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Intestinal detox | The effective treatment from detoxification expert Uwe Karstädt

Karstädt's intestinal detox is an effective and sustainable treatment for every intestine.

In contrast to many other intestinal treatments such as colon hydrotherapy and enemas, which only reach parts of the large intestine, Karstädt's intestinal detox works directly on the so-called biofilm - in the entire small and large intestine. In adults, the entire intestinal area covers around 6 – 8 meters. Other intestinal cures often work with expectorant ingredients and thus reduce the mucous and protective layer of the intestinal flora that is so important to us. The disease-causing biofilm on top consists of harmful bacteria, heavy metals and other environmental toxins.

The bad bacteria use calcium to solidify the biofilm into a stubborn and increasingly impenetrable layer that “sticks” firmly to the layer underneath. The biofilm causes the healthy mucous layer underneath to dry out, become thin and the intestinal wall to become increasingly inflamed. Due to this inflammatory process, the intestinal wall swells and the openings in the intestinal wall that are responsible for absorbing nutrients become too large. This is also how the leaky gut syndrome arises, and this shows that the formation of the biofilm is the basis for the development of the leaky gut syndrome. Leaky gut syndrome is then the cause of food hypersensitivities and allergies as well as increased toxic exposure throughout the entire organism.

This makes it clear how important it is to remove the dangerous biofilm. The biofilm causes inflammation of the intestine - enteritis and colitis - and associated systemic chronic and acute inflammation, for example in the lungs and bronchi, pancreas, skin and gums.

Karstädt's intestinal detox does not contain any expectorant ingredients

There are intestinal cleansing products that have an expectorant effect and dissolve both the healthy and harmful mucus layers in the intestines. However, this is very disadvantageous for the intestinal wall. Karstädt's intestinal detox contains no expectorant ingredients. It works moistening the intestinal wall and the intestinal flora and thereby brings it to life.

Remove the biofilm without touching the healthy mucous layer

With Karstädt's intestinal detox The harmful biofilm can be removed very effectively and sustainably without much effort. The effect of Karstädt's intestinal detox is based on the fermented bark fibers of a palm tree. These fibers are able to penetrate the hard biofilm without damaging it. Intestinal Detox cannot penetrate the healthy mucus layer because it simply does not have a dense structure to penetrate it.

The penetrated fibers also enable the okra powder to get into the biofilm, swell there and thus detach the biofilm. Okra powder can absorb hundreds of times its own weight in water, causing the biofilm to swell with water. We recommend using high-energy, electro-activated water from good water filters. In this swollen state, the biofilm can simply slide outwards. The healthy and vital mucous layer can then completely recover because the suffocating and drying biofilm is no longer on top of it. Nutrients from daily meals, but also nutritional supplements, can be optimally absorbed again.

This not only saves strength and energy that has to be used to make it more difficult to utilize all nutrients. It also saves the increased consumption of food and nutritional supplements and ultimately saves on the financial outlay.

Interesting facts about Karstädt's intestinal detox

The manufacture of Karstädt's intestinal detox is unique and guarantees effectiveness as an intestinal detoxification and the elimination of biofilm. The fermented bark of the oil palm as an active ingredient is essential for the effectiveness of this product. The fermented bark fibers of this palm have the property of being able to penetrate deep into the core of the adhesions or “slags”. This is necessary because the toxins adhere firmly to the intestinal mucosa and cannot be removed in any other way. Other therapies and intestinal cleanses with fiber only clean above the biofilm with very limited effect.

Experience shows that people who have been working for years or regularly with other intestinal cleanses, detoxification agents and swelling substances such as psyllium husk powder, probiotics, prebiotics, zeolite or bentonite still excrete large amounts of biofilm during treatments with Karstädt's intestinal detox. The fibers penetrate deep into the structures of the hard biofilm and moisten it from the inside. This causes the biofilm with the waste products to dissolve and slide out easily, effortlessly and without cramps or pain.

Also contains Karstädt's intestinal detox Auch nor okra, an ingredient that moisturizes the mucous layer of the intestine itself and restores it to optimal function. This is necessary because the intestinal mucous layer has dried out and become inflamed due to years of slagging in the intestines.

The individual 7 daily rations developed by Karstädt's intestinal detox If possible, they should be mixed with high-energy water containing negatively charged ions and hydrogen. This optimizes the effect of Karstädt's intestinal detox (more information on this at www.aquacentrum.de)

Interview with Uwe Karstädt | Gut detox is also mentioned

Meal Replacement

Also replaced Karstädt's intestinal detox meals during the treatment. It is necessary to temporarily calm the intestines during the detox treatment. Only then can the intestines properly rid themselves of toxins. If the intestines also have to work to digest daily meals, this will not work.

Karstädt's intestinal detox contains all the nutrients so that you do not suffer from any undersupply or deficiency during detoxification. Therefore, you will not feel hungry and will feel fit and well.

Further information on Uwe Karstädt’s website:

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  1. frank m. -

    I did a total of nine days of intestinal treatment and felt comfortable throughout
    Time well spent and I feel very good today, after everything is over!
    Useful side effect: weight loss of at least 5/6 kilos!
    frank m.

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