No-name replacement filter suitable for the Kangen® Leveluk SD 501, Platinum SD501 & JR II - NOT K8


  • No-name replacement filter from South Korea, suitable for the Kangen® Enagic Leveluk SD501, Kangen Platinum and Kangen JR II devices
  • Shelf life 6 to 12 months or 4000 to 6000 liters
  • Filter costs approx. 1,1 to 0,6 cents/liter of filtered water
  • Contains various filter fleeces, activated carbon, silver-coated activated carbon
  • Currently only the version with notch available, the old version not without a notch
  • This replacement filter is not suitable for the Kangen K8, but only for them Kangen SD 501, Kangen Platinum and Kangen JR II

Discount/piece is calculated automatically: 2 pieces: 3 €, 3 pieces: 5 €, from 4 pieces: 8 €

Replacement filter suitable for Kangen® Enagic Leveluk Leveluk SD 501, Platinum SD501 & Kangen JR II - does not fit Kangen K8

A replacement filter is included in the Kangen® Leveluk Enagic SD 501 and similar water ionizers.

Through its structure, the water is pre-cleaned (removal of heavy metals, pesticides and microbes), enriched with calcium for additional mineralization and refined with bioceramics.

You can taste it straight away. The long filter life also allows you to save costs.

Please note, there are two versions, one is the typical version for the older Kangen models. Please compare the bottom part of your Kangen® replacement filter with the following image. We only have the “Original Model”:

Replacement filter suitable for Kangen Enagic Leveluk ionizer HGN old and new version

What does your filter look like from below? It should have notches (HG-N version)

Kangen Enagic new HG-N filter type activated carbon filter sd 501 2.jpg

We only have the right filter type suitable for the Kangen Enagic systems (HG-N version)

Filter composition

7-stage multi-stage filter (sediment filter, polypropylene membrane, antibacterial high-performance activated carbon granules made from new carbon (no activated carbon regenerate) filter fleeces.

The materials provide uniform, long-lasting filtration and removal of chlorine and organic substances such as drug residues, hormones, pesticides, and toxic heavy metals.

Filter capacity: approx. 7.200 liters or 6 months in operation (Din standard)

It may be that the flow decreases beforehand if the water is particularly rich in sediment. A filter change may then become necessary before the 7200 liters have flown.


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