H2Cap Plus | compact hydrogen water generator without battery > USB-C


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  • Hydrogen generator LID for extremely tasty hydrogen water with a very high molecularly dissolved hydrogen content
  • Suitable for all water, including reverse osmosis and distilled water
  • Small, light, mobile, fast - electrolysis time per switch-on by plugging in the USB-C cable: is automatically calculated by the H2Cap Plus, 3-5 minutes
  • Hydrogen yield, in 500 ml plastic water bottle: approx. 90 ppb (parts per billion) or 0,09 ppm (parts per million) per minute, e.g. approx. 0,9 ppm H2 content after 10 minutes.
  • Operation with USB-C cable, no battery available! Switch on by plugging in the USB-C cable
  • Dimensions: ∅ 37mm, height 42mm, bottle thread: 32mm, not 28mm!, 2 year full guarantee

H2CAP Plus with bubbles
H2Cap Plus | compact hydrogen water generator without battery > USB-C
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You will receive the following products free of charge when you purchase the H2Cap Plus hydrogen water generator (Images clickable):

H2CAP Plus lid height

H2Cap Plus | compact and very light hydrogen water generator without a battery

On the left you can see the lid that produces the hydrogen-containing water. Everything is inside the lid and the results are excellent. With a diameter of ∅37mm, a height of 42mm and just 53g, the H2Cap Plus is the smallest, lightest and most convenient hydrogen water generator. our H2Cap Plus can be used with most bottled water that has a 28 mm screw cap. This means you can quickly and easily produce the benefits of activated, hydrogen-rich water anywhere and at any time. It is operated via a USB-C cable, so it does not have a battery. This means there is a dependency on an external USB source. A power plug for the USB-C cable is included with the USB-C charging cable.


H2CAP Plus with bubbles

What's in the H2Cap Plus lid - The first 9-layer hydrogen generator

H2CAP Plus lid inside

The use of a unique, patented platinum-coated titanium plate enables the most efficient electrolysis and therefore the highest proportion of long-lasting molecular hydrogen water.

H2CAP Plus electrode

Patented CROSS-MESH electrode plates
Patented design of efficient cross-mesh platinum-titanium electrode plates.

H2CAP Plus PEM membrane

H2CAP Plus uses a special cation exchange membrane with minimal power generation to produce a high concentration of pure hydrogen.

H2CAP Plus functional diagram

Features H2 Cap Plus | H2 water generator

  • 1. Top cap. Every plastic used to make H2CAP Plus is made with TRITAN, including the lid. It is completely BPA free.
  • 2. Non-toxic silicone ring. The non-toxic silicone prevents water leakage.
  • 3. Housing. By using stainless steel, it has the best design and durability.
  • 4. USB-C port. Since it is powered via a USB-C cable, it is suitable for various devices.
  • 5. Bottom cap. It is also made from non-toxic elastomer.

H2CAP Plus bottle 500ml

Fill H2CAP Plus


H2CAP Plus Charging 1

Screw the lid onto the bottle. Combine the H2CAP with the water bottle filled to the limit. Turn the water bottle upside down in combination with the H2CAP.

H2CAP Plus Charging 2

Plug in USB-C cable. Connect the other side of the USB-C cable to the power adapter. Once the electricity is delivered, H2CAP Plus automatically starts producing hydrogen.

H2CAP Plus Charging 3

The lid lights up when switched on. And it also switches off automatically when finished. Disconnect the H2CAP and enjoy your hydrogen water.

The lid lights up orange when descaling is due.

Water values ​​– determined by Karl Heinz Asenbaum


With 500 ml of reverse osmosis water prepared in the plastic bottle:

after 5 minutes = 500 ppb, or 0,5 ppm molecularly dissolved H2 content

Please note that the blue H2 content test drops supplied show values ​​that are too high, more than twice as high.

See the video on the right. If you absolutely want to determine measured values, then use the calibrated, internationally recognized ones H2 Blue Kit® titration drops.

You are welcome to create a video and send it to us.


Wonderlab H2 titration drops in comparison with H2 Blue Kit®

AI cleaning alarm

H2CAP Plus monitors automatically the condition of the electrode plates and the membrane.

And it informs you about one orange LED on the bottom, if it cannot produce 1.000 PPB hydrogen water. Up to 1.500 PPB anytime, anywhere.

Using a digital system and a dedicated power supply system, H2CAP Plus regularly checks the condition of the water quality, membrane and electrode plates.

It helps H2CAP produce the purest hydrogen water up to 1.500 ppb every time you use it.

AUTO System - H2CAP Plus works automatically when connected to a power adapter and turns off automatically when finished.

Using the H2CAP Plus

H2CAP Plus works best with a voltage of 5V,1A and a water temperature of 10 to 30°C.

An adapter higher than 5,6V may damage the product.

Power can be provided via mobile phone, portable batteries, mobile chargers, laptop and PC via USB-C.

Do not use excessive force when connecting the USB-C cable to H2CAP Plus.

Operating the product produces a large amount of hydrogen gas, which may cause a hissing noise when H2CAP Plus is opened.

If you operate the H2CAP Plus with alkaline water (above pH 8), the hydrogen content is slightly higher.

Information about the H2CAP Plus H2 water generator

During hydrogen production or after completion, a small amount of water may escape through the bottom cap due to the pressure built up.

The bottle must be upright upon completion and allow the bottle to degas.

Using it several times in a row can build up a lot of pressure. Unplug the USB-C cable and open the H2CAP Plus to release the excess pressure.

Never use without water.

Screw the H2CAP Plus cap onto a water bottle with feeling. Too much force can damage the cap.

If the white LED flashes every second, you are using a different voltage source.

Cleaning H2Cap Plus

Before first use, please rinse with a teaspoon of citric acid mixed with lukewarm water.

If you see that many large bubbles are generated during startup, the cleaning process is now necessary.

The H2CAP Plus automatically detects when hydrogen levels are decreasing and needs to be cleaned.

You can pour a citric acid solution into the bottle and close it with the H2CAP Plus. Then place on the lid and let stand for at least 5 minutes.

Connect the power supply. After a short time the white LED starts to light up.

After a few seconds, the white LED goes out briefly.

Exactly then Disconnect the USB-C cable very briefly and reconnect it immediately to activate cleaning mode for 2 minutes.

A little water may leak from the bottom of the H2CAP during cleaning.

Little or no hydrogen water is produced during cleaning.

If the H2CAP Plus is not cleaned soon after the cleaning alarm, performance may be impaired or long-term malfunction may occur.

After cleaning, rinse the bottle and the H2CAP Plus well with pure water.

Never use other materials for cleaning, such as: cleaning agents / chlorine bleach / tools

H2CAP Plus table chart

Hydrogen enrichment (according to the manufacturer, without guarantee)

Left the enrichment of dissolved hydrogen (PPB)

Below is the time in hours

Red: Filtered spring water

Green: Filtered reverse osmosis water

Black: Filtered tap water

Yellow: Filtered reverse osmosis water, lid open

Hydrogen water – Don’t just drink it! | recommendations


  • Drink up to 0,3 l per 10 kg of body weight daily. Correspondingly more at high temperatures and/or heavy physical exertion. Use water that is as alkaline as possible. One of the classic ones would be ideal AquaVolta® water ionizer, which prepares filtered alkaline activated water that already contains 0,6 to 1,2 ppm hydrogen. The H2Cap Plus hydrogen booster Its high-pressure technology can then store additional hydrogen in the water, making it suitable for pickling food:
  • Soak fruits, salads, cut flowers, raw eggs, fish, meat and vegetables in fresh hydrogen water for 15-30 minutes. Such foods refresh themselves by absorbing hydrogen, which even passes through eggshells. The penetration of hydrogen reduces the redox potential of the food, which, for example, the food tester Prof. Dr. Manfred Hoffmann considers it to be a sign of higher food quality.

  • Mix milk powder, diet powder, fitness powder etc. with hydrogen water. Dissolve mineral and vitamin mixtures in it. The redox potential also decreases favorably due to the role of dissolved hydrogen.
  • Buy juice concentrates – if possible with an organic seal. This is what you do No more dragging and environmental pollution from beverage packaging. No manufacturer on the market can yet supply juices with better redox potential. Please refer: Asenbaum, KH, Electroactivated Water, Munich 2016, p. 43 ff.
  • Mix alcoholic drinks and cocktails with hydrogen water. They become milder and the taste comes into its own better. Make ice cubes from hydrogen water.
  • After drinking alcohol, drink 2 glasses in the evening and 2 glasses the next morning on an empty stomach.
  • Give your pets (dogs, cats…) hydrogen-rich water to drink and watch the positive changes in coat and overall health.

Hydrogen water | Best made with alkaline, already activated water from a water ionizer

In contrast to alkaline active water from one classic water ionizer the pH value of the treated water is maintained.

Hydrogen water can also be slightly acidic, although not as much hydrogen can be stored as in alkaline water.

For example, we measure a significantly lower hydrogen content in slightly acidic reverse osmosis water treated in the same way than in slightly alkaline mineral water such as Aqua Panna:

The ratio is 1,2 ppm to 1,9 ppm for mineral water.

You will receive the following products free of charge when you purchase the H2Cap Plus hydrogen water generator (Images clickable):

Hydrogen testing by titration (H2 Blue Kit ® test drops)

From the redox potential to measuring the dissolved hydrogen in active water

In the past, only the redox potential was measured to determine the antioxidant effect of activated water. But this is a very imprecise and relative value because the redox potential depends not only on the dissolved hydrogen, but also on the different redox potentials of the various substances dissolved in the water, e.g. B. Minerals are influenced. (see also the video about baby milk powder and water selection)

After the role of hydrogen was recognized as important, a supposed hydrogen measuring device came onto the market in Japan (Trustlex ENH 1000), which calculates a dissolved hydrogen content from the measured redox potential using an experience-based conversion factor of approx. (-)2,14 wanted to derive.

However, this factor has been criticized by numerous experts and Trustlex itself admits that the device does not work properly.

H2 Blue Kit Hydrogen test liquid when dripping

Measurement | Hydrogen content | with the H2 Blue Kit ® test drops

1 drop of the H2 Blue Kit ® is currently internationally recognized as evidence of 100 ppb (0,1 ppm) of dissolved hydrogen in water.

  1. In the picture (middle) you can see the normal container of the AquaVolta® hydrogen booster, which is filled with 0,2 l of tap water (Munich) and with 10 drops of the Reagent solution H2 Blue Kit® was filled.
  2. After 25 seconds of operation, the solution decolorized and thus detected dissolved hydrogen.
  3. In the 7 minute operating level, the AquaVolta® hydrogen booster achieved 1,7 ppm with the same tap water.
    This corresponds to a supersaturation of 0,1 ppm.
H2 Blue Kit hydrogen test liquid and logo

Procedure for testing the molecular hydrogen content with the H2 blue® kit

The molecular hydrogen content test with the H2 Blue® Kit is carried out immediately after production. To do this, carefully fill a 6 ml water sample into the measuring cup and add a drop of the blue measuring liquid. Each drop that discolors represents 0,1 ppm (=100 ppb) of dissolved hydrogen gas. If a drop no longer discolors itself, you can stir gently.

If the liquid still does not change color, the last drop added to the water no longer counts. Water under normal atmospheric pressure can contain up to 1,6 ppm hydrogen gas (full saturation). With the AquaVolta® hydrogen booster you can also produce supersaturated water with over 6 ppm. However, this falls back to full saturation within a few minutes when the sample comes into contact with the normal atmosphere. If you want a lot of hydrogen, you have to drink it quickly.

3 Reviews for H2Cap Plus | compact hydrogen water generator without battery > USB-C

  1. Ali Peter R. -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    thank you for your email. I'll let you know how it goes, thanks again for the extensive information.
    I sent you the H2Cap as an insured package. Honestly, knowing that the test liquid didn't work, I continued to use it with "positive thoughts of H2 infused water"... honestly, I miss it and look forward to the nano hydrogen boosters.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Greetings from Kaiserslautern.
    Ali Peter R.

  2. Talk -

    Dear Yasin,
    yes, I like to take the booster. Definitely look for a new H2 product in this price range. The H2CAP Plus is too error-prone. Constant complaints 🙁…
    I'll try out the booster first and then add it to the program.

  3. avatar photo

    Yasin Akgun -

    Expert opinion from Yasin Akgün:
    Basically, the H2Cap Plus is a hydrogen water generator with good performance and its size makes it ideal for mobile use.
    1. The H2Cap does not have an ON-OFF switch, which means you have to keep disconnecting it from its power supply and plugging it back in
    2. It doesn't have its own tube/bottle that you can open at the top. But this is important because the gases in the water are pushed out by the hydrogen gas. These other annoying gases should be able to escape at the top.
    Either because the lid (on the Age2 Go Highdrogen® Water Maker) was left open at the beginning for an electrolysis time of 2 minutes, or on the Age2 Go 2.8 due to the pressure relief valve, which then gradually pushes these gases out.

    That's why it's better to order a booster with a battery and glass tube.

    Would recommend this model the most here:
    or http://www.aquacentrum.de/shop/wasserstoff-booster/ , which has almost the same values, but is 100 euros cheaper.

    The above-mentioned disadvantages were also discovered by customers, and therefore the H2Cap Plus was replaced after purchase. That's why we currently have a few like new returns that are available for 30 euros cheaper. To do this, please select “Returns, like new” in the selection window.

    Hope this helps you make your decision.
    Yasin Akgun

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