Minerade® H2 shuttle | Light mineralization & activated carbon filter cartridge with H2 enrichment

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  • For use as standalone water filter of tap water,
    or after a reverse osmosis system or water filter
  • Water filtration with activated carbon granules & functional ceramic balls
  • Mineralization with sintered bioceramic balls such as magnesium, calcium, tourmaline, far infrared, PI-Power, etc., thereby increasing the pH value by approx. 1 to 1,5 pH
  • Enrichment with H2 gas: values ​​up to 1 ppm H2 content possible
  • Reduction of the redox value by -300 to -600 mV into the antioxidant range
  • Duration of use for 6 months after first contact with water, the longer the duration of use, the weaker the pH values ​​& H2 contents achieved
  • recommended max. flow: 1 liter/minute
  • Empty weight: 0,6kg; Total weight filled with water, 1,1 kg
  • Pay attention to flow direction! Ideally mount vertically with inflow at the top

Two variants to choose from: 1. Only spin-on filters without connections
2. pre-assembled with all connections (2x angle connector, 1x shut-off valve, wall brackets, screws and dowels)

Graduated prices are calculated automatically: 2 pieces: € 3,00 ; from 3 pieces: € 7,00

Minerade® filter series: H2-Shuttle | light mineralization & activated carbon filter cartridge thanks to bioceramics | Enrichment with hydrogen (H2 gas)

for installation after distillation systems, steamers, ice and beverage processors, refrigerators, reverse osmosis systems, water filters or similar.

Minerade® H2 Shuttle pH+ filter including multifunctional filter ceramics including filter media 600
  1. Filtering of common chemicals, pollutants, heavy metals
  2. Increasing the pH value up to pH 7,5
  3. very slight enrichment of the water with minerals (calcium and magnesium)
  4. Enrichment with molecular hydrogen (H2 gas). This hydrogen lowers the redox potential (ORP) down to -500mV

Minerade® H2 shuttle for (reverse osmosis) water: slight mineralization, hardly any pH increase but with H2 enrichment

The values ​​can fluctuate relatively strongly, depending on the length of time the pure water remains in the mineralization and filter cartridge, i.e. the longer no water is removed, the greater the effect of H2 activation through the mineralization cartridge.

This cartridge is the only method so far to not only easily mineralize water but also to make it antioxidant and reducing. With our osmosis water we achieve pH values ​​of up to pH 7,5 and redox values ​​of up to -500 mV.

The water tastes fuller than our pure osmosis water. The connection is made simply using the usual quick-fitting connectors with 6,35mm [1/4″] in front of your osmosis tap.

Reverse osmosis technology is one of the best-known water treatment techniques worldwide. However, some owners of these systems are concerned that the reverse osmosis water has a pH value in the acidic range, around pH 5,5 with very good system performance, i.e. more or less similar to distilled water (low to hardly any conductivity). pH 6,5 for systems that have, for example, 50 micro-Siemens as a current conductance.

Revolution in drinking water treatment: reverse osmosis & mineralization with the H2 Shuttle pH+

At the AQUACENTRUM there are sufficient processes for refining drinking water available to advocates of both world views.

Only you can answer the question of whether you should drink your water with or without minerals. If you are looking for a strong detoxifying effect, water that is low in minerals may be right for you for a certain period of time. If you already suffer from a mineral deficiency or are hyperacidic, it would be advisable to leave the minerals in the water.

Before taking “industrial” magnesium or calcium in tablet form, which are difficult for the cell to absorb, it is advisable to drink water with its natural minerals and eat enough organic fruits and vegetables.

The only important thing is that your water is at least alkaline up to a pH value of pH 9,5 and ideally even has an antioxidant effect (redox value of -100mV or even more negative). As produced by a water ionizer or by our post-mineralization cartridge with Okinawa corals and other minerals.

Minerade® H2 Shuttle Filter including multifunctional filter ceramics including filter media

Minerade® H2-Shuttle activated carbon filter with ceramics WITHOUT pH increase with H2 enrichment

Composition of the filter media and functional ceramics:


  • Filter fleeces to retain suspended matter and sediment
  • Activated carbon granules made from flaked coconut shells
    for the adsorption of chemical substances such as organic substances, drug residues, hormones, pesticides, hydrocarbons, petroleum degradation products, microplastics, glyphosate and much more
  • Calcium sulfite and magnesium oxide for chlorine removal of over 99% and protection against germination during long periods of use
  • Microporous, antibacterial silver-ion ceramic to protect against germination during long periods of use and to kill microorganisms: e.g. up to 96% E.Coli, Staphylococcus aureus
  • Highly pure (99,8-99,9%) KDF 55 copper/zinc alloy for removing lead, cadmium, chromium, arsenic, mercury, nickel, aluminum etc.
  • Magnesium H2 ceramic for enrichment with H2 gas and reduction of the redox potential

Technical data activated carbon granulate filter including multifunctional filter ceramics – assembled


  • 1/4'' (6,35mm) quick fitting connection socket
  • Maximum flow: 3 liters per minute
  • Maximum pressure: 10 bar, water temperature: 5°C – 50°C

Installation and Notes


  • Pay attention to flow direction! Can be mounted vertically with the entrance at the top or bottom or horizontally.
  • Hygienic and practical filter change every 6 months according to DIN standards and/or after 3000 to 5000 liters
  • No disinfection necessary as the entire inline filter is replaced.
  • With this filter, use one for all filter systems Leak stopper!
  • Important BEFORE a water ionizer or water filter or AFTER a reverse osmosis system:
  • Rinse the filter clear for approximately 10 minutes before installing it firmly.

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  1. Bernhard -

    Hello Yasin,
    I have now installed the Minerade. Before the Aquavolta, right? Now including Aquavolta with a flow rate of 1,6L I get 1,2ppm hydrogen. Before it was only 0,5ppm. I'm really happy about that, and the water now tastes really delicious at level 4 with a pH value of 9,6 🙂
    Thank you so much!
    LG Bernhard

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