Installation flat rate including travel to DE, Europe and worldwide

197,00  - 870,00 

  • We would be happy to install the water ionizer you purchased from us or, for an additional charge of €200,00, your water filter
  • Please contact us about an installation appointment
  • If necessary, the installer would travel by plane, even worldwide
  • We still prefer it if you can install it yourself; the installation videos in the products are actually sufficient for a craftsman
  • Please select the respective country or region in the selection window; the installation fee including travel will then be adjusted accordingly:

Installation of water ionizer – special price, valid only when purchasing a water ionizer at the same time

This special service only applies in connection with the purchase of a water ionizer. When purchasing a water filter we would additional €200,00 surcharge to calculate.

Please select the country or region in the selection window, the price for the installation service including travel will be adjusted.

Below are some videos that could perhaps save us the trouble of installing, because the water ionizers or water filters and the installation materials supplied make it particularly easy for the craftsman. Please also note the respective ones Water Filter Instructions or the water ionizer instructions, which can also be found here at a glance: instructions/

Water filter installation variants using the example of water ionizers | Above table: on the tap or fixed | Under table

There are different options Water Ionizers (top table, under table),  water filters (Activated carbon filters, table-top filters, under-table filters, reverse osmosis systems) or water vitalizers to install:


  1. Either you install it device above on the faucet, that is the easiest variantwho everyone without an installer can carry out
  2. Or the overhead or hanging water ionizers or water filters gets based on one T-piece (DVGW-tested) its water supply line. To do this one has to Bushing or bore of 6,35mm be present so that the white pressure hose can be conveyed upwards to the water ionizer or water filter. This installation should be done by a craftsman or plumbing professional be performed.
  3. The third, most preferred variant is this Under-counter installation, however, one Bore of 35mm (typical for faucets) for the additional, second operating tap requires.
    So far we have been able to install it in every kitchen, even if it can sometimes look impossible. The AquaVolta® Elegance is preferable as an under-sink water ionizer, because it is the only one that uses a sophisticated automatic descaling system. The AquaVolta® Elegance Can also be placed flat on your stomach under the sink (or at the top of a cupboard). be or be hung up.

Installation water ionizer | Water filter

video about Installation options of filter systems such as Water ionizers, activated carbon filters & reverse osmosis systems.

Installation videos water ionizer with flow control knob on the device| Exemplary AquaVolta® Cavendish 9

Analogue installation for the following water ionizers with a flow control dial on the device: AquaVolta® Basic, Nexus X Blue, Allsbon Dion Family, Aquion 2000, Aquion 2100, Aquion 3000, Aquion 4100, and other water ionizers without a solenoid valve

Installation of water ionizer with rotary control on the faucet

One-time adjustment of the flow to the water to be ionized

Install ionizer with rotary control firmly on the cold water pipe

Install John Guest T-piece firmly onto the cold water pipe


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