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Jug filter from Aquaphor® | With activated carbon and Aqualen® filter media to filter chemicals and heavy metals

You will receive the following product in addition to the jug filter if you include in the selection window. Minerade® spoodle ceramic have selected:

Application video | Aquaphor® pitcher filter

General information about filtering with Aquaphor


The taste of drinking water depends on many factors. The AQUAPHOR® filter cartridge removes pollutants that may be contained in the water. For examples of substances that are largely removed, see below, “Retains lead and phenol” and “other pollutants”.

Hardness builders are also reduced so that the water becomes slightly softer.

When preparing coffee, tea and food, the quality of the drinking water used is particularly important.

The optimal pH value for tea and coffee water is given as around 7.

Filtration should influence the pH value as little as possible.

The combination of activated carbon, AQUALEN® fibers and ion exchange resin [AQUAPHOR filter cartridge A5 with magnesium] reduces the pH value less than with tested comparison products.

Aquaphor pitcher filter with Aqualen® – explanation video

Activated carbon granules with AQUALEN® heavy metal ion exchangers (selective)

In the video you can see a conventional filter cartridge as a loose bed (not a composite) of activated carbon and ion exchange resin. The Aquaphor filter has a special structure that results from the additional use of modified AQUALEN® fibers with cation and anion exchangers. This results in a significant increase in filter effectiveness.


There are also the following advantages over normal can filters

  • The raw material for activated carbon is coconut shells
  • innovative filter medium made of activated carbon with AQUALEN®
  • Particularly effective against heavy metals
  • Also effective against germ infestation through silver doping
  • Container made of safe SAN plastic PP
  • The matrix used will significantly increase the filter effectiveness
  • Large cartridge (type B100-5): drinking water up to 300 liters

Retention of heavy metals using the example: lead ions

Lead retention values ​​Aqualen® heavy metal filter can filter Aquaphor

Retention phenol: indicator of organic substances

Phenol retention values ​​Aqualen® heavy metal filter can filter Aquaphor

The AQUAPHOR jug filter – the solution

The AQUAPHOR filter cartridge contains an innovative filter medium made of activated carbon with AQUALEN ® and ion exchange resin.

The AQUALEN ® modified fiber additive with silver doping (submicron-sized Ag crystals) prevents germ growth.

Protected by patent law:

Patents of the Russian Federation No. 2162010, 2172720, Patents of the USA No. 6,299,771; 6,514,413.

The combination of activated carbon, AQUALEN® and ion exchange resin reduces the carbonate hardness as well as the reduction of heavy metal ions that can be contained in the water in domestic water pipes due to installation, such as iron, copper, nickel and lead.

Substances that disrupt taste such as chlorine, if present, are also removed.

The high performance is also achieved by avoiding the formation of channels [channel effect].

[Patent CWA N 5.521.008 and Patent P0 N 2070436]


Since the reduction of the listed substances that can be contained in water depends on many factors, the testing laboratories use standard procedures that may differ from daily practice.

Performance spectrum of the filters

PH value

The combination of activated carbon, AQUALEN® and ion exchange resin also avoids the disadvantage of shifting the pH value into the “strongly” acidic range below pH 6


Examples of pollutant reduction: (orientation values)

  • Chlorine: over 99%
  • Organic substance:
    Phenol up to 99,5%,
    Benzene up to 99%,
    Chloroform up to 99,5%
  • Pesticides *:
    Atraciae 84,5%
    Isoproturon 89,1%
    Terbuthyazine 89,3%
    Sebuthylazine 88,3%
  • Heavy metal ions **:
    Lead 98,4%
    Copper 99,2%
    Cadmium 99,7%
    Nickel 99,1%
  • Hormones ***
    Ethinyl estradiol 99%

* Tests according to EN ISO 11369 F12
** Tests according to EN ISO 11885 E22
*** 17-ethynyl estradiol testing Aquaphor R&D Lab in 2013

Operate safely

Please replace the filter cartridge of your jug ​​filter in a timely manner. Depending on the model, there is a calendar on the lid so that you don't forget to replace the filter cartridge in time.

Place the new module into the water purifier funnel so that the arrow on the funnel points to the current month.

For hygiene reasons, the filter should be changed after a maximum of 4 weeks.

Intended use


  • Do not use warm or hot water (>40 degrees).
  • Always rinse a new cartridge before drawing off drinking water• Do not store filtered water for too long (max. 12 hours uncooled)
  • Avoid long downtimes of the filter (several days)
  • Filter cold water only. Water must be used that complies with the regulations of the valid drinking water regulations.

Regulation on the quality of water intended for human consumption:

can filter-aquaphor-premium5
Aquaphor filter insert Aqualen activated carbon water filter with germ barrier

Commissioning and filter change

Remove the protective film.

Before first use, clean the jug filter [lid, funnel and container] with warm drinking water and a mild detergent. Then rinse with plenty of drinking water.

Do not use abrasive cleaners or scouring pads as these will roughen the surface of the jug filter. Insert the filter cartridge into the funnel until it stops in the round funnel opening, making sure that the current month matches the marking [triangular arrow on the funnel]. Filter and empty the first two jugs of filtered water. This process is used to remove activated carbon dust. Now you can use your jug ​​filter.

Important instructions

When replacing the filter cartridge, clean the jug, the lid and the funnel of the jug filter with warm drinking water and a mild cleaning agent [dishwashing liquid.] Always ensure optimal hygiene when handling the jug filter. It is generally recommended to boil tap water for immunocompromised people and babies.

Use appropriate devices for this. This also applies to filtered water from the jug filter. There may be traces of silver in the filtered water. The WHO has not set a limit for silver in drinking water. The limit values ​​according to German food law are clearly undercut. Pay attention to the expiry date of the filter cartridges. If the expiry date has passed, please dispose of the cartridge in the trash.

Scope of delivery ex works | Aquaphor® pitcher filter

  • AQUAPHOR® jug filter
  • AQUAPHOR® filter cartridge A5 Mg+. When purchasing additional cartridges, we recommend the ones available from us A5 Mg+ can filter cartridges from Aquaphor®. We do not offer the B100-5 replacement filter cartridge with a higher level of softening, as this reduces the pH value more. You can find the Aquaphor® B100-5 on Amazon if you are looking for Aquaphor B100-5.
  • Jug filter – Aquaphor Prestige description

Please note the following additional products for producing hydrogen-rich water. They go very well with the jug filter:

Minerade® bubbly ceramics | Mineralization stone for water made from sintered mineral ceramics to increase the pH and ORP value


The Minerade® ceramic stone is stored in a water carafe or in the lower jug ​​of the jug filter and enriches up to 100 liters of water with magnesium ions.

At the same time, it increases the pH value and reduces the redox potential by up to 600 millivolts, which creates the alkaline character and antioxidant abilities of Minerade® water, which are accompanied by a pleasant, soft taste.

Also ideal for water from reverse osmosis systems or distillers.

Simply pour into an almost water carafe and leave for 3 to 12 hours. The longer, the more alkaline and antioxidant the water will be. Enjoy within a maximum of 30 minutes.

Please do not use in closed containers as pressure builds up!

Minerade bubble ceramic to increase the pH and reduce the ORP value front 600

The following two hydrogen water generators also work wonderfully with the jug filter:

AquaVolta® Age2 Go 2.8 | portable hydrogen water generator

Highdrogen® Water Maker | portable hydrogen water generator

You will receive the following product in addition to the jug filter if you include in the selection window. Minerade® spoodle ceramic have selected:

6 Reviews for Jug filter Aquaphor Prestige 2.8L – color blue

  1. Ralf -

    For the Aquaphor Prestige jug filter. This one does its job wonderfully. We have had heavily chlorinated water for years. Which really wasn't an incentive to drink this and constantly carrying water home wasn't a solution in the long run. The water tastes like it should again. Many thanks to the Aquacentrum.
    You can publish it like that. LG Ralf

  2. Stefan W. -

    Dear Aqua Center team,

    I received and tried out my new Aquaphor Prestige water filter. My water with a slightly metallic taste immediately tasted much better, and therefore the pollutants were also significantly reduced. How positive! So thank you very much.

    A question about this: The first thing I did was filter a Kornbrand that a guest brought me from abroad. This is due to the filter cartridge not being moistened. The grain tasted better afterwards, but the alcohol content fell from 40% to 25%. Is it possible that your filters also filter out alcohol (which I actually didn't want in this case)?

    Otherwise: I am very satisfied with your product!

    Best wishes!
    sends Stefan W.

  3. Frank Lö -

    The package arrived, the first tea was drunk.
    Thanks for the good service, Yasin.
    Greetings Frank Lö

  4. Julia H -

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    Thanks for supplying the small filters. …
    ..Our feedback on the water: it tastes very, very tasty. Thank you and have a nice evening 🙂
    Julia H

  5. Udo K -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    the water filter has arrived. The filtered water has a special taste. Although I have to admit that I haven't drank tap water for years. We filter normal mineral water and this is then structured and swirled.
    Thank you very much, we will recommend the water filter.
    Kind regards from Saarland

    Udo K

  6. Jurgen K. -

    I would like to thank you for the exemplary service.
    Thank you
    best wishes
    Jurgen K.

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