pH – ORP test device combination Hanna Instruments


ph – orp test device: For testing redox potential and ph value | from Hanna Instrument – ​​HI 98121


  • Measuring range pH-2,00 to 16,00 pH
  • Redox measuring range ±1000 mV
  • Measuring range temperature -5,0 to 60,0°C
  • Resolution pH0,01 pH
  • Redox resolution 1 mV
  • Resolution temperature 0,1°C
  • Accuracy pH±0,05 pH
  • Accuracy redox ±2 mV
  • Accuracy temperature ±0,5°C
  • Calibration pH Automatic, 2-point, with 2 saved buffer series
  • Temperature compensation automatic (at pH)
  • Electrode HI 73127 (pH) (incl.); fixed redox sensor
  • Batteries 4 x 1,5V / approx. 250 operating hours / automatic switch-off
  • Dimensions 163 x 40 x 26 mm
  • Weight 100 g
  • Resolution of 0,01 pH
  • Easily replaceable pH electrode
  • Automatic calibration and temperature compensation at pH
  • Stability indicator for safe values
  • HOLD function for recording a measured value on the display
  • Battery charge indicator and automatic switch-off


Device including pH electrode, electrode replacement tool and batteries.

Measuring pH value and ORP with Hanna Instruments – recording of Aquacentrum insider conversation

Does it make sense to measure the pH value and the redox potential with an electrical measuring device?

Electrical measuring devices no longer show reliable values ​​for basic ionized active water with a redox potential of less than -200 mV.

With extremely antioxidant, hydrogen-rich water, you can “go blind” so to speak, and the measuring electrodes have to be replaced.

We created a video in our water room, which consists partly of sound and partly of video content.

This is the globally recognized method to determine the antioxidant activity of water containing H2 (basic or not):

This makes it reliable and absolute. The redox potential ORP is not that important, please see the following video:


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