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  • Mobile ionization of water and enrichment with only hydrogen (H2) thanks to PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) technology
  • Suitable for all water, including reverse osmosis and distilled water
  • Hydrogen yield, in pressure-tight 500ml container (BPA-free): approx. 200 ppb (parts per billion) or 0,200 ppm (parts per million) per minute, e.g. approx. 1,5 ppm H2 content after 10 minutes and approx. 2,8 ppm after 20 minutes.
  • Built-in battery lasts for approx. 70 minutes, charging time approx. 90 minutes.
  • Power supply: USB Type-A with European and UK/USA plugs
  • Works through Electrolysis technology with a PEM membrane between the electrodes, so it only makes neutral hydrogen-containing water (not alkaline)
  • No condensation tank, only 2 holes on the side, a few drops can escape at high pressure
  • 400g (empty), 75mm X 265mm X 65mm, 500ml capacity
  • Battery: 1600 mAh / DC 3,7 volts; 40 grams, 2 year full guarantee
  • User manual Age2 Go Highdrogen® Water Maker German
  • Latest generation with 2 minutes (level 1) or 10 minutes running time (level 2)

Currently only particularly reduced items, such as new returns, are available. 

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Age2 Go Highdrug® Water Maker | Portable H2 generator

Aquacentrum Blue 900 hydrogen generator with PEM cell with BPA-free pressure vessel

What is an Age2 Go Highdrug® Water Maker?

The Age2 Go Highdrogen® Water Maker produces hydrogen gas to dissolve in drinking water.

Hydrogen gas is obtained from the filled water using a special electrolysis cell. This so-called PEM cell is the reverse of a fuel cell. In contrast to this, the energy of the molecular, gaseous hydrogen is not burned using oxygen to generate electricity, but rather the electricity is used to generate hydrogen and oxygen from water. The electrical energy used is stored almost exclusively in hydrogen.

The oxygen is to be understood as waste that is not dissolved in the water. It is released into the room air through a small hole in the housing.
A characteristic of drinking water is the so-called negative redox potential. Water in which molecular hydrogen is dissolved has a negative electrical voltage compared to a measuring electrode.

The lower the redox potential, the more willing the water is to give up electrons. This willingness doubles for every 0,018 volts (18 millivolts) lower redox potential. The Aquacentrum BLUE 900 produces a redox potential that is 400 to 800 millivolts lower than tap water or bottled mineral water.

Intended purpose Age2 Go Highdrogen® Water Maker – electrolysis bottle for hydrogen-rich water

The purpose of the Highdrogen® Age2 Go is to produce hydrogen-rich drinking water for on the go. In the mobile PEM cell (proton exchange membrane cell) with SPE membrane (solid polymer electrolyte), the electrodes are so close to each other that even reverse osmosis water with the lowest conductivity can be treated.

The Age0,5 Go only needs about 2 minutes to produce hydrogen water in an amount of 8 liters.

In addition to the electrolytic method, there is also a chemical method. By adding metallic magnesium, hydrogen gas is generated in the water. As useful as magnesium in water is for your health, this method is very time-consuming and, above all, time-consuming:

It takes at least 10 hours before a similar hydrogen saturation can be achieved by electrolytic means. The superiority of the Highdrogen® Age2 Go over so-called “mineral water ionizers” lies primarily in its time advantage.

Comparison tests | Molecularly dissolved hydrogen content

Buy hydrogen water and produce it yourself

Electrically active water has been around for decades as electrolyte water or “basic active water”. For many years it was thought that this water only retained its negative redox potential and thus its electron wealth for a few hours to days.

It was found that dissolved hydrogen is the key factor for antioxidant activity. An industry developed that pressed H2 gas at high pressure into multi-layered water bags in order to store hydrogen for months. But this causes major waste problems and is very expensive.

Until recently, hydrogen-rich water was only produced using stationary electric water ionizers. But you also want to drink fresh active water on the go.

Hydrogen is very reluctant to dissolve in water except under high pressure.

This is exactly what the Age2 Go Highdrogen® Water Maker does.

It works with a PEM cell that simply releases the excess oxygen into the room air via a tiny exhaust hole. Result: hydrogen-rich water.

Technical description of the water cell: Proton exchanger cell (PEM) with solid polymer membrane (SPE) made of Nafion, made by Dupont, USA. The membrane itself does not come from Korea.

Increase hydrogen content

The achievable hydrogen content can be increased not only through multiple production cycles in a row (maximum 30 minutes at a time). What reduces the performance of the hydrogen-water generator is the gas content of the water before production. This primarily concerns the atmospheric gases oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide, which, according to Henry's law, always dissolve in water in proportion to the composition of the atmosphere. To put it simply, these gases first have to be driven out of the water so that the hydrogen in them becomes more saturated.


High drugs Age2 Go increase hydrogen content


  1. Fill the water to the brim without the inner lid, but leave the lid openso that the air gases expelled by the hydrogen can escape.
  2. By pressing the switch button once while the display is lit, you activate the 3-minute phase
    (Operating mode 1).
  3. After the announcement: “Generating hydrogen water completed,” screw the lid on tightly.
  4. By pressing the switch button twice while the display is lit, you can now activate the 5-minute phase (Operating mode 2).

Since the gas bubble above the water now contains almost pure H2, more hydrogen dissolves in the water itself.

This degassing method is not possible when using the bottle adapter. We therefore recommend transferring the water from the bottle into the blue pressure container if possible.

Hydrogen water: handling

Hydrogen-rich water essentially has the property of transience. Because hydrogen - the fuel of life - is a very volatile gas and half disappears from the water within three hours - if it is not prevented from doing so by thick glass or metal.

So you have to drink highly saturated hydrogen water quickly after production.

The Age2 Go Highdrogen® Water Maker – Hydrogen Booster is the perfect device for on the go – or simply for an inexpensive start.

Because you can prepare fresh HRW water in 8 minutes, wherever you are!

Aquacentrum Blue 900 hydrogen generator with PEM cell view display 600

Connection between H2, pH value and redox potential | By Randy Sharpe (Producer of the H2-Blue-Kit drops)

The online version of this e-book by Randy Sharpe is available here. The PDF as Free download on this product page.

Video: Hydrogen and activated water basic terms pH, redox potential, H2 ppm

The measurement of molecular hydrogen in hydrogen rich water (HRW) is often carried out using inadequate methods.

The educational video here explains the connection between pH value, redox potential (ORP) and the ppm value of dissolved hydrogen.

What is presented goes very deep into the subject matter, please also note the entire individual sections of the entire PDF, further down on this page.

Hydrogen & active water, pH, redox potential, H2 ppm

Hydrogen water – the new benchmark for drinking

In the past, only the redox potential was measured to determine the antioxidant effect of activated water.
But this is a very imprecise and relative value because the redox potential is influenced not only by the dissolved hydrogen, but also by the different redox potentials of the various substances dissolved in the water.

After the role of hydrogen was recognized as important, a supposed hydrogen measuring device came onto the market in Japan (Trustlex ENH 1000), which calculates a dissolved content from the measured redox potential using an experience-based conversion factor of approximately (-)2,14 on average wanted to derive hydrogen. However, this factor has been criticized by numerous experts and Trustlex itself admits that the device does not work correctly.

Electronic measuring devices require a high level of specialist knowledge and are very expensive. We therefore recommend a chemical titration method with the H2 Blue Kit®. These drops are available as special accessories.

1 drop of the H2 Blue Kit® (per 6 ml) is currently internationally recognized as evidence of 200 ppb (0,2 ppm) of dissolved hydrogen in water.

On the left (middle) you can see a plastic bottle filled with 1 liter of deionized water, the water of which has been colored blue-green with 16 drops.

  • After 7 minutes of operation, the solution decolorized and thus detected dissolved hydrogen.
  • With 10 minutes of operation, the Age2 Go Highdrogen® Water Maker reaches 0,5 ppm in 1,7 liters of deionized water.
  • The upper limit of its pressure resistance is reached at 40 minutes.
  • We then measure 4,0 ppm hydrogen in the deionized test water.

Fresh hydrogen on the way

When it comes to a device for on the go, one thing is clear: only perfect drinking water or mineral water can be filled. Hopefully you have a good water filter at home. Bottled water is probably best when traveling. Hence the Age2 Go Highdrug® Water Maker designed so that, in contrast to a stationary water ionizer, the user does not have to rely on a single type of water. Unfortunately, smaller bottles that fit into the adapter are usually made of plastic. Therefore, we suggest it is better to transfer it to the blue BPE-free pressure container. Basically You can use any trustworthy bottled water and also water from a reverse osmosis system (RO water).

In theAge2 Go Highdrug® Water Maker You can use the production cylinder included in the delivery or a (plastic) bottle with the water of your choice. With the included bottle adapter, you can even ionize the water directly in many common mineral water bottles and enrich it with hydrogen.

Only restriction: The water must not contain carbon dioxide - no sparkling water. Otherwise the overall gas pressure will increase too much.

Using hydrogen-rich electrolyte water


  • Drink up to 0,3 l per 10 kg of body weight daily. Correspondingly more at high temperatures and/or heavy physical exertion.
  • Soak fruits, salads, cut flowers, raw eggs and vegetables in fresh hydrogen-rich electrolyte water for 15-30 minutes. They refresh themselves by absorbing hydrogen that even passes through eggshells...
  • Cooking vegetables in alkaline water preserves their color and taste and reduces bitter aftertastes.
  • Soak meat or fish in alkaline water for 10 minutes before cooking. It becomes more tender
  • Mix alcoholic drinks and cocktails with hydrogen-rich electrolyte water. They become milder and the taste comes into its own better.
  • After drinking alcohol, drink 2 glasses in the evening and 2 glasses the next morning on an empty stomach.
  • Give your pets (dogs, cats…) hydrogen-rich electrolyte water to drink and see the positive changes in their coat and overall health.
Aquacentrum Blue 900 hydrogen generator with PEM cell with plastic bottle 600

Scope of delivery | Age2 Go Highdrug® Water Maker

In the box of your Age2 Go Highdrogen® Water Maker you will find the device with all the accessories. You will also receive this operating manual, which you should read and follow completely and carefully. Please keep this in case you want to give the device away or sell it or if you no longer know exactly how to use it.

The device itself consists of parts 1-3, which are already screwed together ready for use when delivered:

  • Electrolysis unit
  • water tank
  • Carrying lid
  • Charging and power supply with 2 USB connection ports (no Micro-USB, as these are very susceptible to defects)
  • 1x USB cable
  • Bottle adapter for standard plastic bottles.
  • 4 x 5 grams of citric acid, preferably straight away Order 500 grams of citric acid

Electrolysis unit

On the back of the electrolysis unit, a fold-up rubber nipple covers the socket for the standard USB cable provided. The device itself consists of parts 1-3, which are already screwed together ready for use when delivered.

Bottle adapter

Instead of the water container with the carrying handle, the device can also be operated with certain water bottles.

To do this, screw the included bottle adapter onto the filled bottle and then turn the device. For more details see Detailed description in this manual.

Commissioning of the Age2 Go Highdrogen® Water Maker

  • Before switching on for the first time, please charge the battery with the power supply. The charging socket with the standard USB port is accessible when you fold up the rubber nipple above it. The charging time is 2 – 4 hours.
  • Turn the water container to the left and insert the ring-shaped filter at the bottom. Then close the water container with the inserted filter again by turning it firmly to the right.
  • Open the top lid by turning it to the left and fill in cold tap water, filtered water or still mineral water. Operation with reverse osmosis water is also possible. Fill the container at least halfway.
  • To switch on, please press the on/off switch until the display is illuminated. The start of operation requires that the device is ready for operation.
  • Leave the lid still open. Pressing the action button once starts operating mode 1, which lasts 1 minutes.
  • Then screw the lid on tightly and press the action button to operating mode 2, which lasts 5 minutes. Complete!
  • Pressing twice starts operating mode 2, which lasts 2 minutes.
  • When operation starts, an announcement sounds: “Generating Hydrogen water” and the blue LED bubbles start flashing.
  • After completion, they go out with the announcement “Generating completed”. After a final tone, the display goes out. You can end the process early by pressing the action test again. The final announcement and final tone will also sound then.
  • Now briefly press the ON/OFF switch again and you will see from the rising gas bubbles that electrolysis has begun, in which the water is enriched with hydrogen and oxygen at the same time. This process takes 3 minutes. At the end, the blue light flashes briefly and goes out.
  • If the water container was filled to the brim, individual drops of water may escape from the gas valve in the lid during electrolysis, as the gases create excess pressure. Simply wipe off these drips. If you want to stop early, simply press the ON/OFF switch briefly.

Aquacentrum Blue 900 hydrogen generator with PEM cell view display 600 - copy

Battery Disposal Instructions

In connection with the distribution of batteries or accumulators or with the delivery of devices containing batteries or accumulators, we are obliged to point out the following to you:

Batteries may not be disposed with household waste. As an end user, you are legally obliged to dispose of used batteries properly. You can return batteries free of charge after use at the point of sale or in your immediate vicinity (e.g. in municipal collection points or in stores). You can also send used batteries back to us by post.

Batteries or accumulators that contain harmful substances are marked with the symbol of a crossed out garbage can. The chemical name of the pollutant is located near the garbage can symbol:

“Cd” stands for cadmium, “Pb” for lead and “Hg” for mercury

28 Reviews for Age2 Go Highdrug® Water Maker | portable hydrogen water generator - returns like new

  1. Frank.R -

    The Age2go is really great. Compared to other Chinese devices that I had already tested, it brings molecular hydrogen into the water much faster. The handling and quality are also significantly better. I can only recommend the Aquacentrum. Fast, uncomplicated service. It's 5 stars from me.

  2. Guido S. -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    thank you for the detailed answer. I had already ordered both the Aquavolta Age2Go and the Highdrogen in December last year, both devices work great. We have had an RO system at home (at my parents' house) for 10 years. Back then we didn't know anything about alkaline activated water, I only found out about it last year. The RO water is now upgraded with Minerade / Hydronade, although I find the Minerade a bit better than Hydronade. If I understand correctly, these are your and Mr. Asenbaum's own developments, right?
    We have an ionizer for soft water in the practice and so far we have only used alkaline active water for drinking. Thanks to the “corona crisis” I attended a lecture by Dr. Klinghardt became aware of the disinfection effect of hypochlorous acid and informed me about it in detail and it occurred to me that the wastewater from the ionizer also contains hypochlorous acid. I then did a few tests to see how high the free chlorine content was... unfortunately a bit low at 2-5 ppm, although according to various information you assume that a good disinfectant effect (also for mouthwashes) is only possible from 40-60 ppm reached.
    I see a great opportunity here for practices to produce not only alkaline active water for drinking, but also disinfectants for surface cleaning and disinfectant mouthwashes. However, in order for these solutions to have a high level of purity, the starting water should be distilled and then mixed with NaCl. For this you would need a device where you can determine the composition of the starting water yourself, such as the mobile hybrid hydrionator. Have you ever tested up to what pH and chlorine content the anolyte is possible in this device? I would like to try that. As I have just read in the manual for the hydrionator, it seems to be your own development with Mr. to be Asenbaum. However, I couldn't find any information about the concentration of hypochlorous acid in the chapter about Anolyte.
    Yes, we have very hard water here at the foot of the Swabian Alb, 18-20 °dH, but most practices and some households are equipped with decalcification systems.
    Is Aquavolta also a private label of you or Mr. Asenbaum? I would like to test the hydrionator.
    Best regards,
    Guido S.

  3. Klaus-Jürgen C. -

    Hello Mr. Akgün, I'm sorry, I would like to send my Age2Go Bluewater 900S back to you after the trial period has expired. I was completely satisfied with the product. I don't want to state my reason here. I got the device on September 25.09th. received in the mail and would like to receive it by October 25.10th. still want to use. I have already printed out a return label. I'm sending the citric acid back with me and I'd like to keep the booklets and pass them on.

    Thank you very much for your effort, kindness and good service.

    Kind regards, Klaus-Jürgen C.

  4. Gerald H. -

    ... My wife is super happy with her PEM device at work. She also prefers to drink it at home because it tastes like tap water, but goes down easier - she says - I noticed exactly 0,0. I'm really into continuous ionizers, possibly with boosting.
    With the Susosu I make slightly acidic Anolyt water, while the Anolyt from the small Blue Water 500 is comparatively radical. The day before yesterday I gave first aid to a moped driver with a flesh wound and sprayed him so that he gradually began to whine. …
    … A worker from home said: “Wow, tastes really soft! It goes down like nothing!”

  5. Alex -

    Hello Mr. Akgün,...
    ... Since I'm on the move a lot now, I always keep the Age2Go close to me. And after some time in practice, I would like to report back with some feedback. Feedback on the Genesis will be provided if desired.
    For the Age2Go I used both filtered water and drinking water from the tap in the kitchen.
    As a rule, I run the device filled with water as follows: 2x long (level 2) and 1x short (level 1). I like the water very much and I empty the water from the bottle provided in one go. And I try to empty the bottle at least twice a day.
    The design with the attachment for PET bottles is less appealing; I couldn't get used to it (yet). I like the bottle that comes with it the most.
    The effect of the water from my practice has become more and more clear over time. In plain language it says... I have suffered from a strong rye grass allergy for more than 7 years. Usually between March and June. Each year. In addition to the itchy nose, red and irritated eyes and constant sneezing attacks, there was also the constant tiredness due to medications such as cetirizine and the like. This means more than 100 tablets of cetirizine per season. Various vitamins and nutritional supplements, such as OMEGA-3, have not left any visible positive traces. The optimal solution at that time was to travel to the regions where my allergy was taking a break.
    Yes, after a few weeks of intensive use of the Age2Go and the “drinking cure” of hydrogen water, I can now report that it feels like more than 80 percent of my previous allergy problems - as described above - are now a thing of the past as of this 2019 season. The remaining 10-20 percent relate to the occasional sneezing and mild itching of the nose. It's a significant improvement, which I wouldn't have expected from using normal water. I don't want to miss the device and its effect on the water.
    The battery life also surprised me, as the built-in battery is enough for 1-2 weeks of use.
    However, what I still think needs improvement is the need to pay attention to the moist/wet condition of the diaphragm.
    Otherwise it suits me very well. Compact, fast and most importantly: the result!
    Thank you very much for your contact and now several rounds of advice! My whole family appreciates this!
    Best regards to Munich

  6. Annette D -

    Good evening Mr. Akgün,

    Today I asked a local plumbing store about an adapter - I should come by there to determine the exact size etc.
    If I don't get any further, I'll get in touch again.
    This seems difficult over the phone/photos…

    We have very hard water, which I think tastes slightly sour.
    And the water from the AGE2Go tastes very smooth and you enjoy drinking it.
    Somehow I have more momentum?!
    I'll keep watching.

    Thank you again for your offer to exchange…

    Annette D

  7. P. Luethi -

    Dear Mr. Akgün
    Please excuse the late reply. Me and my adult children are very satisfied with the ionizers. Everyone reports positive changes and, above all, more water consumption. We also don’t want to be without the water boosters anymore. There are problems with the closure of a booster. The water runs out. Could this be repaired?
    I'll look for the export document, hope I still have it. I'm currently on the way.
    Many many thanks. I will advertise your professional services and products.
    Kind regards, P. Luethi

  8. Rodrigo d. De F. -

    Good evening dear Mr. Akgün)
    I would like to thank you very much for the delivery (listed below in the copy)
    Thank you also for the gift of the hydrogen capsules!!
    I was very happy about that!! …
    …I myself am very enthusiastic about what you have to offer on your website.
    What would I do if I ordered 3x Hydrogen H2 GO
    cost ? Would there be a discount?
    I have 3 older aunts who would certainly benefit from this.
    One of them is connected to dialysis. I have hope that it will
    could possibly be useful.
    My Hydrogen H2 Go works perfectly!! I bought it on installments.
    Can I pay this off at the appropriate time with a special repayment?
    The hydrogen tablets helped my friend Michael R. from a long-term illness
    Cystitis relieved after just 2 tablets!!
    I sent Him to you. More friends will get in touch with you
    or place the order through me.
    I wish you and your team the blessings from above!
    Best Regards,
    Rodrigo D. de F.

  9. Olga (Verified owner) -

    Yes, thank you, Yasin.
    The water tastes good.
    Best regards,

  10. paul a. -

    Dear Mr. Akgün,
    I would like to order the booster from you at your offer price. It's a really good time at the moment because I'll be in Palatinate for a month from the week after next and wouldn't like to be without my water ionizer. Thank you again for the offer, it's nice to see that the customer is actually king for you. Although many promise it, only a few manage to make the customer feel it.
    With kind regards,
    Paul A,

  11. Mark I -

    Good morning Mr. Akgün,
    Thank you for the message. The device works first class.
    Wish you a nice week.
    Kind regards
    Mark I

  12. Christine K. -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    the filtered water tastes very “soft”. I drink it daily.
    I need to boost more
    LG Christina K.

  13. Christine K. -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    the package arrived yesterday, thank you very much. Now I'm looking forward to drinking water after the installation (I still have to do that) :)
    And no more lugging around water crates.
    I'll try the booster straight away.
    Kind regards, Christina K.

  14. Ms. Ö. -

    Hello Mr. Akguen,
    I'm currently drinking my first hydrogenated water.
    Now, about an hour later, I have a queasy feeling in my stomach and a pressure headache. That irritates me a little.
    I'll watch this. Initially, I plan to drink a batch three times a day. …
    ... I hope to have a lot of fun with the H2 booster and actually get some health benefits from it. The design is definitely very pleasant.
    Greetings, Ms. Ö.

  15. Jan S -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    Thanks for the information. I no longer need the Lourdes generator. The device I have from them is enough for me. …
    …we are very satisfied with the hydrogen device. I imagine that the recovery time after sporting training is now shorter. Maybe by reducing the free radicals caused by the hydrogen. So from that point of view, everything is great.
    We are thinking about possibly buying a water ionizer in the next few months. When the time comes, I would contact them. But I would like to carry out a water test on our tap water beforehand for a before and after comparison.
    Jan S

  16. Yvo -

    I use the booster and it's better than before :) - are there bigger bottles?
    But your water tastes better or spring water
    Tell me how much the booster should cost?

  17. Walter J. -

    Dear Mr. Akgün,
    I bought the 900 go from them. Now I might also be interested in a permanently installed water ionizer in my kitchen. Can you please recommend a device and tell me how much it will cost?
    Thank you very much and
    best regards
    Walter J.

  18. Hans Theo M. -

    ...Otherwise the booster is really a hit, we have already noticed changes in the body and in terms of vitality. We are already looking forward to the continuous ionizer for base water!–
    Kind regards from Main-Franconia
    Hans Theo M.

  19. Ines R. -

    Hello Mr. Yasin,
    WOWWWWWW! Thank you for your offer, which is EXACTLY tailored to my needs!
    Everything I told you was important to me, you took it into account and FINALLY!!! I can relax because after more than 2 years of searching I have FOUND THE RIGHT AND HONEST PROFESSIONAL whose professionalism and good conscience I can completely rely on.
    This is not an exaggeration Mr. Yasin, I tell you this from my heart and I have already told all my friends (and also passed on your offer) who, I hope, will become the next circle of your customers. …
    … Best regards
    Ines R.

  20. Anne P -

    Dear Mr. Akgün, dear Mr. Asenbaum,
    After all the requests, detours and inconveniences, I would like to thank you today with a success report
    the Elegance achieves 0,4 PPM; With the additional boosting the value is 1 PPM (3 minutes with the booster open and twice 5 minutes with the closed one)
    Thanks to Mr. Asenbaum's advice that the test liquid should not be shaken but stirred, the error was due to incorrect handling of the blue-kit test.
    A kind of “anti-James Bond” approach is required: “not shaken, but stirred” is the solution 🙂
    Thank you for your patience and all the effort that went into my “water processes” –
    Good thing wants to have time
    Warm greetings from Düsseldorf
    Anne P

  21. Monika B. -

    Good evening Mr. Akgün,
    Good evening Ms. Gültekin,
    Good evening Mr. Asenbaum,
    the device is already here! The setup is already done! The first sip has already been drunk! Excellent!!!
    You are going faster than the police allow.
    Thank you so much for the good, very friendly advice and for the quick delivery.
    I'm going to test everything now.
    Now I wish you a peaceful weekend.
    I will pass on the active water books.
    Monika B.

  22. Fabien Roset -

    Hello Yassin,
    I've received the bluewater 900 and I'm happy to use it 🙂 …
    – Hereafter are the measures I've done with H2Blue:
    Water: Volvic in the bottle fully filled
    3 minutes + 3 minute cycles => 0,4 ppm
    5 minutes + 5 minutes + 5 minute cycles => 1,2 ppm
    …Best regards,
    Fabien Roset (from France!)

  23. Henrike F. -

    thank you. I have already read a few lines. sounds good.
    The water tastes good, even to my patients.
    I wish you a merry Christmas, some peace and the opportunity to relax in your own home.
    I'll come next year and let you test my water. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to do a dark field test yet.
    Have a nice rush!

  24. Silvia S. -

    I am very satisfied 🙂

  25. R. Walter -

    Hello Yasin,
    I have two new messages regarding my Blue 900® hydrogen booster!
    First message:
    I love it, water tastes great and it's very good for me!
    It looks like the booster makes a lot of valuable hydrogen (without testing it) judging by the pressure in the container alone...
    ...LG from Tuttlingen
    R. Walter

  26. Anya W -

    Thank you very much, it has already arrived. I am thrilled and recommended the Blue Water to Nina L. straight away.

    Kind regards, Anja

  27. Heerco from Mallorca -

    Hello Yasin,
    I finally wanted to let you know that the H2 values ​​are excellent... I just tested my friend's Lourdes generator.. Then the Blue 900 at 2 x 5 minutes... 2.3 ppm!!! 23 drops… … The original water had a mineral content of 25 ppm… . Heerco from Mallorca...

  28. R. Walter -

    Thank you very much, great product, I saw everything before I bought it!
    People like Mr. Asenbaum and the Aquacentrum team are a gift for those interested in health.
    LG from Tuttlingen
    R. Walter

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