PYRAMAGNETS | 100 piece set | Magnet toys | calms children down


Pack of 100 bar magnets with special polarization, 6mm x 3mm diameter. You can “make” any number of moving two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes out of them.

Aquacentrum pyramagnets
PYRAMAGNETS | 100 piece set | Magnet toys | calms children down
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About the history of pyramagnets:

These magnets were the first real development in 2004 by Yasin Akgün as a product developer/development engineer.

You can play with them for hours, and children in particular are quickly calmed down with them.

We still have thousands left.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

How long should the PyraMagnets be worn and on which hand?

The PyraMagnets can be worn day and night. Since every person reacts differently to magnets, please try out for yourself at what time, for how long and on which part of your body wearing PyraMagnets works best for you. According to Chinese medicine, magnets worn on the right wrist have a calming effect and on the left wrist they have a stimulating and replenishing effect.

How long does it take for magnetic field therapy to work?

Some people feel the first positive effects within a few days and others only after two to three weeks. Usually the first sign that magnetic therapy is working is an increase in energy levels and a better sense of well-being.

Can PyraMagnets be worn while bathing or showering?

In principle, you cannot leave PyraMagnets on when bathing or showering, despite the special coating we have chosen.

How strong is the magnetic strength of my jewelry?

We can reassure you. Thanks to their incredible power, the magnets stay reliably on your finger, arm, neck or foot. You should only pay attention to your PyraMagnets when doing sports, putting on or taking off your jacket or something similar.

What does ALUZIMÁNTE actually mean?

ALUZIMÁNTE is a Spanish neologism and is based on the words: alucinante (hallucinating, great, super), Luz (light) and Imán (magnet).


The German Medicines Act prohibits us from making any direct statements about the effect of our products on people's well-being.

Theories about the effects of magnetic fields are not confirmed under German law. Normally, wearing magnets does not cause any unwanted side effects.

However, if you are unsure or have doubts, consult your doctor first. You can find plenty of interesting information about magnetic field therapy, especially when used on humans or animals, on the Internet.

Please note that people with a pacemaker or other electronic devices, pregnant women, small children and cancer patients are not allowed to use magnetic therapy products.

We would also like to point out that our products should not be seen as a replacement for treatments prescribed by a doctor.

Due to the enormous power of the PyraMagnets, there is a risk of skin bruising in sensitive areas such as mucous membranes.

The PyraMagnets have a thin layer of copper, nickel and chrome on top. This chrome layer can be rubbed off with heavy use. Therefore, people with nickel allergies should not wear the magnets as jewelry and avoid prolonged skin contact.

Please remember that you do not bring the PyraMagnets near magnet-sensitive objects as they can be influenced by them. Our experience so far has been that with modern, well-shielded hard drives or cameras, even the PyraMagnets are not strong enough to have any effect. Especially when the magnetic ring is closed. However, critical objects include credit cards, floppy disks, computer monitors and televisions. They can be deleted or damaged.

Normally permanent magnets are hard and brittle. That's why you shouldn't let them collide in an uncontrolled manner. However, our PyraMagnets were designed in terms of material, coating, shape and the different magnetization directions so that they can safely withstand these high shock loads.


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