Matrixmobile | MaRhyThe hand applicator including control device | Matrix rhythm according to Dr. Ulrich Randoll

€50 rental fee/day

  • MaRhyThe applicator & control device
  • Matrixmobil® is an active therapeutic medical device of class IIa
  • Hand applicator: L 23 cm, diameter 4 cm / 690 g
  • Control unit (stainless steel): L21 x W18 x H16 cm / 2.730 g
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  • At this point we would just like to point out this very special and effective technology, because it not only freed Yasin Akgün from his back problems
  • We bought a device ourselves because such a device should be available in every company and also in every family. It strengthens the social relationships between family members and colleagues when they treat each other and spend a little time together

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€50 rental fee/day

The Matrixmobil®

The Matrixmobil® is the medical product with which Matrix Rhythm Therapy (MaRhyThe) is applied. It is the result of years of research and practice. The Matrixmobil® is an active medical device of Class IIa and meets the requirements of the Medical Devices Directive (see under Downloads tab). It is ergonomically designed and easy to use.

The Matrixmobil® consists of the control device and the MaRhyThe hand applicator. A special feature is the specially designed resonator on the MaRhyThe hand applicator. This resonator enables a gentle, modulating adaptation of the vibrations to the tissue, so that the risk of ligament overstretching or resonance catastrophe (this occurs due to amplitude fluctuations at fixed frequencies) in internal organs can be fundamentally ruled out.

The resonator is made from an allergen-free and very skin-friendly material. All parts are robust and of high quality.

Use in practice and abroad
The Matrixmobil® is delivered in a transport case. It is ready for use in just a few steps. It can be stored safely back in the suitcase just as quickly.

The Matrixmobil® is solid from the ground up and designed for long-term professional use. The materials – essentially stainless steel, carbon and skin-friendly plastic – are high quality and extremely resilient.

There is a variant of the resonator for treating patients with a pacemaker without magnets. Useful accessories such as a shoulder bag complement the Matrixmobil®. The Matrixmobil® works with the usual mains voltage on the power grid.


The “Matrix Rhythm Therapy” as such and therefore the purposes, modes of action and medical applications included in the “Matrixmobil®” device system below come from complementary medicine and are established as an alternative and supplement to scientifically based treatment methods in conventional medicine.

The statements about the therapeutic areas and treatment methods mentioned are currently only based on studies of small cohort groups, pilot studies, application observations and experience reports.

There are no studies of evidence level Ib (methodologically high-quality randomized placebo-controlled study with a sufficient number of test subjects) or level Ia (meta-analysis based on several methodologically high-quality level Ib studies), so that the therapy, methodology and the treatment options described have so far been considered conventional medicine - not sufficiently scientifically proven and therefore considered to be at least controversial.


Matrix Rhythm Therapy and drink hydrogen water. Does that fit?

How can I buy a Matrixmobile?

The Matrixmobil® is the extended arm of the therapist.

Participation in an introductory seminar is part of purchasing a Matrixmobil®. In the one-day course we will teach you the most important basics about the matrix concept and matrix rhythm therapy. In accordance with the Medical Devices Act, you will be instructed in how to use the Matrixmobile. You will learn how to use the Matrixmobil® correctly for optimal therapeutic benefit.

Technical service

If your Matrixmobil® is not operational, our repair service will ensure a quick replacement and repair of your device at a fair price.


Clinical therapeutic successes achieved in the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Erlangen in the treatment of tumor patients in 1989 and 1990 gave rise to a multi-year research project:

New therapy models and therapy strategies that led to these successful therapy results should be examined in more detail. These strategies focused on the cellular framework and were not primarily aimed at destroying tumor cells. Many questions arose, including:

  • What options were there to observe living cells?
  • Which functional, ordering processes – resulting from fields as well as cellular and molecular rhythms – underlie a cell structure or extracellular matrix, for example?
  • What significance did the “cell territories” described by R. Virchow in 1852 have for cell differentiation?

The regulatory effect of the extracellular matrix has been studied in more detail. Matrix rhythm therapy emerged as a practical consequence of the “Clinic-linked basic research (1990-1998)” project at the University of Erlangen.

A non-profit institute has now been established under the direction of Dr. Ulrich Randoll specializes in matrix research and teaching. The institute is supported by a dedicated Scientific Board and promotes research, qualification and information for the benefit of patients.


Matrix rhythm therapy is used in human medicine for health maintenance (prevention) as well as postoperatively and rehabilitatively. It is used in particular for the following indications in various specialist disciplines:

  • Reduction of swelling – hematoma, edema, lymphatic drainage congestion
  • Improvement of extensibility – equinus, scar, adhesions, contracture, postural problems
  • Regulation of local or systemic muscular hypo- or hypertonus - tension, remanence, spasticity, capsular stress, myoarthropathy, myogelosis, intra- and intermuscular imbalance
  • Improvement of limited joint mobility – post-traumatic, after immobilization, capsular fibrosis
  • Relief of acute and chronic pain - muscle fiber overstretching, herpes zoster, neuralgia, dorsopathy, hypoparesthesia, migraines, phantom pain
  • Acceleration of functional and structural nerve regeneration – carpal tunnel syndrome, peroneal nerve damage, Sudeck syndrome, tinnitus, nerve immobility
  • Acceleration of regeneration of chronic degenerative diseases – rheumatism, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, arthrosis
  • Restoration of the function of the fine vascular system in the cutis and subcutis – ulcer cruris, cellulite

Use of MaRhyThe in competitive sports

The primary applications of matrix rhythm therapy in competitive sports are muscle care and combating muscle calluses or muscle hardening.

The muscles of top athletes are subject to constant strain and require special care. Many competitive athletes and physiotherapists from various national teams have purchased the Matrixmobile and use it regularly for rehabilitation after muscle injuries and for regeneration after training and competition.

In marathon runners or biathletes, for example, the movement typically causes shortening of the thigh flexors and extensors, as well as pain and hardening in the back and abdominal muscles as well as in the shoulder girdle. Matrix rhythm therapy helps to specifically relax the muscles, relieves pain and prevents muscle and tendon injuries.

Which contraindications must be taken into account?

  • Open, inflamed or infected skin surfaces
  • Fresh fractures
  • Increased bleeding tendency, tendency to hematoma formation
  • Tendency to embolism
  • Pacemaker
  • Mucous membranes
  • Direct bone contact
  • Direct eye contact

Matrix rhythm therapy in veterinary medicine

Matrix rhythm therapy is also used in veterinary medicine. The recognition in the field of equestrian sports as a new form of therapy was followed by its use in small animal practices.

Horse treatment

The optimal functioning of the muscles is decisive for victory or defeat in sport horses. The muscles treated with the Matrixmobil® are not doped, but are optimally prepared for high performance requirements in terms of their fluid exchange and metabolism, so that a few centimeters can be gained per trot or canter jump.

In addition, matrix rhythm therapy helps to promote and maintain the horse's balance, willingness to perform and health.

Sport horses as well as leisure horses are successfully treated with matrix rhythm therapy. The horses find this gentle form of therapy very pleasant.

Matrix rhythm therapy is used both preventatively and rehabilitatively. It is used for the following indications:

  • Muscle hardening
  • muscular dystrophy
  • Tendon and ligament injuries
  • Improvement of limited joint mobility (post-traumatic, after immobilization, osteoarthritis)
  • Back and neck problems
  • Scars, chronic, non-healing wounds, restoration of the fine vascular system in the cutis and subcutis
  • Non-specific lameness to support the veterinary rehabilitation plan
  • Restoration of elasticity and plasticity
  • Relief of acute and chronic pain (overstretched muscle fibers, long release phases, stiffness)

Even without pathological findings, matrix rhythm therapy is helpful for the following purposes:

  • for prophylaxis to prevent problems of the muscle and tendon system
  • to optimize mobility
  • for tournament preparation (optimization of the muscles)
  • for faster regeneration after performance phases

There is a shoulder bag specifically designed for use in veterinary medicine, with which the practitioner can work even more flexibly. Together with an extension for the power cord, the therapist achieves plenty of freedom of movement.

The importance of matrix rhythm therapy for sports, service and family dogs

The successful results of treatment with matrix rhythm therapy in horses prompted veterinarians and pet physiotherapists to also use the form of therapy in small animals. Matrix rhythm therapy is now integrated into the treatment concept of many small animal practices and rehabilitation centers and is now an indispensable part of it.

The muscles of a performance dog are heavily stressed and are crucial for optimal performance in work as a rescue dog, for example. With the help of matrix rhythm therapy, the muscles of a performance dog can be prepared for optimal performance during training and before and after sporting activity, so that valuable seconds or meters can be gained in an emergency.

In small animal practices, matrix rhythm therapy enjoys a very high level of acceptance by patients and their owners. It helps to promote and maintain the willingness to perform, balance and health of both family and performance dogs.

Matrix rhythm therapy is used both preventatively and rehabilitatively. It is used successfully for the following indications:

  • Muscle hardening and contractures (e.g. gracilis contracture)
  • Chronic pain in the back and neck area (supporting treatment e.g. after herniated discs, spondylosis or cauda equina compression syndrome)
  • Tendon and ligament injuries
  • Improvement of limited joint mobility (post-traumatic, after immobilization, osteoarthritis)
  • Scar treatment, treatment of chronic, poorly healing wounds, restoration of the fine vascular system in the cutis and subcutis
  • Reduction of swelling (hematomas, edema)
  • Acceleration of functional and structural nerve regeneration

Even without pathological findings, matrix rhythm therapy is helpful for the following purposes:

  • for prophylaxis to prevent problems of the muscle and tendon system
  • to optimize mobility
  • for tournament preparation (muscular performance in a nutshell)
  • for faster regeneration after performance phases

How does matrix rhythm therapy work?

The therapy works from the outside on the body cells and their environment, the matrix. The Matrixmobil® therapy device with its specially shaped resonator generates mechano-magnetic vibrations analogous to the body's own.

This creates, among other things, asymmetrical tissue pressures that simulate the pump-suction effect and at the same time physiologically stimulate nerve receptors.

When the natural vibration of the body and the cells is back in tact, the diverse metabolisms that are necessary between cells and their surrounding fluid (matrix) can take place. In this way, the metabolic processes of the affected body region normalize.

In other words: Matrix rhythm therapy works via rhythmic micro-extension down to the cell biological level, with the effect that cellular microprocesses come into rhythm, on which every cell regeneration and healing depends.

Result: The tissue, i.e. muscles, skin, tendons, etc., becomes permeable and supple again and thus takes part in the body's recovery processes.

The human body - and all warm-blooded animals such as horses, dogs and cats - vibrates at 8 to 12 vibrations per second. It is not a completely new discovery, but it has only recently been observed and examined in more detail using video microscopy. Since these are very small vibrations, they are only noticeable in extreme situations such as: B. Chills or strained muscle tremors visible without any aids.

The skeletal muscles with 45 percent mass are the largest “drive organ” of the warm-blooded organism and the strongest “clock” of the microcirculation processes.

While the heart muscle pumps blood into the finest blood vessels and delivers oxygen and nutrients to the cells, it needs the rhythmically vibrating skeletal muscles to ensure the disposal of the metabolic end products of the connective tissue.

In a very small area, in the immediate vicinity of the body's cells, the vibration creates a pumping effect that helps transport nutrients, antibodies and waste products in and out.

If the muscle processes no longer function properly, the cell vibration can slow down or even congest, which means that the affected cell areas are no longer adequately supplied. First, painful tension occurs, which also results in changes to the muscle, bone, vascular or nerve tissue. Without the pumping effect of healthy, rhythmically oscillating muscles, the cells cannot function properly.

That's why matrix rhythm therapy is based on the vibration behavior of the skeletal muscles and their characteristic frequency and amplitude spectrum.

How is Matrix Rhythm Therapy used?

Using the device, the Matrixmobil®, is not a purely technical matter. The sensitivity and anatomical knowledge of an experienced specialist – e.g. a masseur, physiotherapist or doctor – significantly improves the success of the therapy. However, handling the Matrixmobil® is uncomplicated. In addition, the most important basics of matrix rhythm therapy and the correct handling of the medical device are taught in seminars.

As a gentle, deeply effective form of therapy whose great effect is based on the body's enormous healing abilities, it is recommended to use matrix rhythm therapy early on because it often helps avoid more serious interventions. It can also be used to improve healing after such procedures. You can find a list of indications on the left under human medicine or veterinary medicine.

Matrix rhythm therapy can also be combined very well with other physical therapy methods.


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MaRhyThe applicator & control device

  • Classification Matrixmobil® is an active therapeutic medical device of class IIa. The device meets the requirements of the Medical Devices Directive 93/42EEC and is tested by the notified body.
  • Power supply 230VAC, 50/60 Hz, 35 VA
  • Components: Hand applicator: L 23 cm, diameter 4 cm / 690 g
  • (Dimensions / Weight): Control unit (stainless steel): L21 x W18 x H16 cm / 2.730 g

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