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  • Water ionizer to produce pH-neutral hydrogen water
  • Does not produce wastewater, only exhaust air (oxygen and ozone)
  • Incl. 2 integrated filters, change every 6-12 months, filters will be available soon
  • Dimensions: 13cm x 33,8cm x 38,5cm
  • Achievable molecular hydrogen content: 1200 ppb (parts per billion) or 1,2 mg (ppm, parts per million), with a minimum flow of approx. 1 liter / minute
  • Only used for tests and photos, not used in practice, so like new
  • 2 years full guarantee from purchase, will be noted on the invoice
  • We recommend a normal one Flow-through water ionizer, because on the one hand they also produce alkaline, particularly tasty water, and the saturation limit for hydrogen at normal pressure in an alkaline environment can be over 2500 ppb. Evidence videos are currently in the works
  • If only neutral hydrogen water is desired, we recommend this mobile, battery-operated hydrogen generator, our current one most popular product, the AquaVolta® hydrogen booster
  • Instructions h2FX Hydrogen Infusion Machine (HIM) – German
  • Filter costs: Filter 1: €77,00. Filter 2: €77,00, replacement filters are available
  • Special offer with full guarantee: Drastically reduced to make room

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HIM ionizer | Hydrogen infusion machines

HIM ionizer

The best chemical H2 generator I found stored 1200 ppb of hydrogen in the water. This value is also quoted by most manufacturers of such devices, even if it cannot be achieved in every type of water. However, in order to achieve such values, one A waiting time of around 12 hours is required and only a small amount of hydrogen water - usually 0,5 liters - can be produced with it. This is not compatible with a normal lifestyle because no one has that much time when they are thirsty.
To solve the problem of long preparation times, hydrogen infusion machines (HIM) were developed that extract hydrogen from a flow-through electrolysis cell and dissolve it in water. The technology works like this:

HIM Ionizer Hydrogen Infusion Machine-1

HIM Ionizer Hydrogen Infusion Machine-2The basic idea of ​​the HIM ionizer is to carry out the electrolysis to produce hydrogen gas using a PEM cell that runs on demineralized water and produces only the gases hydrogen and oxygen. The resulting hydrogen is mixed with normal mineral-containing drinking water in a dispersion chamber, the oxygen and the resulting ozone are released into the air.
In 2016 and 2017 I tested HIMs from various manufacturers for their hydrogen content. No one was able to fulfill the promise of dissolving 1200 ppb of hydrogen in Munich's tap water. The values ​​were between 300 and 800 ppb. Only one H2fX cell reached 1100 ppb.
Some of the constructions in which HWCM modules are installed are more reminiscent of a LEGO construction set than of technology ready for series production, such as the “hydrogen server” shown here, which is intended to be installed as an under-table device. Most of the time only the ones supplied have 12 V Power supplies have a European CE approval, not the devices themselves. These devices, which store not more, but less hydrogen than today's water ionizers, still have a lot of catching up to do in engineering. The ozone problem is also unsolved.HIM Ionizer Hydrogen Infusion Machine-3
Even water from a HIM ionizer that creates 1100 ppb releases significant gas bubbles after 11 hours, even faster than with water ionizers.

HIM Ionizer Hydrogen Infusion Machine-4

The talk of better hydrogen dispersion turns out to be a big marketing speech bubble.

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  1. Simone Wolf -

    The H2 Fx HIM is so great. The water tastes so delicious. All guests who tried it were thrilled.
    Oh, the exhaust air is pure oxygen, not ozone.
    And the electrolysis is only carried out on 0,1% of the water as ultrapure water.

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Instructions h2FX Hydrogen Infusion Machine (HIM) – German

Manual H2FX Hydrogen Infusion Machine to generate Hydrogen Rich Water (HRW)