AquaVolta® Kirkmayer BMI, LAMI & AMI | ECA generator for producing neutral anolyte for disinfection

Price on request

  • Separate compartments for hydraulic and electrical components
  • Cell with double cooled electrodes and integrated electrode rinsing system
  • Incl. Ethernet connection included as standard with all devices (gift from the Aquacentrum)
  • Mobile phone app (iOS / Android): Control & monitoring of the ECA system
  • Wide range input voltage 100-240V
  • Possibility of adjusting the pH value with a special knob, extreme stability of the pH value
  • PTFE-based membrane and both electrodes made of titanium
  • Connectors and hoses made of PTFE/PVDF
  • Touch screen PLC control for current and voltage
  • Automatic start and stop thanks to integrated float level switches
  • 2 year guarantee on components and electrolysis cell
  • Low salt systems available: Kirkmayer AMI series
  • Spare parts & repair service during & after the warranty period
  • Kirkmayer ECA systems currently available:
  • 1x AMI 300 with 1000ppm FAC content, twice as strong as the other 500ppm FAC versions
  • 1x LAMI 300 with standard 500 ppm FAC content
  • 1 x BMI 05 with standard 500 ppm FAC content

The delivery times for the AquaVolta® Kirkmayer systems are currently approx. 4 weeks after ordering. Inquiries: Yasin Akgün, Dipl.-Ing. TUM: or +4989416117997

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Price on request

The AquaVolta® Kirkmayer BMI, LAMI & AMI industrial ionizers to produce anolyte and catolyte from water & salt

I have now gotten to know various manufacturers of ECA systems. In my opinion, the manufacturer's systems are the most reliable and best systems currently being produced worldwide.

Systems currently available immediately are: LAMI 300, BMI 05. If you would like another one, it would take approx. 30 days of production time. Please contact me, Yasin Akgün: +4989416117997 or

Differences between the AquaVolta® Kirkmayer BMI, LAMI and AMI industrial ionizers

Aquavolta Kirkmayer BMI, LAMI & AMI | ECA Generator Production of Neutral Anolyte | disinfection

AquaVolta® Kirkmayer BMI 05, BMI 10, BMI 020

The BMI series was developed for small consumers.

We have reduced the size of the units to a minimum without reducing the quality that characterizes our technology. Everything is translated into very small dimensions and low weight, allowing easy portability and unparalleled simplicity of maintenance.

In the BMI series, we have installed our new double-cooled flat diaphragm electrode cell, which is made from a PTFE derivative.

This has allowed us to make the electrolysis cell indestructible, with the consequent ability to transport the generator on any terrain and produce ECA water on site.

Kirkmayer LAMI 050, LAMI 100, LAMI 200, LAMI 300, LAMI 400, LAMI 600

The LAMI range has been developed taking into account the needs of those customers who prefer a powerful ECA system and still want to rely on high quality, with robustness and simplicity being the main features.

The LAMI series is equipped with our patented electrolytic cell, which contains components with a unique architecture that makes it revolutionary. Unlike other cylindrical coaxial cells, which are the most widespread and widespread on the market today, our cell has been optimized, designed and developed with a special anode geometry that has made it possible to create a dual electrode (anode-cathode) cooling system integrate.

Kirkmayer AMI 050, AMI 100, AMI 200, AMI 300, AMI 400, AMI 600

The AMI series has the same properties as the LAMI series with the following optional modules (additional charge):

  • Fully automatic descaling system, the user does not have to intervene
  • Integrated pH value sensor for more accurate pH value adjustment. Recommendation: External measuring device is cheaper and can be replaced quickly
  • Integrated ORP value sensor Recommendation: External measuring device is cheaper and can be replaced quickly. In addition, the ORP value depends drastically on the pH value and is therefore not very informative. See the post: Relationship between H2 content, ORP value (redox potential) and pH value

All three series BMI, LAMI and AMI are delivered with the usually optional remote control device to communicate with the system remotely via Ethernet, GSM or Modbus. An app for iOS and Android helps with remote control and remote diagnosis.

AquaVolta Kirkmayer BMI05 Anolyte HClO ECA generator 5 lph disinfectant 600
AquaVolta Kirkmayer LAMI 200 Anolyte HClO generator production disinfectant ac 600
Modelnet price Cell currentAnolyte pH7FACCatholyte pH13HxWxD in mmPower Supply
BMI-05Price on requestA 45 l / h2,5 g / h2 l/h – pH12300x160x500230VAC; 50/60Hz
BMI-10Price on requestA 810 l / h5,5 g / h1,1 l/h – pH12400x200x600230VAC; 50/60Hz
BMI-20Price on requestA 1522 l / h11 g / h2,2 l/h – pH12400x200x600230VAC; 50/60Hz
Lami-50Price on requestA 3050 l / h25 g / h10%: 0,5 l/h655x260x1120230VAC; 50/60Hz
Lami-100Price on requestA 55105 l / h52,5 g / h10%: 10,5 l/h655x260x1120230VAC; 50/60Hz
Lami-200Price on requestA 100205 l / h102,5 g / h10%: 20,5 l/h810x300x1260230VAC; 50/60Hz
Lami-300Price on requestA 135305 l / h152,5 g / h10%: 30,5 l/h810x300x1260230VAC; 50/60Hz
Lami-400Price on requestA 225405 l / h202,5 g / h10%: 40,5 l/h850x350x1700230VAC; 50/60Hz
Lami-600Price on requestA 270605 l / h300 g / h10%: 60,5 l/h850x350x1700380VAC; 50/60Hz
AMI-50Price on requestA 3050 l / h25 g / h5%: 0,25 l/h655x260x1120230VAC; 50/60Hz
AMI-100Price on requestA 55105 l / h52,5 g / h5%: 5,25 l/h655x260x1120230VAC; 50/60Hz
AMI-200Price on requestA 100205 l / h102,5 g / h5%: 10,25 l/h810x300x1260230VAC; 50/60Hz
AMI-300Price on requestA 135305 l / h152,5 g / h5%: 15,25 l/h810x300x1260230VAC; 50/60Hz
AMI-400Price on requestA 225405 l / h202,5 g / h5%: 20,25 l/h850x350x1700230VAC; 50/60Hz
AMI-600Price on requestA 270600 l / h300 g / h5%: 30,25 l/h850x350x1700380VAC; 50/60Hz

Via ECA water or Electro-chemically activated Water

ACE stands for electrochemical activation and is a technology that has been used for more than 100 years, although the physicochemical properties of ACE were only extensively researched in the 1970s at the All-Russian Institute of Medical Technology.

The conversion of low mineral salt solutions to an activated metastable state by electrochemical unipolar action produces two separate and distinct compounds, commonly referred to as anolyte and catholyte, corresponding to their derived electrode compartments:

  • The anodic (positively charged) solution contains a variety of oxidizing agents, including hypochlorous acid, singlet oxygen, peroxide anion, superoxide, ozone, monoatomic oxygen and free radicals, which are known to be have antimicrobial properties.
  • The cathodic (negative charge) solution developed cleansing Properties, contains sodium hydroxide in a highly excited state
The use of electrolysis to produce reduction oxidation solutions is used in the processes of water purification and decontamination, as well as in the conversion of water or diluted electrolyte solutions into environmentally friendly antimicrobial, detergent, extractive and other functionally useful solutions.

This is largely due to the high activity of the ACE, the use of cheap raw materials and the ease of production.

The system produces a liquid disinfectant that is non-toxic and degradable and is capable of destroying bacteria, spores, viruses, molds, yeasts, fungi, biofilms (biological incrustations) on pipes and removing odors. It only requires water, sodium or potassium chloride (salt) and electricity to operate.

How does electrochemical activation work?

The ACE works in the same way as the human immune system. When the body is attacked by invading bacteria and viruses, the immune system responds immediately by sending neutrophils (white blood cells) to the site of the invasion.

Neutrophils are one of the body's main defenses against bacteria and, once activated, produce large amounts of a mixed oxidizing solution that is effective in eliminating invading microbes and pathogens.

This weak acid, which occurs naturally in the human body, is called hypochlorous acid (HClO) and is a powerful disinfectant. It is non-toxic to humans and highly effective as a fast-acting antimicrobial agent. Hypochlorous acid is widely recognized as one of the most potent biocides known.

Specifically, the system consists of an electrolysis cell with two electrodes, a cathode and an anode, which are separated by a diaphragm membrane. An aqueous solution consisting of filtered and softened water and, depending on the application, sodium chloride (NaCl, salt) or potassium chloride (KCl) is injected into the cell. By using electricity with predefined and controlled current and voltage values, the cell produces an electrically activated liquid, Anolyte, with high disinfectant power that can be used in a variety of applications.

This unipolar electrochemical activation, created by potential gradients of millions of volts per cm2 between the anode and cathode terminals, results in the formation of solutions whose pH, oxidation-reduction potentials (ORP) and other physicochemical properties are outside the range that can be achieved with conventional chemical means.

Properties and benefits of electro-activated solutions

Electro-activated solutions generated by the system are respectively:


  • Acid anolyte is a very strong oxidizing and disinfecting agent and can be used wherever there are no restrictions on the pH value (if there is no risk of corrosion). Acid Anolyte works extremely quickly and effectively against all bacteria, viruses, spores, molds, fungi and algae, even when diluted or nebulized in water.
  • Neutral anolyte is used wherever a neutral pH value (risk of corrosion) is required. Neutral anolyte is extremely effective against a variety of pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, spores, molds and fungi.
  • catholyte is a strong reducing agent, it is alkaline and an excellent detergent liquid that can also be used in the flocculation and precipitation of heavy metals. It can also be used in applications where pH correction is required.


SolutionActive elementpHORP/REDOX
Acid anolyteActive Cl
500/700 ppm
2.5 / 5.01200/1000mV
Neutral anolyteActive Cl
500/700 ppm
6.0 / 8.0950/850mV
basic catolytesodium hydroxide
1000 ppm
10.0 / 12.0-800 / -900mV

As presented in several scientific publications multicellular Organisms, including humans and warm-blooded animals, to defend against Pathogens and foreign microorganisms able to metabolize complex mixtures of to synthesize metastable oxidizing compounds.

These compounds have a broad spectrum of activity and are in capable of detecting all major systemic groups of pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria, mycobacteria, viruses, molds, spores, etc.), without harming multicellular organisms and human tissue.

The oxidizing Liquids and their chemical production mechanisms are similar those in our ECA system and it is precisely these common properties that give anolytes high biocompatibility with human tissues and multicellular organisms and are also non-toxic to the environment.

Anolyte has the following advantages:


  • It has a high ORP value (oxidation-reduction potential) between 850 and 1200 mV, thanks to the numerous oxidizing Compounds are achieved that are present in large quantities but in low concentrations; This peculiarity allows Anolyte to have a much greater effectiveness than chloramines, sodium hypochlorite and most other disinfectants and sterilants.
  • It is a strong biocidal product, which contains pathogenic, viral and fungal microorganisms (Staphylococcus aureus, Legionella Pneumophila, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Bacillus Cereus, Escherichia coli, Listeria, Salmonella, hepatitis B virus, viral poliovirus, HIV, adenovirus, norovirus, pathogenic tuberculosis, dermatomycoses and others ) kills.
  • Thanks to the mixture of different metastable active ingredients that make up it, Anolyt eliminates the ability to adapt the microorganisms to its bactericidal action, which prevents resistance from developing.
  • Has a low concentration of active oxygen and chlorine compounds, which guarantees absolute safety and non-toxicity for humans and animals, even after long-term use of the Anolyte.
  • Can be used in liquid form, ice or aerosol (mist), pure or diluted form.
  • Unlike other disinfectants, it can be used as a multifunctional solution at all levels of disinfection, both as a cleaner and at the same time as a sterilizer.
  • Breakdown of various organic compounds into harmless residues.
  • After its use, it breaks down spontaneously without leading to the formation of toxic xenobionts (the products of synthesis in biology).
  • Does not require neutralization before disposal.

Anolyte and catholyte also have the following properties:


  • Handling does not require any special attention.
  • Can be used in all phases of disinfection (anolyte) and cleaning (catholyte).
  • Materials and surfaces must not be bleached at recommended concentrations.
  • are hypoallergenic.
  • To act quickly.
  • Only water, hydrogen and oxygen are produced during their production.
  • The by-products produced are non-toxic, environmentally friendly and leave no chemical residue.
  • Can be generated on-site by eliminating chemical handling and storage.
  • Can be safely disposed of in wastewater systems.