protection (another housing) and install the FOSTAC MAXIMUS® in it.

Is it possible to remove the FOSTAC MAXIMUS® accumulators from the box during installation and install them directly in the distribution cabinet?

FOSTAC MAXIMUS® are devices with a device guarantee. It is possible to remove the batteries and install them directly in the distribution cabinet, but then our device warranty expires and the electrician is responsible for a professional installation! In addition, the minimum distances between the batteries must be strictly adhered to. If the accumulators are too close together, they rob each other of energy.

Is the FOSTAC MAXIMUS® available with a “concealed box”?

Due to low demand, there are currently no flush-mounted devices on offer.

Can the FOSTAC MAXIMUS® be installed in buildings with their own transformers?

In buildings and industrial plants with their own transformer transformers in the house, the FOSTAC MAXIMUS® may only be installed behind the meter and the transformer in the low-voltage network (230/400V) (400/690V). The FOSTAC MAXIMUS® is designed for a maximum of 690V 50Hz.

Is the FOSTAC MAXIMUS® subject to special revisions or service checks?

No, the electrician takes responsibility for the professional installation! The FOSTAC MAXIMUS® has no rotating or service-requiring parts.

If there is still a four-wire TN-C system in the house, is a conversion to the five-wire TN-S system necessary?

Our FOSTAC MAXIMUS® devices have approval for all TN systems. When installing with a four-wire system, the housing is connected to the PEN conductor or via an additional ground (protective conductor) that is routed to the FOSTAC MAXIMUS®!

Can there be problems if the buildings have a three-phase connection?

No, three-phase current is just a special type of connection for electrical devices with 3 phases. The FOSTAC MAXIMUS® are designed for 3 phases. If the PEN or N is missing, the second phase can, for example, be routed via two accumulators in order to use the entire device. If an accumulator remains free, it is characterized by a smaller field of action.

Does the installation of the FOSTAC MAXUMUS® have to be carried out by a special electrical company or can the customer's in-house electrician carry it out?

Installation can be carried out by any licensed electrician.

Are there devices in the power network that can harm the FOSTAC MAXIMUS®?

No, the FOSTAC MAXIMUS® can be installed (behind the meter) in any 230/400V or 400/690V low voltage network. Regardless of which devices (light, heater or electric motor) are connected.

If two FOSTAC MAXIMUS® are installed in a building so that the fields overlap, could the FOSTAC MAXIMUS® also be installed outdoors?

The two fields combine to form one field and where the original fields overlap, the information is denser, which has no further influence. If you want to create a larger field with two FOSTAC MAXIMUS®, the formula applies: (Radius1 + Radius2) + 30% of this = max. distance between the two FOSTAC MAXIMUS®.

If I want to connect a FOSTAC MAXIMUS®, I have to route the feed to L1, L2, L3. Can the FOSTAC MAXIMUS® also be installed outdoors?

Since we work in the alternating voltage range, it doesn't matter which side I bring the feed from.

For a P40/M100, does it matter whether the cabinet is mounted horizontally or vertically?

No, the installation position is irrelevant for the small devices P40 up to and including M250W. These devices work in any position, even standing upside down, which has already been implemented for reasons of space. Floor-standing cabinets should not be laid on their side, otherwise the glass of the batteries could slip and burst onto the copper rails.

If only one phase of a FOSTAC MAXIMUS® is routed across the entire device, does the field build up the same?

If for some technical reasons there is no other way to connect the device, one phase can be looped across all batteries. The field of effect becomes the same size. The harmonizing effect on the network, however, is very low.

2 Reviews for Fostac Maximus P40 – M100 – M1000 Total Harmonizer

  1. Stefan -

    I had the device installed as part of the new construction of my residential and commercial building. And even now that everyone has super back payments for gas and electricity, I currently pay 1840 euros a year for gas and electricity. Living area 270m2, where
    120m2 can be fully used permanently. Wiener Neustadt-Austria

  2. Bergei -

    My experience was almost the same

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Technical data Fostac Maximus

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