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  • Hydrogen generator for hydrogen water with high hydrogen content (depending on ionization time)
  • Hydrogen yield, in non-pressure-tight 1,85 liter container: approx. 40 ppb (parts per billion) per minute, e.g. after 30 minutes 1200 ppb or 1,2 ppm molecularly dissolved hydrogen content, higher yield is not possible
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 316 x 270 x 160 mm
  • 3 year full guarantee. Repair costs afterwards: A maximum of 20% of the sales price, will be noted on the invoice. Electrolysis unit with jug & other consumables & spare parts available
  • Scope of delivery: 1x citric acid, Prestige jug filter including heavy metal filtering, 2 x Minerade® pH2 tabs
  • , and a Softening filter for the left water tank, Change required every 6-12 months if you use tap water for the tank. If you use reverse osmosis water or distilled water for the tank, the softener filter does not need to be replaced or replaced
  • Instructions Lourdes H2 generator hydrogen water 20 pages German.pdf
  • User Manual Lourdes Hydrogen Water Generator English.pdf
  • There are currently two too Returns from the 4-week test phase, available with full guarantee for €797. Use this voucher code: rl100
  • Special price until the end of January: €897 

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When you purchase this Lourdes generator for the production of neutral hydrogen water, you will receive the following products (clickable images):

Lourdes generator HS 81 for the production of antioxidant hydrogen water - any water possible

Asenbaum | testing through H2 Blue Kit® titration method

Lourdes hydrogen water generator - analysis by KH Asenbaum 700

Result Lourdes Generator

Result with 1 liter and 15 minutes of operation with tap water Munich:

> Hydrogen concentration 1,0 ppm measured with H2 blue Kit titration drops

Comment from Karl Heinz Asenbaum:

Apart from the name, the Lourdes hydrogen generator has nothing to do with the source in the Catholic pilgrimage site, because it has nothing to do with hydrogen. Even if one believes the most optimistic statement about the “holy” water in the pilgrimage site of Lourdes, although it is not scientifically proven, this water contains 0,08 mg/l of dissolved hydrogen gas at the source (not in the shipping canister!). So you would have to drink 6,25 liters of it to reach a therapeutic minimum. The naming “Lourdes” is just a publicity stunt and is based on a well-cultivated myth.

The device requires a minimum filling quantity of around 1 liter.

This makes it ideal for multi-person households because hardly anyone drinks a liter at a time alone.

The hydrogen bubbles created within it are powerful. They are prevented from gassing out of the water by a floating plastic disc. However, unlike hydrogen boosters, no hydrogen pressure is built up.

As always, I measure with an enrichment time of 15 minutes because within this period the hydrogen dissolves well even in harder water.

Let's see the result measured with H2 Blue Kit® titration drops in time lapse. The eleventh drop no longer decolorizes, so we achieved a hydrogen concentration of 1,0 ppm.

Since we have one liter of water here, this corresponds to a dose of 1 mg. This is definitely well above the recommended threshold of 0,5 milligrams and is therefore acceptable.

Lourdes hydrogen water generator antioxidant water white perspective

Understanding Lourdes

The hydrogen is produced in water ionizers, hydrogen boosters or hydrogen infusion machines (HIMs) by using direct current to electrolyze (divide) water molecules (H2O). At the end of the electrolysis process, the divided water molecules produce the two gases hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2), separated by a membrane, in a ratio of 1:2. There are different processes for this:

Water ionizer: Both electrodes in the water at a distance from the membrane. The membrane has large pores. The hydrogen water above becomes basic and below it becomes acidic.

Lourdes: Both electrodes in the water directly on the membrane (“zero distance electrolysis” or SPE = Solid Polymer Electrolyte) The membrane has small pores and only lets protons through (PEM = Proton Exchange Membrane) The H2 water above remains the same in pH, below it becomes sour. If possible, the sensitive membrane at the bottom of the pot should not be touched or cleaned mechanically. An emptied pot should always stand on the damp anode sponge to prevent the membrane from drying out.

Booster/HIM: Both electrodes directly on the PEM membrane, but only the top one in the water. Hydrogen water above remains the same in pH. Oxygen escapes into the air.

How is hydrogen water made?Lourdes hydrogen water generator antioxidant water white above

When it was discovered that only dissolved hydrogen was crucial for the specific antioxidant effect of water, an industry developed that pressed H2 gas at high pressure into multi-layered bags of water. Unfortunately, this is expensive and causes major transport and waste problems.
Hydrogen water can also be produced chemically, for example by allowing metallic magnesium to react together with an acid in the water to release hydrogen gas. On the one hand, such hydrogen fizzy tablets release alkaline ions into the water, but on the other hand, the pH value must be kept well below pH 7 by the acid components in order for hydrogen to be produced. These tablets are not available in many countries due to approval problems, but in individual cases they can reach values ​​of over 3 mg/liter. Depending on the dosage, magnesium can also cause side effects that are not known from other types of hydrogen water.

Until recently, hydrogen-rich water was primarily produced using stationary electrolytic water ionizers. Depending on the design, these hydrogen values ​​reach from 0,5 to 2,8 mg/L in the flow process and at the same time increase the pH value. The “Lourdes” hydrogen generator, on the other hand, does not change the pH value due to its PEM membrane, but cannot dissolve more than 1,2 mg/L hydrogen gas in the water. However, it is cheaper to purchase than a strong water ionizer, but it also does not have a built-in water filter and should therefore only be used with water that has already been filtered. Even reverse osmosis water with low conductivity can be used.
Hydrogen is very reluctant to dissolve in water except under high pressure. This is exactly what hydrogen boosters do. This type of device also works with a PEM cell, but due to a pressure-tight seal, the hydrogen is not so easily degassed from the water and forces it to dissolve in it more than with an open device like the Lourdes. Such devices are currently only available as small, battery-operated devices for on the go, while the “Lourdes” result: hydrogen-rich water without changing the pH value.

Lourdes Hydrogen Water Generator | Produce hydrogen-rich water yourself

In the electrolysis part at the bottom of the glass pot, hydrogen gas is released into the pot, which should dissolve in the water as extensively as possible (maximum 1,6 mg/l). But this takes a lot of time because the hydrogen bubbles you see push up very quickly and are reluctant to dissolve in the water.

Lourdes hydrogen water generator antioxidant water pitcher
Lourdes hydrogen water generator antioxidant water electrolysis cell


The trick of the “Lourdes” system consists of the float disk on the sliding rod, which catches the hydrogen bubbles below the water surface before they outgas. This gives them longer time to dissolve into the water. The disc must always be well below the water surface.
Briefly press the start button 1 x (10 minutes production time), 2 x (20 minutes) or 3 x (30 minutes). The longer the production time is chosen and the smaller the amount of water in the pot, the higher the hydrogen concentration will be.

The hydrogen water is now ready and should either be consumed immediately or immediately filled to the brim in a glass or stainless steel bottle with a tight seal so that the dissolved hydrogen cannot outgas. Preserved for more than 12 hours with a tight seal.

AquaVolta Age2 Go 2-8 portable hydrogen water generator PEM blue illuminated 1200

AquaVolta Elegance under-table operating tap finger 600

Video | How to use the Lourdes hydrogen water generator Alternatives to the Lourdes hydrogen water generator

12 Reviews for Lourdes generator HS 81 | Antioxidant hydrogen water

  1. Stevie -

    That's what I meant by more power! The water also tastes much softer and somewhat sweet.

  2. avatar photo

    Yasin Akgun -

    Hello Mr. Gunter,
    Thank you for your email.
    So it was the float, we then completely replaced the lower part
    Think a knock might have helped
    No matter
    As long as the Lourdes generator is running smoothly again
    It was actually perhaps the second time that something went wrong with the Lourdes generator.
    Otherwise it is very robust.
    Yours, Yasin Akgün

  3. Gunter -

    Hello dear Yasin,
    Thanks for the quick repair.
    Device works great again.
    Could you tell me the cause of the failure so that I can resolve the cause.
    It can't be the water because I always use osmosis water between 6-10 PPM.

    Thank you for an answer.
    Warm greetings from Dresden

  4. Stefan and Pia -

    Mr. Akgun,
    Not that you are misunderstanding anything here. The two boosters are actually for me and my wife. Hand on heart!! The fact is that Lourdes is a permanent fixture in our kitchen. This is used to make a full pot for both of us in the morning and evening. However, since we both have our office or workplace outside the home and would like to enjoy hydrogen water during the day, we used to fill the Lourdes water in a bottle, which was always very complicated and certainly led to a certain loss of hydrogen. Now we both have our own booster at work, independently of each other.
    Thank you again for your kind offer.
    Kind regards
    Stefan and Pia

  5. Alexander R -

    Hello Mr Akgün,

    The test phase is now almost over. I wanted to give you some quick feedback and ask a few questions.
    I have the feeling that I regenerate more quickly after exercise and also have more strength and endurance during exercise. I also think there is increased clarity. But the effects are not so big that I can definitely say it.
    I would like to continue the test. The only question is which device.

    I came across the Lourdes generator through your competitor misterwater. I tested the hydrogen yield myself. Immediately after the run you reach 1,2ppm. If I fill it to the brim in a bottle (no gas space) and measure it after a few hours, it is 0,6ppm. If I then drink some and leave the rest for a few hours, there is nothing left. This disproves the fact that hydrogen lasts for days, as Mr. Meidert demonstrated in a video (although it was measured with Trustflex and you couldn't see what kind of water it was). I actually wanted to produce it “in stock” and take it with me to work and to sports, but that's not possible with the device. At the moment I drink 2L in 15 minutes in the morning so that nothing goes away.

    So producing in stock is not possible anyway. Does another cheaper device make more sense? I already have a filter system and just need the ionizer.
    On the other hand, the Lourdes generator can do a lot at once, which is a plus.

    How much would you offer me the device for? How many times has it been tested? How long is the guarantee still on it?

    Kind regards
    Alexander R

  6. Norbert J. -

    Thank you.
    Now I drink 1.5 to 2 liters. It tastes better than just osmosis and I feel fitter afterwards.
    And the last question is what do I have to pay attention to when it comes to caring for the generator and cleaning the glass jug, how often and with what to clean the inside of the jug so that I don't break anything
    Best regards

  7. TT -

    Hello Yasin,
    Thank you again for the great service and fast shipping.
    The device runs wonderfully.

  8. Klaus -

    Dear Yasin
    Everything was ok, we immediately started drinking water and everything went well.
    A few days ago it stopped working, it flashed and I couldn't turn it on anymore. After some time I found the error: it is not in the operating instructions. There was too much water under the water container. But now everything is fine again.
    I would like to say something else: on the first day after I drank 2 liters of hydrogen water, I was able to urinate properly again. had a problem with it over the years (prostate OB 9 years ago)
    Today Inge and I are doing very well.
    Kind regards Inge and Klaus

  9. Inge and Klaus -

    Dear Yasin Akgün
    A very, very good service, I feel very good with you
    And this water will also be an improvement for my wife
    Kind regards Inge and Klaus

  10. Holger S. -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    Thank you very much for the outstanding customer support.
    As soon as the device arrives and we are convinced, we will be happy to recommend it to our friends.
    Best regards,

  11. Hans W -

    Dear Mr. Akgün
    The water meets all my expectations and tastes very good. I also wash my face with it and I can see that the complexion has clearly improved. Use water from my reverse osmosis machine with a ppm level of 015.
    With best regards from wintry Switzerland.

  12. Tom S -

    Good morning dear Yasin,
    We're rocking it, I really appreciate that you're upfront with the hydronade!
    The bill, where you gave me great joy and great escape with Lourdes and Booster, has been paid.
    My mom is happy and is satisfied for the time being!
    Together with the booster, the mobile WM Plus is the ideal demonstration model for the initial phase and for me as a convinced self-user. …
    I'm really looking forward to our collaboration!
    Greetings to all your loved ones who were present when we first met and of course especially to Heinz (his “Service Handbook Person” is really great),
    all the best and have a nice week,
    Ps: I drink instead of eating now too!

  13. Matthew N -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    The order came in the mail on Saturday. I would like to thank you very much for the fast shipping, the gifts and the service.
    I tried the Lourdes today and I'm thrilled. My girlfriend also drinks it quite diligently.
    Unfortunately, I also read the books you sent along. Unfortunately because a water ionizer would suit me better than the Lourdes.
    Since then I have seen in your shop that such devices cost around 2000 euros and I didn't do any further research because the price was too high for me.
    But now I realized that the Allsbon Dion has just been reduced to 1470 euros and that you really praise it on your site.
    I didn't have to look long and found the AquaVolta EOS reduced for 1570 euros.
    After many conversations with our girlfriend and a lot of persuasion and thanks to Lourdes, we could decide to spend a little more money
    and purchase one of the above water ionizers.
    Now of course I have a lot of questions. Which of the 2 ionizers is better for me? Can I send the Lourdes back? Can I use the descaling cartridge
    and leave the water filter in front of the ionizer or do I remove it because the device itself has a water filter? How do we do it?
    the money?
    Could you give me your recommendation by email or give me a quick call?
    Kind regards, Matthias N.

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