Nexus X-Blue water ionizer for producing alkaline water


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Water ionizer installation on the faucet

Nexus X-Blue water ionizer for basic hydrogen-containing water

Its heart, the water cell with the integrated electrodes (anode and cathode), comes from Japan. So it is a water cell of the highest quality and quality that is hardly surpassed anywhere in the world!

The water cell of the Nexus AquaVolta® Cavendish 9 or that of the Ionlife Jupiter, which, in our experience, is one of the most robust and therefore long-lasting electrodes.

Therefore, we particularly recommend it because we offer it at a very affordable price with a 5-year guarantee!

Nexus X-Blue water ionizer | Operation & filter change

Latest generation of water ionizers from Japan and Korea.

Besides EOS ionizers and the Allsbon Family Cabrio and the Allsbon Special, the Nexus and the Nexus This guarantees long descaling intervals and consistent ionization and thus effectively protects the electrodes.

Thanks to the sophisticated automatic descaling system, the electrodes, the heart of the Nexus X-Blue ionizer, actually remain free of limescale deposits in the long term. The magnetic field of the cathode and anode (plus/minus pole) is reversed approximately every 20 liters so that any deposits on the electrodes are repelled.

This guarantees consistent ionization performance and effective protection against corrosion of the electrodes, even when used with particularly calcareous tap water (German hardness over °dH18).

Nexus X-Blue water ionizer | Descaling every 3-6 months

We have used a Nexus

It would not be presumptuous to call it the “Volkswagen (ionizer)” among water ionizers because it delivered excellent performance despite the high filling quantities and the comparatively low price.

We are pleased to be able to offer you the last available Nexus X-Blue at an extremely affordable price that exceeds the already excellent values ​​of its predecessor.

Flow fine adjustment on the rotary controller

By adjusting the flow regulator (rotary regulator), you can adapt the flow to your needs at any time. Regulating the flow has a direct impact on the ionization performance of your device, as with a slower flow the contact time and thus the ionization of the water is longer.

This was not taken into account by most other retailers and represents another advantage of the Nexus X-Blue over most competing products.

The flow regulator is particularly important, especially when an ionizer is installed on the faucet. In this case, it not only serves as an on/off rotary lever, but is also used to finely adjust the alkaline or acidic water flow at the outlet tap. Setting a flow rate of approx. 1 to 2 liters per minute via your tap can turn out to be a very difficult and at the same time annoying matter. Especially since this annoying matter has to be dealt with every time the tapping process occurs.

Not so with the Nexus X-Blue. Once you have set your current ionization level on the control element and fine-tuned the flow, your ionizer will remember the last setting and carry out this setting after adding water without any further work for you. When you turn the tap off again, the device switches off automatically.

And finally ...

The Nexus X-Blue has the best price/performance ratio. All the advantages are summarized here:

  • Long decalcification intervals because the Nexus controls the flow reversal
  • Flow regulation directly on the device
  • four ionization levels for alkaline water and four for acidic water
  • The last selected setting is saved - switches on and off automatically when water is supplied and water supply is stopped.
  • Can also be installed under the table - extremely durable, can also cope with very hard water (German hardness over °dH 18).
  • Offers constant ionization performance thanks to integrated flow reversal

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  1. D. Dyer -

    Thank you again for everything and also for the extra hydronade 🙂 . Your support and information are really awesome! Nothing should go wrong when connecting :) I have a 3/8 connection!
    Kind regards, D. Färber

    Ah great, then I'm reassured.
    Yes, I think it looks good 🙂 and the taste is great too!
    By the way: I had of course watched the installation videos... the great thing is that in their videos they explain and show in detail how to do this with setting the pH and the flow regulator, so that you can actually select different pH value levels.
    If I understood correctly, in one of your videos you explained to them at a trade fair in Asia how important the flow regulator is (just to be able to compensate for the different conditions on site). How to set it up perfectly isn't actually written anywhere, it would probably be too complicated to describe 😀 - I think that video with the correct settings is the most important thing of all!
    I also had a lot of fun with the pH liquid and did a lot of testing. I also discovered that my own pH device (even though I constantly calibrate it) no longer shows the correct values. I also watched your video about this and now I'm not surprised anymore... the next one will be one with a replaceable electrode 😉 .
    So for now I'm completely satisfied with the part, now let's see how it behaves over the months.
    Thank you for everything, especially the quick response to my questions. I wish you a nice evening 🙂 .
    Kind regards, D. Färber

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  • Dimensions: 356 x 272 x 160mm (H x W x D)
  • Applied technology(s): activated carbon filtering with 1 filter cartridge, flow electrolysis (galvanic ion separation)
  • Output power: Shutdown at max. 130W, 6 amps
  • Flow range: 1 to approx. 2,5 liters / minute, constant ionization performance, therefore highest performance at 1 liter / minute and level 4
  • Number of electrodes and coating: 5 electrode plates made of titanium, electroplated platinum dip coating
  • Color: white metallic
  • Filter fineness: 0,15 µm activated carbon filter, multi-layer, single filter
  • Filter capacity and costs: 3600 liters, € 79,00
  • Filter costs per liter of water, including acidic wastewater: approx. € 0,022 or 2,2 cents per liter due to the tourmaline filter layer, 1 filter
  • Filter change: after 3600 liters
  • Warranty period: Warranty extension to 5 or 7 years possible (€ 100,00 or € 200,00 surcharge)
  • Weight: 6,5 kg
  • Thread standard: faucet: M18, M20, M22 and M24, fixed installation T-piece: 3/8” inch
  • Manufacturer details:, South Korea, Seoul
  • Installation options: Install on the tap and/or firmly on the cold water pipe, not after the low-pressure boiler, but before!
  • International certifications: CE, IEC, IECEE, FC
  • Line pressure: 2bar to 6bar, adjustment via rotary or shut-off valve on the housing and on the T-piece
  • Scope of delivery: switching valve for the tap M22x1,5mm and three other adapters, 3/8” T-piece, descaling pump, citric acid 500g, indicator liquid for pH value measurement, operating instructions
  • Power supply and input voltage: transformer power supply, 220V, 50Hz
  • Operation method: On-off by rotary valve or when water enters, continuous electrolysis
  • ORP or redox potentials at 2 l/min, dH°14-18: approx. +300mV (millivolt) at highly acidic, up to -300mV at the strongest basic level
  • pH values ​​at 2 l/min, dH°14-18: approx. pH6,5 at strongly acidic (level 2 acidic), up to approx. pH10 at strongly basic (level 4 basic)
  • Rinsing process or descaling: no waiting through rinsing processes, fully automatic pole reversal after each water draw
  • Power consumption: 0,5A
  • Temperature inlet water: 4°C – 30°C
  • Maintenance effort: descaling every 3 to 6 months, filter change: every 6 to 12 months

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