Hydroselect | 4-way fitting for water filters & reverse osmosis systems


  • 2 different filter water without an additional hole in the worktop or sink
  • Separate outlets for normal and two different, filtered drinking water
  • Two interchangeable sieve inserts, swivel 360°
  • filter water or basic hydrogen water Can be operated separately on the 2nd lever
  • Solid stainless steel version: High-tech design, high-quality workmanship, solid stainless steel (INOX), brushed
  • For further information see also on our supplier's websites
  • All taps are equipped with high-quality ceramic cartridges, which last at least 300.000 uses without “dripping”
  • Simplest self-assembly, DIN standard connections

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Four-way taps for water filters & reverse osmosis systems - One tap for all 4 waters: hot & cold water and filtered water on the one hand and 2nd alkaline H2 water on the other!

Enlightenment: One-way and two-way tap, Three-way cock or four-way valves

Four-way tap installation instructions: Preparation & tips for products from hardware stores, Amazon & more

Please select the version of the 4-way tap that best fits your kitchen in the selection window above.

You can find numerous other 4-way taps here on our supplier's website. When you order, tell us the faucet you want and we will deliver it with a 10% discount.

One- and two-way compact taps made of stainless steel can be found here.

Three-way stainless steel taps can be found here.

4-way tap Avantgarde solid stainless steel, no coating

4-way tap Hydroselect AVANTGARDE INOX

4-way tap Hydroselect AVANTGARDE INOX Technical drawing

Installation Videos | various 35mm drill bits for various water filters or under-sink water ionizers

Installation video | Safety three-way tap for water filters

Assembly 3-way tap Hydroselect, stainless steel, solid

Installation with sheet metal punch| EOS Revelation II | Stainless steel sink

Instructions Installation | Under-sink ionizer on ceramic sink

Perfectly matching products that we particularly recommend to you, as both products provide alkaline and H2-rich water with outstanding H2 contents, all without electricity!

OSMINION® 1LPM Direct Flow RO system 600 GPD with pH increase

Aquavolta® Osminion Direct Flow | alkaline, mineral-rich hydrogen water

Aquavolta® H2 Rocket mounted under the table with three-way tap

Aquavolta® H2 Rocket Multi Stage, alkaline, low-mineral H2 water, under the table with 3-way tap

4-way faucet RAINBOW Plus, chrome

This 4-way faucet serves you filtered, filtered mineralized and unfiltered hot or sparkling water; and it also serves cold tap water from a tap. This is made possible by the separate pipes that prevent the different water flows from mixing. This gives you the good feeling of supplying your household with pure, pure water.

  • just a faucet on your sink
  • donates: tap water, filtered water and filtered mineralized water
  • separate cable routes
  • the lines can be assigned as desired
  • comfortable mixer tap for tap water
  • Color: chrome, 360° swivel
  • no further drilling necessary
  • Simplest self-assembly, DIN standard connections
  • 4 pipe routes: cold, warm, (reverse osmosis) filtered and remineralized or CO2-containing water, everything is possible
  • Dimensions 4-way tap Rainbow PLUS chrome

4-way tap Rainbow PLUS H01

4-way tap RAINBOW PLUS | warm & hot tap water, plus two other waters (filtered & e.g. H2 water), Dimensions


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Maintenance and descaling Hydroselect 3-way tap made of solid stainless steel for water filters and osmosis systems

Service & maintenance Hydroselect 3-way fitting | Replace or descale cartridge