Jupeto top ionizer | Agua Alcalina VA31


  • cost-efficient top ionizer produced in Spain
  • One-time payment and thousands of liters of production
  • No filters, no spare parts, no installation necessary
  • 2 years warranty
  • on the market since 2004

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Jupeto top ionizer | Agua Alcalina VA31 | Production of alkaline drinking water and acidic water

Handy, uncomplicated and inexpensive, the VA-31 Agua Alcalina® ionizer produces ionized (alkaline) water through electrolysis, which gives the water a negative charge.

The lid is equipped with two electrodes, the vessel and container are made of medical porcelain clay, the ionizer is portable.

You fill the two containers with water and connect the device to the power supply (consumption approx. 6 watts). The ionizer produces 1 liter of alkaline water with a pH of 9-9,5 and 0,5 liters of acidic water with a pH of 3-4 in 10 minutes.

The ionizer VA-31 Agua Alcalina® with titanium electrode is specially designed for the production of ionized water (basic and acidic water).

It is used for the treatment and prevention of more than 75 diseases, which are described in detail in the instructions.


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