Nexus U-Blue under-sink ionizer


  • Operation via the additional tap supplied
  • ensures easy and safe installation under your sink or other location of your choice
  • no interference with your normal faucet
  • very good automatic polarity reversal of the electrodes to prevent limescale build-up
  • All installation materials included
  • 2 year full guarantee

You will receive the following products in a bundle free of charge when you purchase this under-sink water ionizer (click on images):

We have decided to add this really robust, powerful and easy-to-use water ionizer to our range. It has been successfully advertised in Spain and of course in Asia for some time and, like most water ionizers, is manufactured in Korea.

In our opinion, this ionizer is the price-performance winner among the under-table ionizers and can be recommended to every user due to its simplicity.

Its heart, the water cell with the integrated electrodes (plus and minus poles) was developed in Japan:

The water cell of the Nexus AquaVolta® Cavendish or Ionlife Jupiter, which according to our practical experience is one of the most robust electrodes.

Thanks to the sophisticated automatic descaling system, the electrodes, the heart of the Nexus U-Blue ionizer, actually remain free of limescale deposits in the long term. The magnetic field, the plus and minus poles are reversed, i.e. changed, approximately every 20 liters. This guarantees consistent ionization performance even when used with particularly calcareous tap water (above dH 18).


If you need a simple but visually inconspicuous water ionizer and don't want to spend over 2000 euros, and perhaps even have hard water, this under-sink water ionizer is the right choice.

You will receive the following products when you purchase this water ionizer for producing alkaline water (Images clickable):


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Technical data Nexus X-Blue water ionizer

  • Scope of delivery: 3/8” T-connector for water inlet, M22 tap diverter valve including adapter, descaling pump
  • Dimensions fitting: Height 20 cm, 10 cm under the sink, drilling diameter: 2,9cm, outside diameter 5cm, at least 6cm diameter is required under the sink
  • Width: 27,2 cm
  • Filter costs per liter of water, including acidic wastewater: 0,013 euros / liter
  • Filter capacity and costs: at least 3600 liters or 6 months
  • Weight: 6,5 kg
  • Thread standard: M22x1,5mm and other adapter pieces for the tap or 3/8′ T-piece, on request 1/2′ T-piece
  • Height: 35,6 cm including outlet tap
  • Line pressure: 5 bar
  • pH values ​​at 2 l/min, dH°14-18: pH 10
  • ORP or redox potentials at 2 l/min, dH°14-18: -250 mV
  • Flow range: 3 liters / min.
  • Power consumption: 0,5A
  • Depth: 16 cm
  • Temperature inlet water: 5 to 30° Celsius

Do you have more questions?

If you have any further questions, please write to us

I would be happy to answer all your questions, you Yasin Akgün (biography)

Do you have more questions?

If you have any further questions, please write to us

I would be happy to answer all your questions, you Yasin Akgün (biography)