Discount code 5% on all products


  • 5% discount on the shopping cart
  • Can be used as often as required
  • Not personal, you are welcome to give it away as a gift
  • Every new customer is assigned a voucher code, which can be found here:

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Would you like to be on our “guest list” and enjoy special benefits?

No problem, from now on you are welcome to redeem this voucher code as often as you or other people want.

It has a value of 5% on your entire shopping cart.

Due to the system, it is necessary that you order the voucher code like a normal product, but free of charge.

This means that your billing data is already stored in the system for future orders, and orders by telephone can also be recorded particularly easily and effectively directly during the telephone call itself.

I hope we can make you particularly happy with this special measure.

We have many other ideas for you. Just let yourself be surprised and guided by our website.


Yasin Akgun

P.S. Oh yes, you are welcome to share your joy with other lovely people by simply passing on your voucher code, which you will receive immediately after ordering. It can be used by anyone as often and forever 😉


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